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What do you do if you pulled something in your neck and back?
I ddn't wake up this way, it happend while I was awake and standing. I can hardly move my neck to the right. I've used heating pads and it's still there. I can't sleep good, and it hurts to get up.

Ouch, I've been there. Some Ibuprofen, Aleve, or something like that along with the heating pads and some lying on the couch. Your body is telling you something. It hurts to get up..SO STOP TRYING FOR AWHILE

you need to have this checked out...injuries to your neck and back can cause nerve damage... it couild also be a pulled muscle.but still important to see a Doc

go to the Doctor, if he says there is nothing seriously wrong then try acupuncture for the pain...

♥※♥ free-sha ♥※♥
When i pulled my muscle in my neck all i did was sleep in a strait position walk and sit in a strait position it faded away in 2 days.

i have lived with that condition for many years due to a car wreck. If you get any tingling or fingers curling up especially the pinkie and ring finger your have a pinched nerve Sometimes i have to take muscle relaxers but most of the time i sleep with a down pillow and do stretching exercises. it normally last about a week but will taper off then. I have tried a chiropractor but has no adverse effect due to the fact it is a muscle that has been pulled just like you pull a muscle in your leg. When it comes to your back you must know kidney problems will give you symptoms of a pulled muscle. If your not sure go to the doctors. Heat pad works the best for me. I have found out ,if you daily stretches it lessin`s the chance of it reoccurring.

Vanessa P
What the hell do you people have against chiropractors?!


Try Ibuprofen. NOT Tylenol. Ibruprofen will reduce any inflammation. Then try ICE. Heat never works very well for these types of things.

And...DO go see a chiropractor. A chiropractor will often have more time for you than a traditional doctor and will ask questions to determine what the CAUSE of your pain is, not just eliminating symptoms. There may be a repeated action that you're doing that's causing this new pain.

Just try it.

Chuy M
I can see you already have 71 answers, but what I do is use a peanut shaped neck pillow. It causes the neck muscles to relax while putting the vertebrae back into alignment.

hink real hard and see if you moved anything heavy,or to overuse any muscles yesterday? What about holding the phone between your neck and ear? I'm just giving you some ideas ,it always comes down to something you did.
. Applying cold packs is what you need. Not heat.Take some Advil,or Motrin to help with the swelling.
Take your left hand and place it between the shoulder and neck on the right side..Now gently grasp with your whole hand, not grab that muscles. You will grasp and pull up towards the sky and squeeze for a second,let go all the way.You want to squeeze and release.This shouldn't hurt but just a second.It could also help start the release of the sore muscles.
Or stand at the corner of your room and find the place that's hurting you,and roll up and down. Like some people scratch their back on the corner of a room,you will do the same thing.Locate the muscle and just even if for a min.go back and forth.... It sounds like a kink that we all get.Yes,they make you feel sick and you hurt. You could take Magnesium it has natural muscles relaxers in it.


Interestingly many back problems are a result of weak core (read stomach) muscles. You won't find many people with a nice 6-pack who have back problems. The reaon is that your core muscles should support your upper body weight. If they are weak then the weight is supported only by your poor aching back. Seeing a Doctor will treat the symptom but the cure is exercise and clean living.

You should seek medical attention. You probably have a pinched nerve. For pain relief before you can get to the doctor, dip a cotton ball in some rubbing alcohol and rub that across your neck. Biofreeze is another good topical muscle ache reliever to use if that doesn't work. Both of these have worked quite well for me in the past, both with backaches and TMJ.

Firefightin' Momma
Without boring you with my personal story I'll just tell you - USE A CHIROPRACTOR!! You very well could've strained something and there's no reason to be in pain! Chiropractors do like routine maintenance but I promise you it's what's kept me from going under the knife for 17 years now!!! Also...stop with the heat! USE ICE!!!! Try some Aleve, too. Good luck!

Zelda Hunter
Ever since I pulled a stupid stunt at a water park about 20 years ago that caused my back to lock up on me, I started going to a chiropractor. Now I only go when I need to, and otherwise once or twice a month if I can. Insurance pays part of it, and my "chiro" is the most wonderful man. He saved a friend's husband from having surgery on his back. He works on pregnant women and kids. I would highly recommend it BUT you need to find someone by recommendation (word of mouth). If you live in the central New Jersey/ Bucks County PA area I can help you with this recommendation.

You need to see a chiropractor.

You will want to go to a chiropractor it's probably a pinched nerve in your upper right back they will be able to crack or snap it into place and have you feeling comfortable.

Go to the chiropractor, asap, and stop using the heat. An acute injury needs ice to reduce the inflammation. No more than 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. Ibuprofen or Aleve may help, they are anti-inflammatory drugs. Your medical doctor can give you muscle relaxers or stronger medications if OTC meds don't take care of the pain, but don't expect him to be able to FIX the CAUSE of the pain, that's why you need the chiropractor. Pain is a signal that something is wrong. Meds can give you relief, but they won't heal the injury. Take it easy for a few days.

Heating pads are bad initially. Most neck pains like you describe are from pinched nerves due to an inflammation of the muscle tissue around it. Heat causes more inflammation, thus more pain.

Ice your neck with an icepack. Try 30 minutes at a time with an hour or so break in between icing sessions. After that, if it still hurts, see a doctor to make sure it's not something more significant.


kathy d
kudos to those who recommended ice. find yourself a certified or licensed massage therapist. There are many modalities in this feild that deal with muscle problems. Try to avoid drugs like muscle relaxers.

