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So i recently became a pot head.. ?
and my friends have been treating me different, theyre all "disapointed" in me. but i honestly dont see whats so bad about weed, so can someone fill me in on that part please?

You let them down buy doing something illegal and harmful to yourself.
In my opinion, if you don't give a sh*t about yourself, why should they?
They're obviously very good friends, and you had a good taste in people until you turned to drugs.

cece baybee !
woah you gotta stop sweetie; like now ! before it gets worst; it f*cks up your brain ; im guessin your acting differently with them thats why thay changed with you ; without you even realizin; your friends are dissapointed cause they actually care about you soOo pleasee stOp ; drugs are gay n stupid !!!! stoPP itt please

The Lemur v 1.02
The drug itself isnt really a big deal. As you can see from all the people here saying you could die, people are very poorly informed about it and I think thats how the establishment likes it. People just make a big deal of it because its been drilled into their heads over and over that its bad. Its actually never killed anyone of OD, although its not good for your lungs. If you are going to smoke you have to accept that a lot of people arent going to be ok with it. Its ok in 20 years when its legal in 20 or more states youll just be the person at the front of the pack.

Um ok...cause they like YOU...and as a downer pot tends to change how a person behaves...so yeah they like YOU not stoned YOU

- bad short time memory and lowered learning abilities.
Example: difficulty to stay on topic, because of forgetting what was the subject and what was said a moment ago.
Comment: Some potheads like me say it is a part of fun. Sure it is when You are among friends in a safe place. But not when You have to talk to Your mother or the policeman.

- difficulty thinking and problem solving.
Example: Don't use pot before the exam or driving lesson. These tasks need quick thinking and You are likely to fail or even put Yourself in danger. Remember to take it easy after using pot. No duties, no difficulties. Plan a enjoyable experience for Yourself.

- poor performance, loss of coordination and risk of injury.
Example: This is serious ! Don't sharpen knifes, Don't go climbing ! Go walking, looking, smelling, touching :-)

- inability to drive safely or do complex tasks for up to 24 hours after use.
Example: Self explanatory. Daydreaming behind the wheel can be dangerous not only to Yourself, but everybody with You.

- distorted senses of sight, hearing, touch, time, and depth.
Example: Just keep in mind not to trust Your senses in 100%. Not sure You can cross the street ? Check again !

- reduced athletic ability.
Example: Don't go wood choping or running. Work in the garden if You like ...

- elevated heart rate.
Example: If You find Your heart pounding too strong just relax.

- anxiety, panic attacks.
Example: Not likely, but just in case, or if You are nervous person, or just got scared, use Your pot in a safe place with relaxed helpfull people to help You calm down. And most of all for all of You panickers, if You happen to smoke too much, and start feeling bad in any way, remember to lay down or sit down and relax and I assure You will feel better in a few hours.

Heres a link you undoubtedly could have googled yourself, but it is rather clear that this is an attention thing.

you need to work on liking yourself and not doing drugs to feel better

Steel Rooftops
Were you high when you wrote this question?

Hmmmm lets think..... maybe they were mad at you because weed is ILLEGAL

Or maybe they're mad at you because you're frying your brain.

I hope they report you to the police, or you get some help.

you know. everything has a road. and somthing like that will lead you to a dead end.

Sometimes people go through a rough time in there life's. If your turning to weed try doing something more positive. If your happy and your doing weed just for fun then maybe you should once again think more positive. Weed is a hard thing to give up. Your friends are angry only because they care. They know your better then this. Trust me. Weed isn't the answer to any of your problems. It only makes them worse in the end. My advice. Don't do drugs not just because there bad but because you need to think whats best for YOU

ilove criss angel!!
maybe their treating you differently because they feel that you are not the person u used to be b4 you starting taking pot. Everyone knows that pot is reallly bad 4 you and for you to start smoking pot made them disapointed. i honestly think you should stop taking pot before everyone turns against you. before you know it your whole life can just be different one morning when you wake up. point is they want the old you back.... the one who isnt smoking pot. good luck!!

yeah if you do it all the time you will become more dopey than usual and stuff. not good for you, but hey i dont think its that bad, not as bad as doing pills and stuff

i am now out of charaters ! ! !

hmm clogs your lungs with smoke they trun blackk and your not funner when youre high your just ******* dumb but dont go by me its your own life to screw up.

Gian o
WEll dur u tell me why they are treating differently?? its juz like taking care of a person that u dont even kno.

new Phm tech
i hope you're at least college age
who are you smoking w? obviously not your tru friends.

p.s. Cheech & Chong are making a new movie I think
you'd have to be bombed to enjoy those oldie moldies

it's your choice,just remember the pot today is not the pot of
yesterday(they spray w paraquay and all kinds stuff)

Well, it is no worse than someone smoking cigarettes or drinking beer, so do what you do. The bad part is if you get caught with it and go to jail or pay fines. Alot of companies are making employees submit to hair follicle testing which goes back 90 days, so it could keep you from getting the job you want but for real, I think it should be legal as long as beer is, right?

Salee Slight
we are all made of vibrations and when we are sad we vibrate very slowly and when we are happy we vibrate very quickly

you are happy on weed (that is what it does) so you vibrate quicker and so your friends are not on your wavelength now!!

so that teaches you that perhaps your friends are not really that happy for if they were they would still be your friends whatever you did!!

it is for 'you' to be happy in this life

if weed makes you happy it is for you to question what are you not happy about when you do not take weed....
fight the unhappiness without weed instead of running from the unhappiness by using weed

weed shows you that you 'can' be happy
but it makes you think that you can only be happy on weed...
this is not true

weed is the key
but when you have opened the door - throw the bleeding key away!!

you are special and needed

question your unhappiness NOW
and most of it lies in your past!

blessings to you my Friend

Salee Slight
Pain Relief Expert - www.saleeslight.com

hannah marie s
it relaxes ppl...and i know its illegal other than that....
everyone around will defintely look down upon u, and treat u like S***
just try asking them wat's so bad about weed in person...you'll get a staright answer.

