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Sore throat question?
i have a sore throat, i think it might be my sinuses or allergies.
should i try gargling with warm salt water?
hellppp pleaseee!
Additional Details
i didnt give anyone a thumbs down-- idk why it says that... but thanks so much for all the answers! I really apperciate it! :)

I would try. It shouldn't hurt and if it does you should see a physician.

Lol, no it doesnt hurt =]
If its kinda too late now, go to your doctor and find a prescription! Ask him questions, give him details! Your sore throat will be fine in no time!!

Elaine M
It won't hurt, but careful gargling so you don't swallow the salt water.

If you gargle ok, then try gargling with Hydrogen Peroxide, that'll help a LOT more than salt water. Cuts the coughing time down by half.

Practice a gargle with plain water first, to see how to do it.

it dosnt hurt it does help

caroline k
warm salt water helps a lot. do it! it tastes bad but it definitly will make you feel better!!!

that wont hurt, it might help. also drink some hot tea with honey. hope you feel better!

get an organic tea bag a teaspoonful of honey half a cup of hot water and a dash of cold water drink mix together and enjoy so much better then that salt water gargling thing

i used to get sore throats every 2 weekz but it waz strep throat but anywayz yahh i tried gargling salt water one time but i didnt think it helped at all...what i used to do waz eat popsicles and ice cream lol the cold on yer throat really helps n makez it feel better

Warm salt water soothes a sore throat, it does not hurt, so try it. Also take a hot shower or bath with a towel in the crack of the door so that the steam will open up your sinues.

lemon juice, honey, water - and just to make that much more soothing dark rum or whisky - add to taste :)

I don't think salt water is as effective as Ginger and honey tea. Boil raw Ginger, then add honey. Then drink. This will really coat your throat and break up any flem.

Gargling with salt water does not hurt, but it is disgusting to gargle with salt. It's like swimming in the ocean.

Try it. It doesn't hurt that much. Probably as much as it does when you swallow.

yes good old salt water gargle is worth trying.Coughing?any white or red patches on mouth or tongue? see dr. if so not seriuos

Nicole M
eucalyptus oil - a few drops
lemon juice
1 Clove of Garlic

Drink up. do this 3x's per day.

lemon juice and honey

it does not hurt at all. so please do. massage your throat with your own hands, wrap it with a warm scarf and drink some milk with honey

have you got any honey and lemon also for sinuses breathing steam with olbas oil in worked well for me.

Mdme. Mango Keeps it real
gargling with salt water does not hurt, and it facilitates healing. One of the reasons it might be sore is because it is so dry in the winter with forced heating air.

Try using a cool mist humidifier in your room at night to help replace the moisture in the air. Might make you more comfortable.

The guy u dont know
omg I am like that right now too...so I know how you feel....ummm yeah i just used the ''gargling with warm salt water'' ...it was horrable ...but i can feel it going away
----hope u get better

gargling with warm salt water doesn't hurt even though it seems like it would kill...I have abnormally large tonsils and get sore throats all the time....have some tea or something also

yes gargle with HOT salt water and it does not hert that i promise you

yes, warm salt water 3 times a day is healing to the throat. if you can stand it, add a little peroxide to the mixture too. No it won't hurt. If you see any white streaks or bumps, you need to go to the Doctor though. Hope you feel better soon.

try a cough drop

Caduceus of Hermes
It usually doesn't hurt to gargle with warm salt walter. In fact it can feel very soothing sometimes. Don't use too much salt. I also recommend sea salt. Ice cream is helpful and coats the throat. Also popcicles are good too. You can also use a throat spray. That will numb your throat and give you a break from the pain.

laryx powder is good to take, buy at healthfood store and mix into juice, don't use water or you will taste it.
for sinuses, i know because i had a terrible sinus infection last week and didn't want to take antibiotics, what worked was neti pot with neti salt, follow the directions on the pot--it's the ONLY thing that worked, and i was miserable. i tried many other things and they didn't work. best to avoid antibiotics as they weaken your immune system, so you will get sick over and over and your body will be less able to heal itself.
real raw honey is good too. (can get it at wholefoods)

