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OMG my neck help me please?
im in so much pain and all my chiropractor's are closed and my neck is so messed up what do i do i cant even turn my head and it hurt to lay down or i would have just gone to sleep... HELP ME!
Additional Details
no i need something to do to it to make it stop hurting

U slept the wrong way that night it happen to me to time

big boy
put a heating pad on it, and if you don't have one heat up a wet towel in the microwave.

bobcat 007
try hitting your teeth with a larg rock

got a stiff neck. Try sleeping, resting on a round bottle, it will stretch your neck, you will be OK in 30 min. The bottle should be at the centre of your neck. & sleep straight.

WAT THE HELL DID YOU DO??? hmm lay there.. it may need to be popped but you need to do it ... or perhaps your popping it to much..

purplewoman 86
ice pack should do it the trick or a warm towel try turning it while the warm towel is soothing it that should loosing it some but you have to work with the soothing or try ICYHOT

Use ice on it for 15-20 min. then after a few minutes use heat. Take a small towel, wet it and heat for 20 min in a large gallon baggie in the microwave, bag open. Let it cool if needed but put it on the neck and let it relax those muscles. Take 3 Advil...that is a RX dose. Take a small towel and roll it to fit the curve in your neck, lie on the bed for 30 min. and that should help. Use any muscle rub you have and hopefully you will get some sleep. Take Advil with food every 6-8m hours if needed. Take an Epsom salt bath too and get your neck in the water so it will relax some. Good luck. e-mail me if you need to. I have been through a lot. Miss Mary

Kerem K
put a towel on your neck and have somebody iron it im serious that works for me. try it

Go to the ER. Hope you feel better soon.

Have you tried a little moist heat?

Take a warm bath or shower & let the water run over your neck & back. Advil liquid gels are AWESOME. Take 2-4. Lie down on a heating pad & dently & slowly massage your neck.

Candice M
This has happened to me once before. My shoulders looked lopsided because a part of my neck was strained. the only advice I can give you to make it through the night is to get a very comfortable pillow, and take some motron or Advil to make the pain subside for the night. It took me a few days to return completely back to normal, feel better!

You can relax the muscles by putting a cup of white or apple cider vinegar in the hottest bathwater you can stand, and then soaking in it... same chemical family as Aspirin, but no bad effects.

You have any big boards in the garage that are wide enough to lay on? Try making an inversion table of sorts by having it propped up on the couch and then use your belt to strap your legs to it and lay on it with your head pointed down (but not on the floor).

David J
What exactly so you expect anyone here to do???

when i have neck pain...i try to roll my shoulders..but all the comments about HEAT and COMPRESSION and RELAXATION are great.

Take some analgesics...Aleve is the best because it also relieves swelling. If that doesn't work, you have to go the ER. Call someone to take you if there isn't anyone home with you.

Hope you feel better!

go get a massage.

John M
Hi guy, you need to take some anti-imflamatiory med's to start with about your max, up to 1000 will help. take a hot shower if you have a power messauger on the shower head use that.

Dont' put your chin to your chest, not good for your neck!

after heat from the water, a warm towel rolled to about 2 to 3 inches on your Rt. shoulder, roll your head to the towel and then look up and then down and roll your neck to the side again. repeet this ten times and then do your leg shoulder.

This should help. Don't try to pop your neck, if your not careful you could end up in a wheel chair from that. I hope this works for you, ice it after rolling it and the hot towels for 20 mins. and back to ice. it should release in about a hour or two. If you llived in seattle area you could come and see me!

lay on the floor and dont move untill your chiropractors opens up again

do some stretching, the more you baby the pain.. the more it will tighten and kill you... try soaking or laying on a heat pad also! Thats what I do... you could also try a massage rather than a chiropractor.

get an old sock and fill it with rice, pop it in the microwave for a few seconds and the rice gets warm and conforms to your neck, take some Ibuprofen for the pain and it will help with the inflammation too, good luck

put a warming pad on it. it might make it feel better.

Pimpin John
O.k> - I've fixed it.

You don't have to thank me.

I have neck trouble too, which just came on suddenly without any known injury. I've had a stiff and painful neck for months, and have tried just about everything to rid myself of the pain. Did you have an injury, such as a fall or whiplash? Until you can get medical attention, try using heat, or some of that sports rub that has Menthol in it. Also, take Aspirin or Advil or Tylenol. I can relate to your problem and hope you feel better soon.

a hot rag, or one of those ThermaCare® Air-activated HeatWraps, or BenGay, take a bath and put some epsom salt in the water.

lay on ice

get some1 to massage ur neck for u

okay! do you have any muscle relaxors? if so take them. otherwise, take an Aleve or Tylenol, it will help with teh pain. Your muscles are most likely in spasm, so you need to RELAX your neck as much as possible, you are probably holding it funny. Put a heat pack on the part that hurts, and try to get your mind off of it.

muscle relaxers-seof heatig pads 10 mins.-then ten mins ice pack,do not try to lift anything for the next two days-see your dr.

If this is a recurring thing (not something sudden that should require a visit to the ER) I'd try heat - moist heat - and the VERY Gentle massage of the area by a friend (not yourself - might aggravate it by you moving to reach the area) - sounds to me like you've got a muscle spasm - unbearable pain - but usually can be helped with heat. Try dozing in a chair if you can - with a heating pad (dont leave on too long!) Also ibuprophen (Motrin) or naproxin sodium (Aleve) might help. I've added a web site that might help too. Feel better!

next time, try a different position!

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