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Aspurtaime Dog Sneeze
OMG, how can I get rid of this headache?
I have had a mild migraine since Monday morning. It doesn't throb, it is in my forehead, around my eyes and between them. It won't go away. I've taken Tylenol, had enough to eat, drank plenty of water, and it won't go away.

What do I do?
Additional Details
You guys are great. Thanks for the advice.

Zoo-Bat, I don't have insurance. I'm not paying $200 for a doctor to tell me what people here already are.

Stinker Mc'Stink Face
whack your finger with a hammer (it'll take your mind off the pain in your head)


Try Motrin or Excedrin. Excedrin is usually what works for me.

Is it possible that it might be sinus pain? You might have a sinus infection. If that is the case, you probably will need an antibiotic.

Sandra D
Are you sure it's a migraine. If it's around and between your eyes it could be your sinuses.

Carlos mencia
take a Motrin ib also have u been sleeping enough?or maybe ur to stressed?

I hear that if you juice Celery and drink the Celery juice alone it should ease the pain....

just a holistic approach. try it -

Need to try and relax, and do this it helps me sometimes. Go to a dark quite room, sit or lay down, concentrate on your breathing slow long breaths in and out, with finger tips do lil circles on your temples with moderate pressure. Next starting in the middle of your forehead just above eye brows use the palm side down of both hands to push stress to both sides and towards ears, next take the index and thumb of either hand and squeeze the lil space of your nose right next to your eyes. Keep trying things and should feel some relief after a bit.

sounds like sinus pressure headache try Sudafed or and allergy med

Nostradamus is back squared
Try excedrin with a combination of some sinus medication. Sometimes caffeine will help as well. I know how it feels, sorry. Try sleeping, although it's hard to fall asleep. Finally, if all else fails, light one up.

You probably have a cluster migraine.

Blue Ball o' Doom
Hi dog sneeze, this is blue ball o' doom, try some Ibuprofen, and if its a neck pain, look down towards your gut, and lean back on your chair.

Can you get to a drugstore and get some migraine medicine? Excedrin Migraine is really good and often works when Tylenol won't. If you can't get to a drugstore, drink something with caffeine in it and try to eat something that has Magnesium in it. Here's a website with a list of Magnesium-rich foods:


Good luck!!! :)

Mr. Mustard
OMG, take some Excedrin.

¸.•*¨)Sweet Sinner¸.•*¨)
Take a Decongestant...It's probably your sinuses not a migraine. I suffer with chronic sinusitis and the symptoms are pain behind my eyes, forehead,and around my eyes. Press on your eyebrows with your thumbs....If it makes you want to scream then it is your sinuses.

Hope you feel better soon x

Robert L
wow I had the same thing! it comes on randomly and for no reason and its not like a normal headache it just kinda, spontaniously starts throbbing. I tried asprin and it seems to work for a while but not for good

I would take 600mg (3 of the 200mg tablets) of Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin). You might even take a mild antihistamine like Chlortrimiton for sinus/allergy Relief since the pain centers around eyes and forehead.

Moon :)
I hope you feel better soon!! Take good care!! :)

try motrin

♥changing colors♥
get you a cold pack and place on your head where the pain is....and try a bc powder and drink a coke..F.Y.I Tylenol does nothing to treat migraine...or try a sinus med....

Around your eyes and between them, try some sinus meds.
A migraine you would know if you had one, this doesn't sound like one.

get along to your doctor

If you lay down for a nap run a wash cloth under hot/warm water and place it over your eyes and forehead. This will expand the blood vessels and should help. Also, I think Excedrin works better for migraines than Tylenol.

Brandon's been a dirty Hore
Punch yourself in the balls, then you won't really care about your head.

I have this problem... Take a Sudafed with a Motrin (Ibuprophen) with a cup of coffee. That will do the trick. Good luck and God bless!!

Have some nurofon and have some rest if still dosent go away then go to your local doctors

Rub your neck and shoulders to get the blood flowing. If it's lasted that long you may want to see a doctor.

It may be a sinus headache since it's in forehead and around eyes. That would be my guess. I think you should get some sinus medicine that also helps headaches. Or take (4) 200MG Ibuprofen. Hope you feel better.

Kallan CaFO
Hey darlin.. that's not a migraine. A migraine is a very specific type of headache. What you're describing sounds very much like a sinus headache. If it's been going on this long, it could be an infection. My recommendation is to head to the doctor. You may need some anti-biotics.

Hugs and I hope you feel better soon.

super Bobo
I've never had a migraine, so take my thoughts with a grain of whatever;
1 - drink more water
2 - limit sugar and caffeine
3 - get more rest than normal
4 - try and relax

I'll be praying for you.
High 5

The Reverend Soleil
What usually works for me is: I take a double dose of Advil's Migraine Formula, then soak my head in the hottest shower I can stand until the hot water runs out...

Big Bear
It depends on how often you get them. You need to seek medical help if you haven't before for them, because they only get more frequent and worse. They also begin to last longer.
There are many medications a doctor can give you for migraines. The most common OTC treatments are Ibuprofen, or something like Excedrin taken with caffeine.
What this does is dilate the blood vessels and cause the headache to either cease temporarily or go away completely.
Tylenol will not work.
Also, some people find relief by applying a cool mask or wash cloth to their eyes. Some use either a hot or coldpak on the back of the neck and lie down for a while in a dark room until the headache ceases.
Try to keep a diary of the headaches. Some are caused by hormones, sudden strong smells like perfume, skunk, or other strong smells. Also foods that contain nitrates such as lunch meats, hot dogs, etc. can cause migraines.
Other foods include oranges and bananas.
Your doctor can usually diagnose the problem and the cause, or you may be referred to a Neurologist who is a headache specialist.
But there is no reason to suffer with them when you can get help when simple things do not work.

Debra W
Hi dog sneeze...Ah, headaches. I'm afraid that I'm an expert. Have you been told by an MD that you are having true migraines? If so, there are a number of medications specific to migraines that can be effective. If not, here are some suggestions that sometimes work. Try to get some sleep in a cold, dark room, ya know, sleep it off. Try an ice pack to the painful area. Try alternating Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen (Tylenol) every 4-6 hours. Sometimes caffeine can keep you going during a prolonged headache, but keep in mind that the vasoconstrictive effects on blood flow to the brain may sometimes aggravate a headache. There is a something to be said for drinking lots of fluids and eating a diet high in Magnesium to treat headaches. That is why some migraine sufferers like to keep chocolate around. And, interestingly enough, there have been some studies that have made a connection between constipation and headaches. So keep up with the five fruits and veggies a day. Many migraines tend to occur on one side of the head. So maybe treatment for a sinus headache may be more effective based on your description. In that case, again, continue with Ibuprofen every 6-8 hours or Acetaminophen every 4 hours. Try a nasal Decongestant like Sudafed, maybe add a non-sedating antihistamine like Loratadine (Claritin, available over the counter) and some saline nasal spray to keep your sinuses clear. As an aside, some people develop headaches 24-48 hours prior to developing further symptoms of viral illnesses like colds. Good luck.

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