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My boyfriend has a bad back ache, what are the best ways to releive the pain?


better leve him alone lol

Lax K

Mike B
Depends what he has done, if it is muscular

The easiest way to massage the lower back, is for him to lay on the floor, on his stomach, then you sit on his lower back with legs either side of him facing forward, looking toward his head, then slowly rock backwards and forwards. Massage his shoulders with your hands at the same time.

I get a lot of lower back pain, my partner does this and it really works.

Try not to sit or stand in the same position too long. Bad backs are actually WORSE if rested in most cases. Try using a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel on the area, and use cushions to get him comfy but make sure he shifts position often even though it may be uncomfortable. It is difficult to advise as I dont know the nature of the injury, and am not a doctor, but I would say using a hot water bottle or having a warm bath and taking anti-inflammatory meds would be the best solution.

depending on what caused it--he may need a doctor. If not, soft massage, soft music, and I think you know what else he may like...best suggestion is to ASK HIM.

a long hot bath good massage and a hot water bottle

kAyLa S(306 Ya DiG)Hollachaguh
what helps me alot because i get migraines all the time is getting a cold washcloth covering my face with it and laying down where theres no noise for about 30 minutes then take Tylenol extra strength

Motrin, Tylenol, putting a board under his mattress, sleeping on the floor. And there's this fantastic Pain Relieving gel that I use called BIOFREEZE. www.biofreeze.com. It's temporary relief, but it works great!

No fun having back pain. Normally lasts about a week, but of course, that varies person to person. He could possibly have a slip disc or a herniated disk both of which can be easily checked by a doctor.

Hope he feels better soon!

Try heat on the affected area - such as Ralgex heat patches, or a hot water bottle, or a massage. Visit your Dr and ask to be referred to a physio, or see one privately. Also keep good posture as bad posture puts pressure on your back and makes it ache. Exercises such as yoga and Gentle stretches may also help relieve the pain long-term.

Dr Reem
Yoga or a few stretching exercises would do the trick. Sleep on the floor without any cushioning. No mattress. That helps.
IF he's into weight lifting or something, ask him to rest for a few days. IF pulling on something or the other triggered it, it would cure in a few days.
Try hot bottle or warm compresses. Massages might help as well. Last of all take an OTC pain killer.

when i had bad back ache i went to go see a physiotheripist, she found out what was wrong, and gave me some simple exercises to do small and simple like bending over trying to touch ur toes going side to side if he does some exercise (if it isnt anythng more series like a slipped disk in his back bone) about any time he can really most likely in the morning after he gets up and may be during the day when he has 5 mins to spare, pain killers dont tend to work well they help cover the pain but by the time the tablets finished working the pains back all the tablet does it cover it up usually any way, but if if he is in really bad pain i suggest u get him to the hospital,

Sometimes a heat pad can be helpful to releive pain but not fully. Acupuncture is also supposed to help back aches.

hot bath tub(soak).Motrin,or a massage therapist, it's usually around $65 per hour.

espon salt with a hot bath

Go to Lloyds pharmacy and get a good deal on a tens machine. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen and get an appointment with a good chiropracter who will see him ok or doctor if it continues!


Go see a physician,

Naturally, the best thing to do is determine when he started having this problem, how long has he had this problem, has he ever injuried his back or just fallen hard, strained to hard to lift something and where exactly is this pain located. But I would suggest he play it safe and go see a bone and joint specialist, an orthopedic specialist or his primary care physician. Do not mess with someones back with massages or OTC meds incase it is something serious. It could lead to long term or permanent damage. Good Luck

Well, I recommend TLC, Ibuprofen, and a visit to the chiropracter.

Good Luck,

T.L.C. with 2 anadin

Give him a painkiller and then heat a towel in the microwave and have him sit back against it as he watches television. Or he can run hot water over his back in the shower. Heat is the key, believe me, I know, I've had back pain and this really works. Try it.

um if he is ok with it...crack his back 50% of time it gives instant relief...have him lay down on his tummy you stradle him and him to take a deep breath as he is exhaling push between the shoulder blades...hope it helps

bufferin or other pain reducer, hot bath in jacuzzi, lay down- stay off it for a while. give him a massage where it hurts. maybe try IcyHot or one of those warming pads that stick to your back for a few hours.

go to a chiropractor or massage therapist if it doesnt get better.

flower power
rub Deep Heat cream into it...its lovely - the heat burns through & relaxes the muscles!

Penny D
A combination of heat and cold should provide some relief. Use a combination of heating pad and ice packs. OTC pain relievers such as Motrin, Alieve, Advil can be beneficial for temporary relief of 4-6 hours. However if the pain lasts more than 2-3 days you really want in to get to the source of the pain with the advice of a doctor. Also, in the meantime, he may want to try a warm tub bath with Epsom salts which are known for there ability to relieve muscle aches/soreness temporally. I hope you find this of some help.

Ice pack

Lots of love and a bit of massage.

slap him round the face.. that will take his mind off his back.... sorry im in a witty mood... try alternate hot and cold packs on the area...( hot water bottle... pack of cold peas) good luck.. thats a horrible feeling

princess 93
warm bath and back massage !!

Del boy
A massage.

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