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Stabbing pain in throat and ear?
I haven't been to a doctor yet about this because it is so infrequent. It's been going on for years (as far as I can remember) but it happens so far apart that I always forget to ask the doctor when I go.

Basically, I'll be going about my business when all of the sudden it feels like someone stabbed my in the throat, the pain shoots all the way up to my ear and I can feel it in my eye sometimes. It is such a strong pain that I am disabilitated for a few seconds, but then it immediately goes away.

This happens every few weeks, months, maybe years? But it always happens again.


Go to the doctor. It could be nerve damage.

$exxxy Je$$ie
You should take some pain killers and go to the doc

It sounds like a cervical (neck) problem radiating to ur neck, and ear with occ. radiation to the head. do u suffer from headaches too?

It's obvious none of these people are medical experts, so go to the Doctor!

It sounds like a temporary paralysis (spasm) of one of the muscles in your throat which affects the nerves to the inner ear and eye. I've had the same thing infrequently and my Dr. said it's nothing to worry about.

It could be blocked saliva duct. I dont know if you can get "stones" or not but ask about that or do some research on it.

You contracted an std orally, that is why that area hurts.

Tony K
I am sure it is fine. I don't think there is a need to go to a doctor, but keep a note of it and ask your doctor next time you go visit him or her.

However if you are concerned, you should get it checked out. Doctors are there to help no matter the situation (big or small they will be there for you)

This sounds like toxic overload to me. I would start taking Liquid Activated Zeolite, which is totally natural and safe even for nursing babies and pregnant mothers. It simply removes environmental toxins from the body and balances the ph. Ear candling is great for clearing up the ear canals as well. It sounds like you could use a really good cleanse...especially in the ear, nose and throat area, which both of these address. You may want to irrigate the nostrils to help clean the sinuses as well. Happy Healing, Liz.

Well, the pains are obviously NOT going away. I have read the many posts to your question. Several mentioned seeing a doctor - with which I agree. However no one added that any "new pain" (espeically if it could be caused my a problem in your neck or brain) you could be dealing with a serious condition - better to get it checked out now than later.

Your Mom
Sounds definitely like it has somethign to do with your sinuses but other than that, I don't know what is going on but that's where it is. Your throat, ears, adn eyes are all connected in your sinuses. It could be pressure in that area, like if theres a sudden change in elevation or w/e. Try to pinpoint the instances it happens. you could have fluid that is trapped in there and that would make the pain worse.

Kind Keeper
Just give the doctor a call and make an appointment to see him/her specifically for this problem, I think that is absolutely necessary.

Alexis K
Try going to the doctor.

rose j
I think you need to go to a ear nose and throat doctor for real because you just don't get pain from nowhere unless theres a reason

Music Box
sinus infection.

itll drip down to your throat and move to your ears quickly.

Thats the only thing I can think.

respect ... the ..GUN
u might have any allegy of some food but u havent noticed it yet.change ur food habits and see .if persists u can use Azithromycin which is good drug for throat infections.

I'm not a doctor but have you ever had your Thyroid checked out? When this happens have you had lots of caffeine or taken any diet pills? Or intake alot of sugar? i have kind of done this but no eye pain. Also what comes to mind is your blood pressure. Get this checked out your body is trying to tell you something because this is not normal.

stop puting things n ur month that will cause a stabbin to ur throat.

the gost
go talk to a ear nose ant throat dr it may be a problem that you need to get addr and it could be many things that could be doing it as well stress strain from lifting but i am not a dr but i would go see one soon and get it taken care of

dont swallow dimes

you could have an ear infection?? idk that's what happened to me...and i went to the doctor and they said that i just had a lot of mucus by my ears...

Akash Sharma
Hi !! I will advise you to go to the ENT (Ear , Nose and Throat) doctor. If you delay, this problem may become worse. And if you always forget, try to write about your problem on the appointment slip.

It sounds similar to a migraine or blood pressure rush, but is starting lower. I get concerned when it hits behind your eye.

I would get your BP checked and consider, just start wondering if you have anxiety issues and things to clear up that would make you feel better. It causes spasm too.

Also less coffee, or energy drinks or Amphetamine-type substances where applicable.

If you like coffee, take it without sugar.

It sounds like a nerve thing. I would definitely ask a dr about this, if just to put your mind at ease....or he might refer you to an ENT dr.
Good luck.

Caity A
I get the exact same thing! Its so rare I actually forgot about it until I read this. I once asked my father (because he's a doctor) about it and he said that the nerves in those areas are all connected and so that's why when there is pain in one area it shoots to another area. However, we were both puzzled as to what causes the pain in the first place. Good luck!

it could be your eustation tubes . that is the canal between your throat and your ear. they can get blocked sometimes and cause that kind of pain.

Jase R


I'm shocked and floored that there are so many intelligent people here who know about these conditions. The medical community has not caught up with you yet. The treatments for this diseases are primitive. But it sure sounds like you have one of them so get it checked out.
Be careful because these diseases have opposite treatments!!! So getting a clear diagnosis is of the greatest importance.

It sounds to me like TMJ referred pain. That is one of the most sudden and severe types of pains that you are describing. You need to see a ENT Specialist.

Incarcerated Bert
Your Eustachian tube runs from your throat to your middle ear. If it is clogged or the tonsil at the end of the tube is infected it will hurt in a sharp pain fashion. These nerves are also shared. It is not a huge deal but next time you go to the doctor have him check your ears, sometime they have to blow a little air in the tube opening in your throat to clear it.

Dr. Patrick V. Suglia
That's really not something that can be answered easily. My first guess is that it is a muscle cramp of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. This muscle starts at the bottom of the neck in the front and ends right behind the ear, therefore you will feel a cramp of this muscle in both places.

because its so sudden and brief, rather than gradual, it seems unlikely that it would be some sort of infection or blockage of the eustasian tube. in my opinion it is probably some sort of muscle spasm or cramp, probably of the sternocleidomastoid muscle that runs diagonally from the throat to behind the ear. muscle spasms tend to create really bad stabbing pains, and people describe them as the worst pains theyve had. they are caused by electrolyte imbalances such as excess Calcium. but in your case, i reckon u must have some weird habit of sitting in a position that reduces blood flow to that muscle causing build up of electrolytes such as lactic acid, which would then give u muscle cramps. next time u have one try and notice your head and neck position.

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