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 I smoked last night my throat hurts when i breath and eat and the sides of my neck?
yeaaa so if u get what i mean i smoked w**d i usally do often but today it hurts on the sides of my neck and it hurt when i move around my neck or somtimes breath does anyone one no what this is. ...

 Should I go to the hospital?
I feel like my eardrums are about to explode. I have been prone to ear infections over the last few years, but I have never had anything this painful or intense. I can barely hear anything, it's ...

 How to get my ear to "pop" pressure help!!?
sounds like im in a barrel when i talk..i have pinched my nose blew and popped the other one but the right one wont...it did yesterday and was fine but stopped up again...it just started after this ...

 Do women feel physical pain less than men?
Like a smack in the face would hurt a woman less than the same smack with same force to a man?

Someone once told me that and said a woman's pain threshold is much higher cause of ...

 What brand of headache medicine works best for you?

 Are you afraid of needles?

 Lm 49 years old, and my bones ache alot, why?

 Can you damage your ear with a quetip?
The other day I accidentally..shoved a quetip in my ear, and it caused alot of pain. It went away, but now, two days later, I seem to have more pain in that ear and it seems to be spreading. Should ...

 My friend's had a pain in the neck ever since he got married, any ideas what could be the cause?

Additional Details
XOUT, isn't that a condition, usually found in people before marriage?...

 I am in so much pain i can barely move!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does any one out htere know of any home remedies that help with menstrual cramps? I amm allergic to Ibuprofen and other pain pills does not work or they have a form of ibuprofen in it. So I really ...

 Anyone know of a REALLY good cure for migraines?
my friend has been suffering from migraines for about a month or so now and was put on some painkillers for them by the doctor but to no avail. anyone know of anything over the counter, herbal or ...

 Should I stop cutting my wrist?
I only cut wen something bad happens or wen im so depressed i cant handle it. it helps me a lot though. almost my whole school knows i do it and the councilor has been told i do it twice. some guys ...

 Can u lick ur elbow?

 Is IV painful?
Does it hurt when they stick it in? Where is it stuck in, your wrist, or on the other side of your elbow?...

 How much does having your ears peirced hurt on a scale of 1-100?
I don't have a very high tolerance for pain, and im 13 and i really want my ears pierced i have ever since i can remember and my mums always said no but now shes says i can so me and my friend ...

 Is cracking your knuckles good for you? ?
My parents say that cracking your knuckles is bad and causes arthritis. They also say that it makes your knuckles big and ugly (which I found was true). Then my friend (whose dad is a doctor) says ...

 Cramps in legs during the night?
Why is my partner waking up during the night with cramps in his legs.
He has been getting them quite often but last night woke up with both legs in pain.
Bad enough with 1 leg not 2.

 What is a good cure for a migrane headache??

 Does it hurt getting tats Describe the pain..?

 I'm in a lot of pain, please help?
My stomach hurts extremely bad, and I don’t know what to do about it. Every time I eat I get this crippling stomach ache, I can barely walk let alone breath. Right now I feel like I’m going to ...

hellosweetie. x
What's the worst pain you've ever experienced?
..it can be physical or mental.

physical: when i got several warts burned off on my fingers, it hurt so bad bc it was my nerve endings were.

mental: going through death experience or a breakup

Child Birth - it was dreadful and I did it 3 times.


This is not my experience, this is what happened to my fiance when he was a teenager...

The idiot climbed up one of those telephone poles in the street, he slid back down without realising there was a nail sticking out......

his ball sack was ripped open.... was left to crawl all the way home leaving trails of blood.... rushed to hospital to have a nurse stitch it all up. OUCH!

when my wife was in labour!!!!
Her nails dug in my arm and I swear they reached the bone plus she constantly reminds me and I have been paying for it ever since!

peter o
pancreastitis.its one of the worse pains you can get.

Physical - Sciatica, after a day working at the stable yard I'd got home and sat down for a little bit. After getting up my back locked with a hot shooting pain down my leg. I couldn't put weight on it or move, so my dad got me a large umbrella to lean on until I could move from my one-legged stance in the middle of the room.