Pot does not kill brain cells, alcohol kills them, but it does paralyze them which is about the same thing. It is mentally addictive and one fact which can be proven is it takes away initiative. I never did it, when I saw my friends who did they were just sitting and staring into space and I thought, yeah, what fun, whatever.
The big deal with starting pot is that you get into the mindset that, well pot is ok, I'm fine and it isn't giving me a buzz anymore, I will try something else. Then it leads to other drugs. My sister started out w/ pot and she moved onto meth and was living in a truck for a year and had to give up her son.

I was a pot-head during my teen years. Smoking weed made me not want to go to school, or work. It made me sleepy, lazy, hungry, and paranoid.
It caused my family distress , because it IS illegal. My roommate is a pot-head, as is my brother. Both of them tell me stories over and over, and don't realize they've already told me.
Plus, one joint is equal to about ten cigarettes in the 'bad-for-your-lungs' department.

Heather G
Weed isn't as bad as people think, actually. It helps prevent alzheimers, so that's always nice. Regardless, how people act when they're high can sometimes be ridiculous and most people end up being a vegetable. Generally it makes someone act a little dim-witted while they are "stoned." At least, most people. I know I always acted different around my boyfriends when they were stoned just because despite the fact pot isn't THAT bad. . . It's a mental thing. If you were to get caught or something of the sort, you could go to jail and there's just too many consequences. They're acting different because they care about you. Besdies, everyone acts different than their normal selves. Hang out with someone who you like un-stoned (that already gets stoned) and be around them when they're stoned and you're not. How they're acting is quite. . . Disappointing, isn't it?

If I come off ridiculing, I don't mean to. I hope this helps.

lol pass the blunt
what your smoke Kush Cronic mids
i hate how kide these days start with the good stuff they dont know what its like to pick out the seeds
dont worry about it if your in highschool people will just hate ir your in the work force more people do it than you know about 25% smoke it up for what ever reason
but over all people will forget
just dont let it be an excuse like "oh i was to high or i cant cause im so high " you make us look bad by doing that
also most people in Europe dont even care but in Mexico Cocaine is expected and weed is the devil which make not sence
also dont let it lead you to other drugs cause than your realy are a drugy

They just don't understand it. You can't insult something you haven't tried. So if anyone on here is telling you the negative traits to it, don't listen to that. They probably haven't even tried it once, yet insult it like it personally has affected them in someway. A lot of the media makes it out to be horrible, but its really not. If you do it, fine. Its your life. Whenever I go out and hang out with friends, I'll drink and smoke while I drink. People that smoke cigarettes are endangering us in more ways than smoking in the privacy of your own home. Their putting this second hand cigarette smoke into our atomsphere but think weed is doing more harm. Your friends will view you differently if they do not smoke. Its going to be hard to be the only friend who smokes..maybe you need to find different friends, or just accept them the way they are and accept the judgment on their behalf. I believe its more ignorant to judge someone based on something like that. People are still successful who have and still smoke weed. Doctors, lawyers, comedians, talk show hosts, music artists..its not like weed is heroin or Cocaine..My friend worked for a brilliant lawyer who would smoke all of the time. There are no cases of marijuana related deaths. You cannot OD on marijuana. Do what you feel is right, and never change unless you decide on it. Hope this helps!

PS- Music and good movies are awesome while stoned :)

there isnt much wrong with being a pothead, except if your friends aren't potheads, chances are you will grow a part (stoners arent very proactive and like to sit around, where as the average person always likes to be on the go). but it really depends on what you consider to be a pothead, personally I consider it at least 2-3 times a day (or you spend at least 5 bucks daily on weed). but id say society thinks that even daily, or every weekly use would make you a pothead.

Amanda Papagorgio
I just look down upon people who do drugs because I feel like they take the easy way out...because like seriously its really sad if you need drugs to get you in a good happy mood. I just think its for weak people.

nelie g
well, people usually love weed or hate it. but its not like your on meth

Michael Faust
Dude, like you totally have to find people who are not into judgment and will like totally buy you cheetohs. Yeah Cheetohs rule.

pot smokers are seen as degenerate low lifes.
i speak from experience.
however pot heads are throughout every demographic and social circle.

so that generalization has never made much sense to me.

for example:
i smoke weed on occasion, it helps me relax after a stressful week, i work as a logistics manger, i pay tax ,give to charities, have an IQ of 178 and do everything that makes me happy in life and yes i sometimes roll a dooby.

so who am i hurting?

people who jump on the anti~pot bandwagon are just doing and saying whatever has been dictated to them.They have no real world experience on the issue and thus rightly need to shut up :)

it doesn't "kill brain cells", its bad for your lungs when smoked, but other than be lazy, it doesn't do anything real bad

investigative sponge
well, maybe they're treating you different because you are different.

uhhhhhh, I've been smoking it for 41 years,,, I'm still pretty smart. All depends on if you 'use' or 'abuse'. It can get bad. I've also been a heroin addict. But 99% a pothead. And I live in Cal so it's legal!!! Medical!! Do what is best for you,, you'll figure it out. Good luck

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