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Weird pain?
I have an unusual pain on my foot. Not the bottom but the top art of it. Whenever I stretch it or stand on my toes, the top part of my foot near my leg is in pain. I thought it would go away but after 2 weeks the pain hasn't left. What is it?
Additional Details
its not my heel. Its the top part of my feet. It only slightly hurts. I can run but its annoying. Nothing is broken (as far as I could tell)

Tony Y
i had that! it was the shortening of my shin muscle. i went to massage theropy and i have stretches to do for my leg, oddly enough it only happened to one of my legs, and one of my ligaments was overtop of a muscle where it shouldnt have been and she worked it out for me.


you probly torn a mussle or something. dont worry, just see a doctor!!!

A physical therapist would know this answer for sure, it could be something to do with the flow of your blood to your feet

I have had the exact same problem, and I also play sports (mainly, running track). But that pain began for me since i was about 10. I went to a foot doctor and discovered that I have flat feet, which the doctor said is the common problem for having the top part of your foot hurt. Basically, I just had to get inserts into my shoes for about $40 to create a curve under my feet, and they don't hurt anymore! So I would simply get that checked out.

Jesse M
pinched nerve

You probably have a bad sprain, which sometimes is worse than a break. I sort of have the same thing and my foot swells everyday. It's also been two weeks and is slowly getting better.

you should get it check out to be on the safe side!!

The gr8t alien
Best to tell your parents so they can take you to see a DR

the same thing happens to me. like exactly. not right now though... well im 15 and play a decent amount of sports. im not exactly sure what it is but maybe you tore some kinda ligament or something. im not a doctor it was just kinda funny to hear about the same thing ive felt.

you could have pinched a nerve. or it could be a minor blood clot. probably not a blood clot since you are young and athletic. just ask your doc.

Get it x rayed.........sounds like a stress fracture.....good luck

Sounds like u may have pulled a muscle or u have a lil bruise under there that ur not seeing.....U should probably get it x-rayed

The main thing is to not get excited....Your so scared I can tell you that your picture has a headache

i know wt its is!!!! u didnt pinch a nerve or anything stupid like that.....it happens to everyone and it killss...u cnt do nething bout it....just dnt streach your foot at all.....sometimes you can just lean on ur toes and crack them and it sometimes works....but other wise u cnt do nething bout it! i kno it hurts so BADD!

it could be a small fracture. i have a co-worker who had a pain in her foot, on and off, for months. she finally got an x-ray and they found a hairline fracture. she said as soon as she got the brace on it, the pain disappeared.

Well maybe you pulled something while playing sports?
I suggest you go to a Doctor before anything gets worse and its permanent.

Wear high heels to stretch out the muscles and warm them up.

Go see a doctor anything that been bothering you more than two weeks could be a problem.

roooo :D
go to the doctor. like a podiatrist or something (pod=foot)

Breaking Dawn Luvr 4evr
doc it

@w3S0m3 Em0 o_O

[email protected]

In LoVe!!
rest up

Ken M
i get this too what i hear it could be tendonitis

Sunshine Hell
if you would to have any cracks then it would be bruised im sure. maybe you sprang it? but then there would still be swelling and stuff. perhaps you just pulled a tendon there. try wrapping it with an ace bandage. snug enough to prevent too much bending when you walk. use for about a week or two and see if that helps. if it gets worse go get an x ray. hope u feel better!

broke my toe last summer..vary painful

anything sprang, broke or crack can take months to heal..for my toe..it took about 3 weeks and even after that it still hurt for a lil while.

does it have a bruise or discoloration if so it might be broken

could be a stress fracture, but i think you may need to go to the doctor for x-rays and all that.Stress fractures are some of the most common sports injuries. They are tiny breaks in the bone, usually caused by repetitive stress from activities like running. Although they can be quite painful, they usually heal themselves if rested for a few months.

Many different sports raise the risk of stress fractures. Activities that require running and jumping may cause fractures in the legs or feet. More than half of all adult and adolescent stress fractures occur in the lower leg bones. 25% of adult fractures are in the metatarsal bones of the feet (the middle bones).

Other sports that require repetitive movements -- like pitching or rowing -- can result in stress fractures in other parts of the body.

Stress fractures are much more likely to develop in people who have just started a new exercise or abruptly stepped up the intensity of their work out. When the muscles aren’t conditioned, they tire easily and can’t support and cushion the bones as well. Increased pressure is exerted directly on the bones, which can lead to a fracture.

Stress fractures seem to be more common in women, especially in women who do not have regular menstrual cycles. A reduction in estrogen can cause osteoporosis, or weakening of the bones. Teenagers may also be at higher risk, since their bones aren’t fully hardened.

Any anatomical abnormalities -- like fallen arches -- can distribute stress unequally through the feet and legs. This raises the risk of stress fractures. So can poor-quality equipment, like worn-out running shoes.

Unfortunately, stress fractures tend to recur. About 60% of people who have a stress fracture have also had one previously.

Does your foot swell? If yes, may be a stress fracture. If not, probably a tendon or maybe joint pain. Pain in one place can feel like it is in another. If it keeps up, go to the doctor and have the foot x-rayed.

It sounds like either a pinched nerve, or some tendon damage, requiring a medical look.

Edit: okay I read your additions and questions to syd.

My suggestion for a medical look, means X rays too, if the doctor deems appropriate. Good luck.

hey...i think i know what you are talking about.

i had the same pain a while back it lasted for about 2 months. i am a tumbler so there was lots of ground impact on my feet. it was on the top of my foot...it didn't really hurt, but it was an annoying pain and pressure made it worse. walking for long periods of time or running made it a little worse.

anyway...i went to the doctor and he said it was tendonitis... all he made me do was start doing some stretches with my foot and not do as much activity...i don't have the pain anymore. i would go to the doctor and see what he/she would say though. hope i helped!

this website might help

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