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My 13 y/o has terrible menstrual cramps - she cannot take Motrin or any other NSAIDS, any ideas on relief?

christina h
i know this might sound horrible and I might sound like a terrible person but my mom in law gave me this quick cure all cramps advice and its free. WORK make her do chores. I didnt think it would work either but after I have my tubal my cramps were horrible and I would get on my hands and knees and scrub the grout once a month and it works. Getting a 13 yr old to do that is a whole different problem though. LOL

A hot bath may help. I would be calling her pediatrician

As many others have said, I recommend a heating pad or even a hot water bottle.

scarlet rose
When I had them, I would put a heating pad on my stomach and it would work wonders.

I'd try having her start to use birth control pills. My g/f is on them, and really doesnt bleed a whole lot, and had only slight menstrual cramps.

For your daughter I would use those micowave hot packs and place them on her stomach. Also make sure she stays active. Try walking around outside. Sitting will only make it worse.

The things I did when I was her age was the heating pad. When I got a bit older and they got worse, I was put on birth control which was a god send! Now I just use the heating pad that has a massage feature built into it. And that feels quite good and relieves the cramps. The birth control does help. When I went off of birth control, I didn't have bad cramps again. The heating paid and Tylenol worked best.

Yes. I suggest cutting out virtually all junk food and start eating lots of veggies and natural foods. (Especially in the few days leading up to her period.) Have her drink lots of water and take vitamins, too. If this works as well for her as it did for me, then she should have almost no cramps.

can she take pamprin? also using a small heating pad right over her lower abdomen and having her lie down with her legs slightly elevated

i have the same problem my doctor told me to take birth control but that messes up the hormones so try lying on a heating pad it always works for me

Dark Angel
Try a hot pad and lots of rest. Certain foods can make it worse- caffeine, sugar, and milk. Keep the foods easy on the stomach, because she may develop nausea.

the pill.

take her to the Dr....she needs more than over the counter stuff....(give her a heating pad to put on her pelvis till you can get her to the Dr.)

Miss Leading
My best friend had such bad cramps she had to be hospitalized. She went to a doctor to get prescription muscle relaxers (Soma) for that time of the month.

Buy a hot water bottle and have her put it on her lower abdomen. Try that, it has worked for many people. Or, if there is any type of pain relief medication she can have, have her take it AS SOON as she comes on, that usually PREVENTS cramps from starting.

I've heard that if you take Tylenol with Cinnamon tea (hot), that it'll help. But try a heating pad too!:)

Heating pads on the stomach or back. They make the ones that will stick to your under-ware. So you can where them for 8 hrs. They work. I hope she feels better.

chamomile tea, eat loads of bananas, raisens, and oatmeal
also heating pads in the strategic area..
also a stretch that helps, is to face a wall, feet together pointing to wall, move back a foots space, then placing hands outstretched against wall, slowly move your pelvis towards wall (like doing pushups against the wall), hold the pelvis towards wall to count of ten, then move back out.. this helps me alot..

Lesa S
a good old fashioned heating pad works sometimes but it's not very convenient. If they are severe enough that Tylenol doesn't help you might want to take her to a gynecologist to discuss options for treating them.

I would contact your nearby health food store or a naturopath for some advice. I cannot remember what is recommended for cramps, so sorry.

I just bought a product but I don't have the name of it in front of me. However, it is pure Peppermint powder (with Dextrose added as a sweetner) and the brochure claims that it helps relieve menstrual pain. Sorry it's so general. Just ask about it at a health food store. Hope this helps.

Jessica Lynn!
put her on the birth control patch

She needs to be seen by a dr (preferably a gynecologist if possible) to evaluate this situation further to see what they think is causing this pain for her. In the mean time you can have her try a heating pad or hot water bottle to see if that helps some of the pain.

As everyone is saying, try a heating pad or warm bath and a Tylenol. If all else fails and you happen to have some Tylenol3 or other prescription pain meds give her a fourth or even a half of one to help her until you can get her to a doc. Don't let the child suffer, cramps hurt like hell and I wouldn't normally say give a kid drugs but you are her mother and you are there to monitor what she is taking. Best of luck to her! Feel free to e-mail me if you have any other ?'s, I've worked in a pharmacy for years.

P.S. try some hot tea or Cocoa too ;o)

I went through that when I was 13, I already had previous stomache issues too. Birth control did help them, but some may not want to choose that. Have you tried one of those portable/disposable heat packs for mucsle cramps. They work for 12-18 hours and she can wear them under her clothes and no one will no. I use them for my back too. Other than Midol and heat not really sure of other over the counters. I hear light exercise helps, but who wants to walk with cramps? Water can help them, takes the pressure off. She can try bubble baths to help her relax too. If she uses tampons she can try swimming. Good luck, she is lucky to have you care, my mom felt for my misery too.

Knock N
Eat something high in protein such as peanuts or Soy.

vikedin. I'm not sure of the spelling but my daughter cant take those NSAIDS either because of her kidneys and she took one of her pain pills called vikedin you can even cut one in half for her and she will be fine. also you can ask your doctor because you cant get it without a prescription. but it works. pretty good for period cramps.

Try a heating pad (or if you don't have one a hairdryer would work on a low heat setting)

Maureen F
Birth control would help and also no caffeine and hot baths.

Have her take a hot bath, this works wonders! Also, using a heating pad on her stomach (or those Thermacare heat wraps that you can use on the go) Also, exercising, although that is probably the last thing she feels like doing, will help a lot! I don't know why, but that is what I have always heard and it does work! Hope she feels better soon!

Birth control pills can offer significant relief to women with painful menstrual cramps. They also reduce the amount of blood flow during the period. Less blood loss is helpful in preventing anemia.

If you don't want to do that, you can try ThermaCare Heat pads.

Also have her stay away from carbonated drinks and caffeine.

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