Hi, I just went thru a major sore thoat and wanted to just go and rip it open and scratch it. Oh i know the feeling. What did I do? (nope i didnt rip it out lol)
1- ur idea of warm salt water is right on! and no it doesnt hurt just sort of taste...... salty!! lol u will live promise!
2- my doctor told me something that made me feel foolish but it worked. He told me "does ur throat hurt?" I was like "DUH YEAH" but of course I didnt say that!! lol but he said "if ur in pain take something for pain... which I took two Advil every 3 1/2 hours. Why not every four hours? Well if i waited for the finally fourth hour the sore throat would be back so if i took it half hour earlier it kept the pain level okay.
3- good ole tea, honey, and lemon. Oh the honey on my throat felt wonderful. did it really help? Not sure but it felt so good going down.
4- This is really going to sound sort of weird but i swear it works. Has ur throat got to the point where it is "itchy?" if so try so toast, as the toast goes down it somehow scratches the throat as it goes down. Add some honey to the toast and its even better.
5- if you dont need to be around anyone for the night try adding some vicks vapor rub to your neck area. The fumes will make it easy for you to breath, and will make your throat feel so much better, promise.
6- if you sore throat last longer then 4 days I would get to the doctors just to be safe. There are so many different strains of colds and flus out there that you do not want to fool around. I hate to say this but most times when i come down with a sore throat I also get a cold within a few days. So I stock up on some fresh, or frozen orange juice. And if you can get some chicken noodle soup along with crackers and just take it easy for the day do so.
Most of all, please take care of yourself... and if nothing else works..... call mom!
Hope you are feeling much better soon!

NO lol. nope it does not hurt at all! it does taste bad though. if you don't want to do this, then try what i do when i have a sore throat-lick pretzles! i know it sounds nasty, but it taste 10 times better then salt water! blech! feel better soon!

Even I have the problem any body can help me

no it wont hurt to gargle with salt water warm water either!!the best thing i found out that works real good...........musinex it costs about$9.00 it will Loosen it up were its more productive to cough..........it has the same active ingredient as Robitussin cough Syrup...its got real good reviews........GOOD LUCK.......P.S. TRY THIS IT WILL WORK IN 12 HRS OR LESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warm salt water is one of the oldest home remedies, but can be very effective from sore gums, recent tooth lost, to sore throats. What it does is dry the area to promote healing. Just a friendly warning, it will sting in the beginning because of the area being a bit raw, but over time as the area heals, it will sting less and the plus about the salt water is it speeds healing

First shine a light down your throat and try to determine color. Slightly pink is normal, cherry red means you have a wonderful infection cooking up, and cherry red with white pus nodes means you have strep throat which is highly contagious.

Drainage from eyes, ears, and nose areas can cause those infections to travel to your throat because they are all related along the same pathways to each other.

I have found for a standard sore throat to drink some hot tea with honey helps clear out potential congestion building up in the lungs from the throat drainage. Gargling with warm salt water after eating to clear out debris, and if you are not taking any medications or diabetic then use one Sucrets with dyclonine to numb the area temporarily as it helps relieve the pain which then can aide in healing.

Minimize talking to only when necessary and in about 2 days you will see some improvement but do this process for additional 3 days to make sure it is done with. I suffer from sore throat on the average once a month because of allergies, sharing of cold germs, acid reflux exposed the throat area making it susceptible to infection, and the fact I talk for a living adds to me being chronically affected by sore throat.

If you do not see improvement in 3 days after you have already ruled out a more serious infection, then see your family doctor or an Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat (EENT) doctor spcialist that can address the reasons you are not healing.

Sometimes, the beginning of strep throat may not always be immediately apparent but can show itself within 1-2 days so look periodically to make sure it hasn't developed after your initial review. If you get strep, try to minimize contact with your saliva with hands or anything else, wash your hands frequently, wash dishes you used with 2% bleach in soapy water. After you have recovered from it, it is important to replace your toothbrush to avoid getting it again

Good luck and much prayers

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