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 I fell asleep on the beach; and now I'm wicked burned. :(?
It's everywhere, and it really really hurts. I was out there for ay LEAST 5 hours, I didn't use sunblock, I know, stupid, but aloe isn't helping much. Does anyone have any ideas?

 Sore throat question?
i have a sore throat, i think it might be my sinuses or allergies.
should i try gargling with warm salt water?
hellppp pleaseee!
Additional Details

 When you wake up do you like to turn your pillow over so the cold side touches your face?
or is it just me that has this very strange habit?...

 Why is it so painful ?
what can i do/get to make my periods not as painful, if i take like two advil, it still doesn do anything :S...

 I keep waking up in the night with cramp in my calf muscle.?
I get enough salt in my diet. Any ideas what may cause it & how to fix it?
Additional Details
Skater 5 - I hope it's not ...

 PLEAse ReAd? VeRy UrGeNt??!?
I'm getting my ears pierced tomorrow and I was wondering how bad it hurt? does it feel like a pinch or worse?...

 My girlfriend has cramps. any remedies?
My gf has terrible cramps from her period. tried rubbing her stomach and giving her motrin, but that didnt seem to work. She doesnt want to go on birth control to make them less painful. I even tried ...

 I Cant Turn My Head To The Right, What Should I Do?
I just woke up and I cant turn my neck to the right. What happened? What do I do to reduce the pain?...

 In a lot of pain after being beat up?!?
My boyfriend shoved me around today around noon, and i had to work at 2 (so I worked all day after this... maybe im just extra sore from work?). My entire neck (front, back, both sides, up to my ...

 How can I stop my legs going numb after Ive been on the throne (toilet) !?
Does anyone out there, know of a comfortable position or toilet seat cover etc?...

 Can I have a tissue?
To wipe away my tears? I need a hug right now... =(
Additional Details
Thanks you guys... ♥
But I think I'm going to need a whole freaking box... =(...

 Does Getting A Blood Test At A Physical Hurt?

 A tiny rock fell down my ear and it hurt a little what should i do?

 Is she going to die?
hey guys.i was woken up by my dad this mornin,he was crying and he told me they called an ambulance for my sister.she had been in bed or the last 3 days throwing up and stuff and my parents had ...

 Ok IM DEAD SCARED OF NEEDLES!!!!!! And i have to get a freakin tetnus shot next week. What can i use numb my ?
Arm? Or get rid of this deadly fear. Last time they tried to inject something i was screaming like hell and im pretty sure the whole hospital could hear me. They always inject stuff realllly hard I DO...

 I get monster migraines from computer or TV screens, what can I do?
I've had huge migraines for a little over a week now, and I've figured out it's from computer screens and TV. I'm on the computer for at least 2 hrs a day at school, one for my ...

 My throat has hurt for 3 days.i dont want to go to the doctor.What should i do, take a pill or something?
My throat burns and stings whenever i swallow anything......

 Can young people get heartburn?

 What should you do about a really itchy ar$e?
can you sell it on ...

 Whats the best remedy for a headache?
i went to sleep about 6 pm to try to get it to go away but i woke up about 11pm and still had the headache. i thought it would help but it didnt. i also already took 2 advil.

any ideas?...

What is the most physical pain you have ever been in?

Child Birth ,But it was so worth it !!

Child birth was not my biggest pain but yeah it does hurt ouch!! The worst pain i have ever been in was when i had a sist burst inside of my womb!

so far a broken nose but i can assure you im am NOT looking forward to labor.......thats gonna be a killer

period pain
Gastric pain

I have suffered both for many hears.

The period pain ended after I gave birth . The gastric pain comes once in awhile. I have leanrt to control my stress

Zachary J
The most physical pain I've ever been through is a fractured ankle

Sygmoidoscopy - where they look for pollups in your poop shute.

I shut the car door on my finger.

Miss Magen
I stepped on a tack...it was worse than childbirth pain, and I didn't have an epidural.

I'll take childbirth and labor for $500, Alex!

When I had gall stones and needed them removed.

When I was beaten up by 3 drunken thugs.
Didn't hurt much at the time but the next morning it felt as though my head was going to explode.
The swines fractured my skull in 3 places.

an abscess in my front tooth

When my appendix burst and I laid in bed for 2 dyas before going to the ER. I thought it was just a real real real bad stomach ache. Yeah Right! WORSE PAIN IN THE WORLD! Ive been told more than child birth.

compared to everyone else this will sound like nothing, but i rode my bike into a giant thorn bush, then fell an went down a hill on my sides.

:) Lucy (:
I'm pretty use to pain due to all the medical problems i have, I'm in chronic pain all day everyday so i can tolerate it well. However my last surgery i had a slice of my trochanter taken out to shorten it and then 2 bolts put in to hold it all together, and my iliobibial band lengthened. That was really painful.

broken leg

Sassy Diva
When I broke my toe. You wouldn't think breaking such a small bone would hurt that much, but IT DOES!

2 words - CHILD...BIRTH...

The whole week after my ACL reconstruction surgery. On top of the excruciating pain in my knee, I had the worst constipation I have ever had at the same time with a fever.

definately when my appendix burst....that was torture.....but then i got an iv and pain meds and surgery which made it all better.....except i had to stay in the hospital for 4 days.

Child birth was bad and I was only feeling about 75% of it because they had shut the epidural off but some of it was still in effect. The worst by far was when my feet froze from skiing in Canada in 20 below zero temperatures. When my feet began to thaw out the pain was undescribable. I was writhing in pain it was so unbearable and it lasted for about 20 minutes. It was agonizing.

Oooh, good question!
It would probably be when I had respiratory arrest as a result of heavy metal poisoning. My chest muscles cramped up so much that it broke 5 ribs in 9 places, and I had cramp pretty much everywhere else because of the lack of oxygen in the muscles. Otherwise, I reckon having pleurisy was the second worst, mainly because I went to hospital and had a near-fatal reaction to the Morphine they gave me. The whole of my forearm where the Morphine went in blistered and split up really badly, and after that I don't remember much else apart from everything hurt when i woke up again ;P

Josh C
When I was 10 or so I had a spinal tap. The anesthesia didn't work so I felt the whole thing. I wasn't able to walk for about a month after that and missed out on the best winter we've had since then.

Edge Rules!
gettin 3rd degree burns on my chest

Justin M
Hmm, when I was deployed to Iraq we had to run and when I took off I tore my groin muscles and seperated a muscle from my femur... Given the current conditions (which were somewhere between "really believing we were going to die" and "hell") I couldn't stop so I ran in full body armor weapon and all on this leg for another mile or better then passed out from pain.... I'm a man and I don't know what child birth feels like, but if it's even remotely close to that (which I'm sure it is)... God Bless you women!

They took bone marrow from me twice in two days.

Maryn Bittner
I suppose the moment after a fall in which I broke my arm. (The bone stuck out.) Oddly, although that really hurt, the skinned knees and palms hurt worse in the short term.

I had a 10 lb. 3 oz. baby without drugs, a couple root canals, one oral surgery, and two other surgeries. The fall was worse.

Jordan S
I almost died from a kidney infection it feels like someone is pour boiling water all over the inside of you.

stomache hernia surgery old school style. when they used to cut you open like a c-section for guys.

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