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PLEAse ReAd? VeRy UrGeNt??!?
I'm getting my ears pierced tomorrow and I was wondering how bad it hurt? does it feel like a pinch or worse?

it really dosen't- ya i guess like a pinch, maybe less... i promise ifa baby can do it, so can u!!

andif anyone tells u different- they r tryin to scare u!!

i promise take a deap breath before they do it and u'll be fine!! ;D

hope i helped!

you wont really feel it, nothing to worry about at all.

andrew c
it hurts!

its doesnt hurt

dont be a wimp theres more painful things in life to look forward to!!! like giving birth for example!!

Probably no worse than the needle used to give an injection at the dentist, and a lot quicker so you dont have the sensation of it going in like with the needle.
Bang and its done - but it will throb for a day or two. Just keep the holes clean and prevent infection.

Joey's Girl
slight pinch doesnt hurt

Really doesn't hurt at all, just a slight pinch. Just make sure that you keep the ear-lobes clean (bathe in boiled, cooled water with some salt in) after you've had them done to prevent infection.

Dr Frank
You seem to have a problem with your shift key. It might be more difficult to fix than your ears. You should find this almost painless.

yes just a pinch it's fine

hardly any pain at all

Just a quick little pinch, it will be over before you know it. I have my ears pierced.

dosent hurt, go for it !

its slightly uncomfortable like a sharp sting but is so quick u will hardly notice dont worry x

If they're using a piercing gun to pierce them it's just a quick pop and doesn't hurt that bad, if you're getting larger piercings they use a hollow needle which does kind of hurt a bit. But I got my ears pierced when I was 16 real quick then stretched when I was 21 to 10 guage piercings it hurt more with the hollow tipped needle. One thing I would suggest is make sure they disenfect all the tools they use to pierce. I once heard some nasty things about the guns, so ask them to clean it with some alcohol and you should be fine. Good Luck and find some good earings

More like a tight nip...

Think about it - if it hurt THAT much we'd all have ONE piercing - I'm very old and I've got 5... and I'm considering another 2!

You go girl, you'll never regret it!

embroidery fan
I got mine pierced as a young adult (age 25). The day of it, it wasn't too bad, like a shot in the hip. Afterward, it hurt me more for several days, like a bad headache in both ear lobes.

People I know who got them pierced as teens said it was much better, both the first day and afterward.

Cheetah Chick:

Please, relax and take a breather. You're all upset and worried over nothing....

Just make sure it's a qualified person with hygenic/sterilized equipment doing it...

More people suffer from infection afterwards than from the actual process itself...

The person can give you instructions on how to keep this from happening. Just ask them questions if you have any concerns about it.

So make sure of those proper things; and the other things will handle themselves, and you'll find there was really nothing to it at all...

Good luck, eh?!

hardly any pain at all

it does not hurt just a quick pinch

Tina UM
You wont feel a thing nothing to worry about..shorter and less painful than taking an injection...blame your mother for the pain as she could have taken you when you were a child...not thats there is pain but just in case..

well it did sting a bit but nothing to lose sleep over.

Derek F
It does not hurt at all in my opinion. A slight bit of pressure for a second, that's all. Then you may feel a warm sensation in your lobes for a little while after. Nothing to be afraid of at all.

DON'T get it done in Claire's Accessories.

Everyone I know who has ever had it done in there, it has hurt like hell and gone septic.

I had mine done in Claire's. Mine hurt permanently for 3 years and they kept going green and yellow and bleeding, and then I let them close up. Then I pierced them myself in a different place with blunt earrings and they were fine.

country girl 006
It doesn't hurt at all. It's like a little, and I mean little, pinch. Man, it's not even as bad as a pinch. Have fun with them, but be sure to take care of them for the first 6 weeks, Don't let them get infected because then they will really hurt!

young granny
Lets say it doesn't take as long as a shot. Were they stick it in the push the meds then slowly remove. Now the air gun is very fast. Yes you will be nervous when the mark your years but it will happen so fast and it's over. A pinch hurt and bursis.
My daughter is petrified of needles and I got her ears pierced at 2yrs old. But when everyone was getting 2 she wanted to. We went out way out there got in the store and said NO. I believe she was in the 6th-7th grade and now almost 24 and still

Doesn't hurt much at all, just like a sting really...

But if you're this worried then don't get it done, it'll lead to piercings on all parts of your body and probably tattoo's!!!

just a quick pinch nothing major at all.

yes it hurt me a lot , it went bad and i had to have my ear taken off

its unbelivable pain, it hurts for weeks, then theirs the bleeding,and i wont mention the loss of hearing.....

its not going to be painless but honestly its a sting for a second and thats it. just make sure you have had a sugary drink or summn before hand because your blood sugar could dip especially if your worried dont want you passing out lol if you have second thoughts dont go through with it and make sure you know the person doing it is qualfied and the equipment is sterile. keep it clean and bathe it reguarly to prevent infection while ts healing. good luck! x-x-x

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