See a doctor. Boy, there are a lot of mean people on this board.

curious connie
Go to a chiropractor. Get referrals from people who go. Some are better than others. Don't just pick one out of the phone book. I have been going to chiropractors for 48 years and they have kept me moving.

Martin M
I have pretty bad back problems, and I've found a few things that work for me, first off, get away from the heating pads, go with an ice bag wrapped in a towel or something, heat feels great at first, but think about it, heat expands, cold contracts, so heat actually can make things worse. Second, stretching excercises. Now since you're already injured, you don't want to do these to vigorously, if it hurts, stop. If you can see a legit chiropractor, ask about a TENS Unit...they run around 70, 80 bucks these days for a good one, and ,man, are they worth it!

Use ice. Take Advil for the pain, it works better than the other pain relievers for pain of this sort. You can also try aspercreme for some temporary immediate relief.
You will need to see a chiropractor, preferably a kineseologist. Many chiropractor will have you get x rays first too, so they can really see where the damage is. My chiropractor also has a massage therapist to work on me before he sets me, it helps Loosen the muscles up and makes the treatment work better. Sometimes going to a really good massage therapist is very effective to maintain your neck and back.

Find a pillow that works for you and sleep with only that one. I find a very thin flat one works better. Ones that are too large make it bend too much.

I tried muscle relaxer drugs once and wound up with an ulcer as well as my neck hurting.
Once you feel better you can use yoga and pilates to strenghten your core and keep it from happening again.

I have injured all of the vertebrae in my neck at one time or another in different accidents throughout my life, yes all of them from C 1 to C 7, and with these techniques I am just fine, work lots of hours and have lots of energy. I have also had the nerves pinched in my neck a couple of times. You can tell if the nerve is involved if the pain radiates down your collar bone area and down the shoulder and arm. Exercising does help to keep yourself "in shape" in more ways than one.

Unfortunately once you do this, it can go out again on you easily in the future. The techniques I've described have given me the most relief over the years, but mine will still hurt periodically.

Lori L O^O
Usually I use cold packs first to cut back on swelling to the pulled or strained area, I usually ice for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for the first day. I also immobilize it so if it is back or neck you need to lay down and make sure you are well supported. I then call my Doctor, In my case it is one of my two Chiropractors, if it is at work, I call my Chiro in that city, at home, I call the guy here. I see two for that very reason. Some people call their regular doctor. But call someone. I do not typically use heat until the second day as heat can aggravate it if there is inflammation. I take Ibuprofen to take the edge off, but I do not take a lot because I do not like it to mask things if there is a serious problem going on. Sometimes ice for a day, then heat for a day fixes it right up. Usually I have to call up a doctor. So, do not mess with it so much, call a doctor, but try to ice it in case you are causing it more grief with the heat! O^O

Cherokee Billie
you need to see a chiropractor as soon as possible. They will be able to align the spine and work out the pain in your neck and back. Go as soon as possible. I've included a link where you can find a chiropractor in your area that uses a very Gentle technique.

willie j
I was never an athlete generally speaking you use cold(ice).FOR PAIN,SWELLING AND DISCORATION.HEAT is used for loosening joints(i.e-elbow or knee).

Becky T
ICE and call a chiropractor ASAP!!!!! don't use heat it feels good but you need to take the swelling down so ice 15 min every 2 hours ans ibuprofen

I had an extreme injury to my neck and back, so I know were you are coming from. I helped it out a lot by sitting in a hot tub which if you don't have one or can't use one go to a gym by a day pass they are usually only about $10. Get a better pillow then the one you have and take Ibuprofen. It will help the pain a lot. Also I got a massage at a student clinic and it was about half the price of one at a fancy spa and the students are trained the are just getting their hours for their licenses. If it real bad go to the doctor and get it checked out. It could be a lot worse than you think. You don't want that pain forever.

Charlie S
I'm not a doctor so there's your caveat.

I injured my neck one morning. Got out of the shower, reached across with my left hand to open the medicine cabinet and fell to the floor in agony.

My chiropractor was away. His replacement pulled on it, which only relieved the pain while he was doing so. When my chiro came back the next week, he pulled, twisted a little, and I let out a yelp. He sent me for an MRI.

a disk in my neck had burst inward, compressing the spinal coulmn and the nerbe roots. After several months of various physical therapy and pain pills, I had a disk fusion. Although the surgery solve the pain, the damage to the nerves remains and leaves me with pins and needles in my left hand all the time.

A doctor is probably a better choice for an opinion. thankfully, my chiro did the right thing and sent me for the MRI.

Laurence W
All injuries are supposed to be treated first with a cool pack. Gentle warming should not be done for about 72 hours.

Heat rigt away is more likely to increase circulation and spread of damaged cell tissues that in turn damage more tissues. Its the bodies attempt to immobilize the injury.

By cooling it, and resting it, you let it heal without the added discomfort of a larger injured area. After three days, warming increases circulation and speeds healing. Never use anything actually hot on your tissue. You are trying to heal youerself, not cook your tissues.

Ha. I've got the same problem as you only it's on the left.
Don't use heat.....try a cold compress instead. This is the only thing working for me right now in addition to a warm shower after the ice and tons of Advil.

As for sleeping....I've been sleeping on my back, or at least trying to without my pillow. To get up in the morning, do the log roll. Roll your legs out first, then your torso...I end up standing on the floor with my head resting on the bed and then slowly rise trying to keep my head aligned with my back. SO much easier than trying to sit upright and then getting out.

I'm going to a DC tomorrow...never been before so this should be interesting. I've been struggling since Saturday.

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