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What kind of painkiller for headaches?
I don't get headaches often, but when i do get them ,they last for the whole day. But most of those days i really have to work on hw, and can't afford to lose time because of headaches
There are soo difference painkillers over the counter, like tylonal, alieve, asprin etc.etc.
I don't know what to get.
What do you recommend?
What has the least side effects?
Additional Details
i get really bad headaches about one a month, i just want to have something ready when i do get headache

Find the cause of your headaches first. Different causes require different treatments.
A chiropractic adjustment can ease the headache caused by pinched nerves but not the one caused by dental problems or eyestrain. Debilitating headaches should be investigated by a health care practitioner. They can be symptomatic of serious problems.

stephanie m
If I feel a migraine coming on I take 3 Tylenol and slam down a warm coke-not diet-seems like the sugar and caffeine make the Tylenol kick it-If its a full blown migraine see a doc. Midrin is good.

excedrin tension headache works wonders, try it for sure!

EXCEDRIN MIGRAINE works wonderful 4 me. I get headaches very often & i'm tryin to stay away from so many prescription meds. Although, i have to take 4 at a time when i feel one comeing on cuz i have a high tolerance 4 medicine. If you do want something from tha doctor, ask him or her for FIORCET. That is a painkiller specially for headaches. My best wishes to you & on ur headaches. Take care & always drive safe.

RHJ Cortez
I would recommend two types that are OTC, common and work well- but work well on specific types of headache. There is a distinction between migraine and tension. Identifying the type of headache will determine the strength that you will need as well. As you age, your body will require a different modality of treatment, usually experienced by physiological intolerance to a certain brand.

I also recommend caffeine- usually coffee works well for me, as this cause vasodilation and relieves many tension headaches.

Tylenol is usually well tolerated by individuals with many allergies. I usually go with IcyHot for muscle cramps as a topical agent, followed by Tension Headache.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

You should consult your physician to have him or her try to help you determine what is causing your headaches. Then your doctor can suggest a painkiller based on your health and/or families medical history.

If you are otherwise healthy your local pharmacist may have some suggestions for you and can discuss the proper use of the various medications and possible side effects of any medication.

However, your body is trying to tell you something and I would again encourage you to make an appointment with your doctor!

Personally I have used Peppermint Oil --- Rubbed into my temples --- And have had good results. However, be sure you do not touch your eyes until you have completely washed your hands!

Good Luck!!

the doctor told me to take elivil every day to prevent migraines . but if its not migraines you could have some kind of neck or head trama

I THINK Tylenol AND IT HAS No Aspirin IN IT.

You apparently have a sub-acute condition which become aggravated once a month, possibly related to the edema of your cycle. It becomes the aggravational factor to bring on the headache. Indicating there is a chronic condition which is subject to those stresses or aggravations which bring it into play.. I would suggest you look into the causation rather than trying to treat the symptoms.Prevention is always the better remedy. Gives your liver a break too. The Doctor of Chiropractic specializes in the treatment of headache as well as back aches. Is well equipped to render a proper diagnosis.

Jenny K
Ibuprofen or Aleve

Anicin works for me.

If not available, asprin with coffee.

excederin for migrains AWESOME & quick working

inpain in ohio
weird but works like a charm evertime not a med either.I SUFFER FROM MIGRAINES AND TENSION HEADACHES i usepeppermint candy or oils(2 tabs to forehead rub in).I was on prescribed meds 2 one at home other for work they didnt work always had to come home.I ave been doing this for a year now headaches gone in 30-45 mins.try it without anymeds and let me know if it works i use other none med. healers that are non chemicals ..good luck i had both tension and migraine today at my daughters school while assisting with45 kids on a fieldtrip couldnt wait to get home

neck massage and using your palms of your hand using direct pressure to the head

Tylonal 8 hour. WOrks really good!

You get a headache from something. You have to find out what that "something" is first before you can address the problem. It may be something simple that would require a little rest or a nap, not "something" over the counter or otherwise. We in America run to the drugstore for everything, we don't take "one" like the advertising says but take "two" why not, it's there. It's a bad habit to start. You could be overexercising, overdoing it, something, try and remember what your doing, then control or stop it.

