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how many paracetomels will i have to take

Dont you people know that each day of your life is a gift from God and when you say you want to commit suicide, it's like taking that gift and throwing it right back in his face!! I just dont understand you people!!Life is tough, and sometimes it's gonna be tougher, but you are gonna get thru it. And when you do get thru it you are gonna be stronger. Death is 4-ever. Comitting suicide is a biggg sin. Go talk to someone hon, get some help, you will be glad you did. You dont want to die you just need help. If you wanted to die you wouldnt care if it hurt or not. You would just do it.But I know you are probably thinking about it, and that's ok. Just dont go thru with it. Now, get up, go find someone to talk to and when you wake up tomorrow thank God for the gift that he has blessed you with. LIFE!!!

i dont like ur question, why are u asking? are u depressed, upset, live up to ur yahoo name and be positive.
if u want someone to talk to ask us on yahoo

please don't do that!!!!!!!!! U r not suppose to commit suicide, says so in the bible!!!! PLUS all your family will be in pain 4 ever!!!!! Go get some counseling!!!! God bless and take care.....................

Patricia B
There is no way to prevent pain taking Paracetamol is not Pain free method. It may not actually Kill you at the time of the event but leave you seriously ill for a long time as it damages the Liver so much that you may recover from the attempt but male things worse for yourself.
If you feel so bad get help call the Samaritans . Go see your GP. Call a friend

Sea Bass
according to a study ..

cutting wrists is totally pain free .. the action of cutting itself is first of all painless (if u have a sharp thing), example is when people cut themselves when shaving and dont feel it untill they see blood later ...

then after the arteries are cut blood comes out slowly untill ur brain falls asleep from an asphycsic coma .. its like going to sleep ..

i hope this question is for a study not for any form of suicidal thoughts ..

who knows ....if your dead you cant exactly relay the fact that it did not hurt....so no one can have the facts can they...???

¸.•*¨)Sweet Sinner¸.•*¨)
Firstly there is no painless way of suicide as the people you leave behind are going to suffer.

Taking Paracetamol is not a painless death!! You'll be in hospital suffering with liver failure. Nothing is that bad that you need to kill yourself,I've been through some really bad crap and survived! Go and see your doctor tell him how you feel and he can give you medication and refer you to a counsellor..... x

Come on now... stay with us life is fun. It is all what you make of it. ending it will only hurt people who think they did something to make you do it. That is not fair either. We love You!

No no no!
Don't take tablets baby!
they shut down 1 organ at a time & you die a long slow death!
if you get taken to hospital before you die they can't help you!
you shouldn't even be thinking things like this anyway!
whats so bad in your life to give you thoughts like this?
you should come for a blast on my bike with me baby!
then you'll realise how great life is! ha ha!

I think that many people don't realise what happens if you take a Paracetamol overdose and it doesn't kill you? You could possibly bleed to death internally or you could end up spending the rest of your life with a liver that doesn't function and probably end up needing a transplant, if you can get one that it is, as well as doing untold damage to your other vital organs, pretty horrific! Don't know why you really asked this question, you've worried me a bit now, hope it's just out of curiosity. If you ever did feel like this you would tell someone you can confide in about it, wouldn't you. People are always glad to listen. Enjoy your life it's precious, even though sometimes it doesn't feel so great. Well all the best to you, live life to the full, old age comes around far too quickly!!

The quickest and most painless is a gunshot to the head. but unless you live in the USA your chances of getting a gun are almost zero. please, email me and talk to me first. talking can really help. i have been very close to, and still often feel suicidal, so i know how you feel. please talk first.

Stay strong, stay safe.

there is no best way

Nothing can be that bad that you would want to die, imagine your family & friends grieving for life over you & wondering what they could have done to stop you doing it. You might be in a dark place now but it won't last forever & you'll look back & be glad you did'nt do it.
Talk to someone. Good luck x

Get married and have kids.

Oh no, that hurts EVERY DAY!!!!!

barbara c
,Paracetamols wont kill you instantly you'd die a slow and pain full death go and see a councillor and talk it through with them dont do anything silly.

