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My husband keeps getting bad chest pain that goes down his left arm is anyone familar with this?
Hi I was hoping you can give me some info My husband has been getting bad chest pain that sometimes goes down his left arm and even in his neck it statred about a year ago he would get the odd one now he gets them twice as bad and way more he also now gets out of breath when having these onsets we can't even go for long walks without him having pain and breathlessness he is only 33 I anm really concerned i finally got him to goto the dr.s and they ran a bunch of tests they called and said they want to discuss the results we go on Jan 15th I am so worried would they only want to see him if they found something or would they ask to see him even if they didn't find anything please answer me point blank honestly even if it's bad i'd rather be told point blank
Thanks so much for your help!!!

tony h
sounds like a blocked artery

Texas Pineknot
It sounds just like what my husband did. He had a blockage. Age doesn't matter with a heart attack, my husband was 40 when he had his and the Dr. said that he had been having related problems with the blockage for quite awhile. At least your husband told you about it and seen a doctor, my husband didn't ever say a word until he was having a heart attack. Please tell your husband to go ahead and do what the doctors tell him and take the meds they give him for his heart. My husband had a stint put in and has to take medications, but he hasn't slowed down a bit and he says he feels better and has more energy than he has had in years! Good luck!

He may be having heart problems. I'm sure with his symptoms that an EKG and other stress tests were run on him, especially considering his age. Maybe he has issues with acid reflux which can inflame the cartilage between the ribs and cause chest pain, arm pain, and shortness of breath. But, my advice is to stop stressing yourself out and wait to see what the doctor has to tell you. If it were deadly serious, they would have made you come in as soon as they had his results. Probably serious but hopefully not life threatening.

Sounds like angina pain, but if those tests are normal, the next possibility is a pinched nerve in his neck.

OK you want point blank ? Be prepared for the worst . And expect the best . Three years ago my husband wasn't feeling good . He went to our doctor . The doctor took a EKG of his heart . He wasn't happy with what he saw . More test followed . Not good . So he went into the hospital for a heart cauterization . This is to see if the arteries are closed up . My husband arteries were 95 percent closed . He went to open heart surgery in one day of hes test . Five arteries were replaced . He made a full recovery . Was back to work in four months . I would say to you wait and see what the doctor has to say . If he wants to see your husband it might be to run more test . Hang in there girl . If it is something with his heart they caught it . This too will pass . Good Luck and God bless ..............

Since they are not demanding to see him immediately, it must be a problem that is not immediately life threatening. However, to avoid the risk of a heart attack, I would take him to an ER the next time he has one of these chest pain attacks. The shortness of breath and radiation of pain down the left arm indicates some sort of blockage. It could be his carotid artery has some blockage and he might need surgery to open this up. IT is done quite regularly and although it carries a certain amount of risk, is much safer than not seeking treatment. At only 33, he is quite young to be having this much chest pain. How does his blood pressure run? If it is high, he should be watching that also. I would recommend he pay close attention to his bodily signals. If he feels tired, rest. If he has pain, stop whatever he is doing and rest. Avoid fatty, spicy and salty foods. Report any pain such as you have described to his doctor. This could be quite serious, but not always. Good luck to both of you.

sounds like heart trouble
more specificly a heart attack you should see a docter right away

What quackO!! did you go see? It definitely sounds like the onset of a heart attack. I wouldn't wait until Jan. 15th, get another opinion in the event damage is being done to the heart while he waits.

Sounds like a minor Heart attack or Anxiety attack. How is his blood pressure? If its high, then he has a high risk of a heart attack.

You are describing the classic signs of a heart attack. Please seek medical help immediately.

you get a CPR/AED course call the Red Cross. Buy a Medtronic CRPLus Automated External defibrillator. See Doctor for Nitro for the Pain but that will only help pain and do nothing to prevent SCA. Make shore that he did not take any Blue Peels.

It sounds like a heart condition to me. Most likely you caught it before any damage was done and there are solutions. You were smart to go to the Doctor, my husband didn`t!

Mr Smart
it could be pneumonia, or a heart problem, or something else. whatever it is, SEE A DOCTOR. even pneumonia can kill someone.

Jay S
Chest pains with arm pain sound like heart attack. Take him to the ER now.

wish I were
What you describe sounds like heart attack symptoms! I would take him to the hospital if it happens again before the 15th. Hope everything turns out ok for you both. We'll be praying for him. Let us know, OK!

misty blue

j g
chest pain can usually be any number of things but when combined with him having pain in his arm at the same time that usually has something to do with the heart. Some of the most common signs of a stroke or heart attack is chest pains with pain in the arm at the same time.

chris a
this is usually a sing of heart attack or stroke each one of these attacks is doing damage to his heart

Mike G
those are symptoms of a heart attack. he could have some of the signs that go along with the early stages of what causes heart attacks.

however, yahoo answers is the last place you should seek advice. there are many places to find health answers online. yahoo has a health section too.

It could be any number of things the best bet is to trust the Dr. they would have him in sooner if it was life threatening
He may be having mini- heart attacks but I'm not a Dr.
Is he overweight?
It might also be Stress
its amazing the effects stress can have on the body
My mom started losing mobility in her arm from stress

yes this can be the start of a stroke or a heart attack.Some blockage could be present he needs to go to the hospital.

Sounds like it is something in the heart...It could it be a heart attack....why DO YOU HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG....by then he could suffer a stroke from the stress....please get a second opinion or call the emergency room.....where do you guys live in the back woods....is this medicaid?....OMG....I feel for you...my heart goes out to you...If something happens to him i hope you will hold them responsible.

Cesar G
They would most likely only want to discuss the issue if they have found something out of the normal.. or recommend alternate methods fo treatment... Don't worry, its best to find out with people that know what to do then find out when its too late.

sounds like he has some serious health problems , mostly [HEART] he is on the verge of an heart attack , sorry you said be blunt ,

It sounds like he is at risk for heart attacks. Although much more rare in people in their 30s, it does happen.

Crystal Lynn
Hmm...arm....neck....sounds like heart problems.
My grandpa starting having neck pain, arm pain, jaw pain and back pain a couple months before he was rushed to the hospital (it started as little pains but they became much worse) with severe chest pains. He had A LOT of blockage in his heart! He was probably an hour away from having a heart attck.
Tell him to see a cardiologist just to be safe!


Wesley C
they are probably going to the balloon thing, it's probably not good.. but it's not that bad if they are waiting a few weeks to see him.

Hi, my father-in-law had similar pain and before the results could come in, he had his first heart attack. Then it was found that he had three 90% blocks and was operated twice with stents put in the blocked arteries. But then my father-in-law was 70years old and your husband is only 33. So it could just be stress or something else.

But it is amazing why the doctor should take such a long time. Whether it is life threatening or nothing at all, they cannot make you wait like this. They need to atleast tell you what it is and then discuss it in detail later if not serious. I would call the doctors office and request them to tell the results right away. Whether it is serious or not, you both need to have peace of mind.

And I would change my doctor to someone who is more sympathetic to patient needs.

Well, the symptoms you've described would suggest angina pectoris, what is commonly referred to as a "heart attack". He may have a stable angina, in which he only has pain when he exerts himself. The most likely cause is an atherosclerotic plaque. The plaque is partially blocking a coronary artery (arteries that deliver blood to the heart). Depending on the percentage blockage, he may require immediate surgery.

Of course the symptoms you've described are vague. It could be as simple as heart burn. I'd lean more toward the idea he's had a heart attack because of the recurring pain, exhaustion on physical exertion.

In the meantime, I'd say he probably should CHEW an Aspirin daily, it will prevent blood clotting and any further damage.

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