It sounds like you may be getting migraines, I have seen Excedrin for migraines but I haven't tried it. I take Advil or what ever is available, have tried them all. All of them work fine for me and I have no side effects from any of it. I would try what ever you can for now and then if that doesn't help try the Excedrin for migraines. As far as side effects on any medication it is different for everyone, so that would be hard to say.

Louise F
This is a tough one to answer, there are many products they sell OTC (over the counter) that could help you. However, I find what helps one person may not help the next. I myself, suffer from excruciating migranes, I get them about once a month, but I am fortunate that I get a warning sign, at least 1 hour before it comes. For years, I disregarded the warning sign not
knowing what it was. I get black spots in front of my eyes and actually blurrs my vision. I immediately stop what I'm doing and take Alieve. (2 tablets) That is what works for me, with the migranes I am very sensitive towards light and vomit non stop for about an hour, I usually tie a nylong stocking around my head I seem to need the pressure on my forehead. I hope this info helps you.

You can try Advil, or Tylenol, or Motrin, (Extra Strength) whichever works best on you.

Good Luck, hoping your headaches will vanish.

I use Advil it works for me it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for it to work but once it starts to work my headaches go away for the rest of the day.

alison k
I take Aspirin every time, but I don't get migraines. Not on an empty stomach, or with coffee alone, though.

Have you thought of getting your eyes tested? I was having tons of them and then discovered that my glasses lenses are no longer strong enough for me, hence the hurting head...Just a thought.

Headache is a pain in the head, scalp or
neck. Headaches can becaused by minor problems like
eyestrain, lack of coffee or moreserious reasons like
head injury, brain tumors, encephalitis andmeningitis.
Taking painkillers continuously can have harmful side
effects, so it is better to modify your lifestyle. More information
available at http://tinyurl.com/q8696

♡ M. Shadows ♡
Is it a migraine? If it is I use Midrin. I tried using Imitrex and some other things but none worked. The only side effect I have with Midrin is being tired.

If it ISN'T a migraine, then Midrin won't help you. Excedrin worked pretty well for me. But most medications will make you sleepy.

Rod is the coolest guy I know
There is a cure for the common head ache there is simple and works every time. Wet a washcloth with rubbing alcohol and place it on the back of your neck for 10 minutes and then on your forehead for 5 minutes and then on the back of your neck for another 10. What this does is open the pores and lets out the trapped heat that is in your head that is causing all of the pressure that you are feeling. I do it and it works every time.

tylenol is best for headaches. all meds have side effects listed on package.

ibuprofen or Advil.

I would try Excedrin. It contains Aspirin, caffeine and Tylenol. It works really well.

Shalom R
i will recommend you, not to be taking to many pills because this kind of pills for headaches sometimes this pills cause problems with the kidneys...better.. go to the doc...take some exams to see whats going on...

I don't know what you've tried or how much you take, but I just wanted to let you know what my neurologist told me about taking pain killers. Often times, they themselves can be the cause of headaches. Here are my suggestions for you:

Try taking a daily supplement of Magnesium. A Magnesium deficiency can cause identical symptoms to a migraine.

Try aromatherapy for when you do have a headache. Peppermint, lavendar or Chamomile are common essential oils used for this purpose. Lavendar is one of the few essential oils that you can apply directly to the skin without diluting it with a carrier oil. The rest you can blend with a base such as sweet almond oil. Dot a couple drops on your temples and try to relax.

Of everything I've tried for headaches and migraines, the one thing that worked the best for me was going to a chiropracter. If your spine is out of allignment, it can put pressure on the nerves or pinch the nerves and cause headaches. If you're a bit nervous about seeing a chiropracter, you could see an osteopath which is a medical doctor who deals with the body in a similar way that a chiropracter does. Chiropractic care has brought my headaches from almost daily to maybe once a month. And I'm still working to improve even that.

Other possible causes for headaches are:

Dehydration. Are you drinking enough water?

Preservatives and sulfites in foods. What do you eat on a daily basis? Prepackaged and junk foods are higher in the chemicals that can trigger headaches. A well balanced diet of mostly fresh foods can help with this.

Sleep. Do you get enough sleep every night? Do you get too much? Does your pillow offer the right amount of support to your neck?

Exercise. Are you active on a regular basis? Believe it or not, but exercise can help headaches. The endorphins released when you exercise are a natural pain killer.

This is just a bit of the information I've learned over the many years I've suffered from headaches. Your doctor can give you more information and help you find the right treatment and prevention for you.

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