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 Lm 49 years old, and my bones ache alot, why?

 Can you damage your ear with a quetip?
The other day I accidentally..shoved a quetip in my ear, and it caused alot of pain. It went away, but now, two days later, I seem to have more pain in that ear and it seems to be spreading. Should ...

 My friend's had a pain in the neck ever since he got married, any ideas what could be the cause?

Additional Details
XOUT, isn't that a condition, usually found in people before marriage?...

 I am in so much pain i can barely move!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does any one out htere know of any home remedies that help with menstrual cramps? I amm allergic to Ibuprofen and other pain pills does not work or they have a form of ibuprofen in it. So I really ...

 Anyone know of a REALLY good cure for migraines?
my friend has been suffering from migraines for about a month or so now and was put on some painkillers for them by the doctor but to no avail. anyone know of anything over the counter, herbal or ...

 Should I stop cutting my wrist?
I only cut wen something bad happens or wen im so depressed i cant handle it. it helps me a lot though. almost my whole school knows i do it and the councilor has been told i do it twice. some guys ...

 Can u lick ur elbow?

 Is IV painful?
Does it hurt when they stick it in? Where is it stuck in, your wrist, or on the other side of your elbow?...

 How much does having your ears peirced hurt on a scale of 1-100?
I don't have a very high tolerance for pain, and im 13 and i really want my ears pierced i have ever since i can remember and my mums always said no but now shes says i can so me and my friend ...

 Is cracking your knuckles good for you? ?
My parents say that cracking your knuckles is bad and causes arthritis. They also say that it makes your knuckles big and ugly (which I found was true). Then my friend (whose dad is a doctor) says ...

 Cramps in legs during the night?
Why is my partner waking up during the night with cramps in his legs.
He has been getting them quite often but last night woke up with both legs in pain.
Bad enough with 1 leg not 2.

 What is a good cure for a migrane headache??

 Does it hurt getting tats Describe the pain..?

 I'm in a lot of pain, please help?
My stomach hurts extremely bad, and I don’t know what to do about it. Every time I eat I get this crippling stomach ache, I can barely walk let alone breath. Right now I feel like I’m going to ...

 I think I'm addicted to prescription medications, what to do?
It didn't use to seem to be that bad, I would go for days without taking anything. But now, I can't go a day without taking something.
I have a painful diesase and I do need the ...

 What do you do when your constipated and have a real pain in your side?
i have a real pain in my side and need for someone to help me i have been constipated for about more than two weeks so please help anyone that has the right answer for this. thank ...

 HELP im really worried?
hi really hoping sumone can help me here.
My boyfriend is in agony with his belly he says that he cant move with out it being in pain.
He had a stomach infection before but all they done ...

 What is strongest pain reliver?
Now folks, I've had painkillers and even a jab into the lower back what in your knowledge is the best way to allievate pain, herbal or otherwise? I'm not afraid of the muppets on here , ...

 What is the best pain killer?????
For a toothache? Please...and this is not just a toothache but my jaw is swollen from it and i have been taking 800 mg ibuprohen and i even had a loratab, nothing is working and im in serious pain. ...

 Pain in wrists?
I won't lie, I'm on the computer a lot. Recently I've had a bit of pain in my wrists, I checked online about carpal tunnel (instant fear) and realized I've also had numbness in my ...

chetansi t
Please tell me swimming is better than walking, as exercises?


one is good for muscles & stomach other helps limbs ..
both are all round excercise.. cant be compared.. both r essential

Silly Kid =P
well theyre both good...... i think walking is better though

yea it is.... u lose more weight


Cookie Monster
I think it is. It is a better cardio work out and much easier on your joints.

Swimmin is always a preffered exercise over walkin,bt dats not possible for most of the people in their daily routine lyf. So, better go for Morning n Evining walks daily n swimmin twice or thrice a week ,specially on weekends would b more fruitful!!1

So the choice iz all urs!Stay fit n Healthy alwayz.....All the Best!!!:)

heritage b
swimming is better as it exercises the whole body. why don't you walk to the pool and get the best of both worlds

It is my understanding that swimming is an excellent exercise, but not everyone has access to a lake or pool.

Nubar Gulbenkian
Swimming is better than walking, as exercise. There!

yes it is

Grace!!! Your brand of heroin!:D
Swimming is much better because you use all your arms in your arms and legs and it is harder to move in water even though it doesnt feel like it

ki kiss

swimming is better, because of swimming is a full exercise and walking is not an overall body exercise.

YES! Swimming is better than the walking. It is because one looses much more energy on swimming than in walking the same time. In swimming one has to use both hand and legs, so it is better than walking where only leg is used.
If you want to run, then the problem is different.

Yes it is!!! You burn more calories and it's way more fun.

absolutely...total body workout,zero impact on joints,and superior cardio...

Swimming is an ideal exercise.

yes yes yes yes and yes it is superrb for everything..nice body, good exercise...and gives u a career..trust me it is!

Swimming is the best excercise for people focussing on weight loss, u lose more calories in swimming than any other excercise when properly trained

Yes because swimming uses all of you're muscles but walking is boring and only wears your feet and knees out

Mr. "Diamond"
OK, "swimming is better than walking" as exercise.....really, because swimming uses the whole body and burns more calories than walking and is far better for you, walking is more "lesurely"

swimming is better since you can get a good workout with it minus the jarring that you get with walking. the only problem is that you need a pool to swim, whereas you can just walk anywhere (neighborhood, mall, park, woods, etc.)

Gopi K
yes swimming is the best exercise .

Yes, But you should be perfect in swimming coz it is risky

lakshmi v
yes they say because movement of the entire body breath control is involved.but you calories spent depends on work done and work done=force * distance moved in the case of work I feel more work is done in walking and more calories are burnt .

Everybody can't swim so walking is a better alternative.

♥Cali Girl♥
yes it works every muscle in your body out unless you drown...then i dont know hahah

Swimming is non-impact and provides a greater range of motion.

I think so, it gives you an all over body workout and gets your heart rate going without the harsh impact on your joints. I would choose swimming over walking if both choices were the same convenience. Getting to a pool can sometimes be difficult and the nice thing about a walk is that it's easy to get out there...... no excuses!

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