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Eric S
My girlfriend has cramps. any remedies?
My gf has terrible cramps from her period. tried rubbing her stomach and giving her motrin, but that didnt seem to work. She doesnt want to go on birth control to make them less painful. I even tried running her a hot bath...Is there anything else i could do for her? I hate seeing her like this.

Give her some wine or alcohol. it will relax her and get her to sleep.

Works for me.

midol, i couldnt live without it

and or

amanda marie
midol, heating pad and exercise helps relieve cramps also if shes up to it. your a good boyfriend.

from any good indian store buy DASHMULARISHTA and give her for 1 months, 2 SPOONS A DAY.


aww your a sweetie! Idk though sorry i like that your so concerned.

awww, youre so sweet
i like you

midol..pamprin..heating pad.

Leah M
Aww youre a sweet bf, Midol works wonders, sit ups help stretch the stomach mussle and make them less painful as well. Good luck.

Have her eat bananas and take Midol. Midol truly does it all! It works o good. Dont have her take Motrin or Tylenol cause they dont help.

Hope she feels better!

try drinking warm rasberry or gree tea or coffee if she doesnt like tea or she could try a heating pad.
hope i helped :D

She should try and move around, even if it's just walking around the room. A hot water bottle or heating pad held over her pelvis should also help with the pain. Even if the Midol didn't seem to help I'd take another dose when the bottle recommends too.

If her cramps are painful to the point of being debilitating, which it sounds like they are, she should see her doctor or OB/GYN. They can check to make sure it's just normal cramps and not something more serious and give pain management tips.

polite one
Midol will work to relieve the pain BUT it also makes the period last longer because it relaxes the muscles that have to contract.... well, I won't get into that. The best thing for cramps is a heating pad. They even sell little hot pack patches... ThermaCare I think, in a red box. A woman can stick one to the inside of her underwear and wear it next to her tummy all day... the heat lasts about eight hours and it's so relaxing. A hot bath, especially with epsom salt and maybe lavendar or something else soothing will also relieve pain, but it will also "pause" the period... won't get into that either.

EDIT: Oh, also, no soda and very little sugar or salt. She should drink 100% fruit juice, especially grape or Cranberry.

Elizabeth B
When i have them i drink water for some reason if you dont drink enough water while on your period you cramp way worse, other than that i have no other answers...sorry

first of all ................AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
that's so sweet

things to do:
1.put a hot rag over her lower stomach
2.make sure she doesn't eat sweets mostly chocolate and that will be hard because women crave chocolate on there periods especially
3.make sure there is silence

heating pads.

Your a great bf!

I get the same cramps, really bad ones every month. My hubby makes me some hot tea, Chamomile is the best with a little honey or sugar.

Buy an electric hot pillow, or you could just fill a plastic bottle with hot water, put it on her belly. Carefully massaging her belly with the bottle, don't push too hard.

Get her some good socks, since being cold makes the cramps worse.

Buy some Midol, its all that you can do... Thanks for being a sweet guy!

buy her midol! it's a blessing.

Awww. How cute! That's exactly how I answered my previous answer.

If they are reall bad, just leave her alone for a day or two. Sometimes they are soooo bad that all the medicine, hot baths, and babying in the world won't help. Trust me. She'll figure out what to do on her own. We women always do!!!!!!! Ha ha ha!!!!!

midol!!! girft from god!.. and if its that bad use a heating pad or a hot water bottle.

yeah meds, i used to be sooo anti them, but i took them once and omg the pain was gone in half an hr! but i don't want to use them all the time still. ask her doctor (or have her) they'll know whats the best meds for her besides birth control

fill a hot water bottle with COLD water it works wonders.Hot baths wont help cold helps this type of pain even place another bottle in the small of her back.

MIDOL extra strenth,, over the counter

eating banna's helps sometimes i kno that sounds stupid but yea it helps a lil bit. also i kno it hurts like hell but getting exercise like running will keep the pain away a bit but it hurts at first.

ibuprofen works miracles!!! it was my first tim having really bad cramps,(and i mean like really bad). it felt like Zeus was throwing down bolts of lighting and they were striking my stomach and spreading throughout my whole body. My nanny gave me 2 Ibuprofen and in like 15min. it felt like nothing had even happened. i was actually jumping up and down because I was so happy. it works amazingly. hope this has helped!

BeauTifully DeZined
a bath will only make it worse because the cramping is from her body trying to release the blood and any clots she may have and sitting in water will hinder the process...the best thing is to apply a warm compress to her abdomen where she feels the cramps...if she used tampons, tell her to lay off of them and use pads, it will make the process of releasing the blood easier and therefor less painful..Motrin never works for me...i have to use Aleve...it always makes the pain a little more bearable

cheerbabe <3
*****BANNAS ARE MAGICAL!!!!!! I SWEAR TO IT!****** and ibupropain. u sound sweet. keep helping her bro

heating pad and alleve. she is lucky to have such a caring boyfriend.

warm compress is usually pretty good...

you might want to get her some midol too...

On behalf of all ladies....thanks for taking care of her!

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