Mental - I have a hormone deficiency which promotes strong mood swings and I have very dark thoughts from time to time about people around me dying. So far, I'd say most of my mental traumas have actually been self induced and imagined, to the point of me collapsing in floods of tears as though it were true. My worst real one I don't want to talk about.

Mr Chops
My mate once sent me a photo of Cherie Blair in the mail,,I haven't been the same since,,I'm still having nightmares

Toothache caused by an abcess growing on the root.
it started hurting on a saturday night and i couldn't find an emergency dentist surgery open anywhere, so i had to wait until 10 am on the monday... no sleep for 2 nights with constant pain. by the sunday evening, i was on my knees banging my head on the sofa to try and take my mind off the pain.....strange thing to do but when you're in as much agonising pain as i was, you'll do anything to try and stop it hurting.

back pains and being stabbed

When I had 3 lowest discs removed and cadaver bone used with titanium rods up my back. I took 300Mcg's of Duragesic, 10-12 30mg Roxicodone, 5 Actiq 1200Mcg's and still in worst pain. This was prescribed by one of the best known Dr.'s in USA with consultation with my surgeon. They added Valium and Halcion to sleep which did help but.... I have a very high tolerance to anything. This day of meds would kill most people. Be careful.

Lizzie G
Physical - frozen shoulder

Mental - losing my baby grandson aged 36 hours

my cartilage piercing because the cartilage shattered. I have had about 50 surgeries and that pain I felt after that piercing was unbearable.

Physically, appendicitis when it was very inflamed and on the cusp of bursting.

Mentally, my heart breaking when a relationship ending. Nothing compares to that terrible emptiness. I'd choose the appendicitis every time....

dislocating my knee and having the doctor trying to shove it back without giving me any pain relief. I think he thought that because I was drunk I didn't need any

gallbladder pain for physical as that hurt more than having any of my 3 kids
losing my nan for mental

Feeling the knife going in and my bowel pushing out during my emergency c-section..............nice!

the mental pain of having a stroke..never to be my own person..needing help.all the time..people worse off than me..i know..but its mental torture,,for me...but..soon,ill be cured,i hope.so i will talk,etc..mary.

kayla w
putting my foot down and my knee cap dislocating at SCHOOL omg i thought i have never falt ANYTHING that bad and i havent

Tearing the ligaments in my left leg that hold the bones together. Needless to say I couldn't walk anymore

Physical was when I broke my neck in a car accident - I didnt feel anything at first ntil I tried to stand up.
Emotionally it was when my lovely mum died - I still feel pain now about losing her xxx

The Rugby Player
Loss of my father when I was still young

Without a doubt this has to be Trigamenial nuralgia, I wanted to die just so the pain would stop, even the thought that it may return reduce's me to tears, this pain could not be stopped, even with high dose's of Morphine.

Stretching my f***y from ear to ear during child birth was pretty painful

i have a high pain tolerance but these 4 really got to me
pelvic abcess and kidney stone and impacted wisdom tooth with dry socket and infected gallbladder
i would rather have died then endure those pains
emotionally 9/11/01- i live in NY

Anonymous™ ©2008 !!
sciatica? I have had children but sciatica was worse!!

Hedge Witch
Ovarian cyst bursting and frozen shoulder being jolted. Both caused me to black for a second or two and I actually saw stars with the frozen shoulder!

for me ,it was gall stones , had to wait 6 months for the removal due to waiting for heart surgery,, that was agony, sooner give birth any day , alls well now though

Heart attack. There are only three words that come into your mind when going through an attack, "please shoot me".

♥Shortstuff ♥
My worse mental pain was the loss of my 15 y/o son. One day he was here & the next day, he was gone. What a difference a day makes. We never know about tomorrow, so live each day as though it was your last.

My worse physical pain was when I went through childbirth, three times.

Physical.... falling down stairs and fracturing my coccyx, after the excruciating pain I went numb from the waist down, the pain returned after a few hours. I still suffer 6 years on.

Mental...... When my son died at five months old.

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