If you are contemplating suicide please seek professional help. There are confidential ways to recieve help in managing depression, as well as medications that can be prescribed by a doctor without anyone else knowing. If you just want someone to talk to, you can speak with any religious person at a church and they are forbidden by law to tell anyone. Especially at Catholic priest in confession, whos vows to God prevent him from speaking about what he and you discuss.
Many friends of mine have ended their lives, 3 in the past year and their families are still mourning. Not only that, I would have done anything to prevent them from ending their life. You don't know how many people actually care about you, but they do. Just get help.

A friend of my mother's tried the pill way - she didn't succeed. They found her passed out in the house and she had vomited and defacated all over the place. She thought she had taken enough pills to "do the job". She is now remarried and living a "happy" life - so see everything does turn around in due time you just have to wait. My mom use to say "God does not give you a burden you cannot bear" So you have to just bear it and find some mental help. It's not always the easy way that is the best way.

rachel o
y are you feeling so bad about yourself il bet in a few yrs ul look back and thank the lord ur still here u only get 1 life so live it u have lots of happy experiences yet to come if ur relly thinking about this u need to go to ur doc and get help as ur probally depressed

It sounds like you are going through a really bad time just now, and if you are at the point of considering suicide the answers you are receiving here can't be helpful.

The important thing right now is you, and how you are feeling. It's important you have the chance to talk about what is happening in your life without fear of judgement or criticism, and to look at what you feel are your options. No-one has the right to tell you what to do with your life.

If you can, please contact the Samaritans 08457 90 90 90 in the UK, or by email via their website. They are there to listen and help you explore your feelings but will not judge you, or try to talk you out of anything - sometimes it just helps to tell everything to a stranger.

someone needs to get you some help

Lori F
It is selfish to do that!! My bf's best friend hanged himself and he still to this day lives with the pain of it! There is no way on earth to end your life and there not be pain to the people that love you. And believe it or not there are people that love and care about you!! Life can be extremely hard at times, but you will get through it and be a stronger person in the end. Nothing is worth taking your own life, it is too precious!! Please rethink your alternatives!! May you live long and be happy!! That's my wish for you!! Just look at all the people on here that care and we don't even know you!!

There are lots of ways to kill urself without YOU having pain but there is not any way to kill yourself without provoking pain to your family and to your close people.....I hope this is a joke......!

Might as well live, sweetie, pretty much every method has a drawback of some kind... and don't forget the people who will feel emotional pain when they find the corpse you leave... it's not very fair to them now, is it?

Even a bullet in the head can hurt if you don't do it right... you can survive for quite a while afterwards, even recover! Happens quite often, some guy tries to top himself, and all that happens is that he gets brain damage and they have to reconstruct his head...

Go for a quiet death in your sleep after a long and fulfilling life, that's got to be the best way out... and also the best revenge :)

Best failed suicide? This guy at a factory I worked at, he tried to end it all by jumping off a bridge in Lincoln city into the canal... but it was only a drop of about ten feet, not normally fatal, and it wasn't for him either. The swans came up and started pecking him, and he was shouting to be rescued in no time :)

dying in your sleep

That is a very permanent "fix" to a very temporary problem. Things will get better, they always do! Please talk to someone, anyone!

hey positive
stay positive

Die in your sleep at 96 years old.

Can I send you a cake to cheer you up ?

Physically, a bullet to the head. But emotionally there will always be pain. Imagine how the people who care about you would feel; imagine their pain.

Mopar Muscle Gal
My brother and a best friends brother both killed themselves
( intentional OD and a self inflicted gunshot wound)
Its the most heartless selfish act anyone can do
the pain they inflict on the people they left behind is the weirdest , baffling,self blaming thing I've ever encountered

for me? 35 years later, I still have a heartache when I think about him

Dont do it , you dont want to forever hurt your family..

Bullet to the temple. You cant buy paracetemol in sufficient quantity to do you in

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