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Life Is Terrible?
Who feels like they have just hit the bottom of hell?

Dirk D.
Boo hoo, nobody cares.

its christmas time and i think that you should be thankful for everything thats good in your llife. just think that people have it much worse.

Sometimes I feel like that too, but not today: tomorrow's Christmas, a holiday when we have to be cheerful and try to forget all the bad, and try to concentrate on the good things! :)

Its Christmas time and I have nothing to be depressed about.
I really don't think anyone does.
Perk up!

hope i helped.


Not me! It's christmas get into the spirit of things! I suggest listening to christmas music and spending time with family.It sounds like you need a cheering up!

get over your self life is what you make it. i guess you want to live a terrible life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kevin c
i was there not too long ago..... freinds some strangers at the time and my faith in jesus got me thru....hang in there and never stop beleiving......

this like the third time I've answered this question. I DO!! i hate being lonely and depressed if it were not for my faith and trust in god i would have already had a 45 slug in my skull. life moves awfully fast I'm 42 and just last week i was getting my drivers license. remember TRUST in the lord. take a time out and really think about your mortality. there's got to be a better place than this.

not me i have JESUS

jinx the frog.
i never do but it depends what has happened to u
a list of advice
1.ur boyfriend has dumped you - get over him, he was a loser anyway and there are more guys that deserve you
2. a family member has died - im sorry, take all the time you need to mourn
3. ur bankrupt - GET A JOB!!!!
4. ur pet has died - goldfish? get over it dog? poor you
5. all of these things - you have every right to go nuts go to a stripper club and drink the night away

I felt like that when my "friend" made me CRY in summer school. But know it's Christmas time so now I don't!=)

♪♥♫◦°°◦ Ann°°◦♫♥♪
life is what you want it to be. If u wanna see the positive aspects in life, or the negative ones. If more negative overcome the positive, then yes, id say life is terrible. But i dont think rite now its the bottom of anything, if it was, then it would b the beginning of a whole series of good things waiting to happen, so just let time do its thing, and you'll find out.

my life is always full of ups and downs, juss like a roller coaster, but really, i try to overcome it. I cant wait to c wats around the corner. Its all for the best. . . ..

Merry Christmas!!

I love Christmas. Im sorry youre not having a good day. :(

Nope, sorry..

you know that saying, "when it rains, it pours", well that seems to be my motto from time to time... we all feel like this from one time to another... some of us, more often than others... thing is if you have actually hit it or feel that you have, then just remember they only place to go from the bottom is up... chin up, reach for the stars, and remember there are those who don't have even as much as you...

nope i have a great life

life is enjoyable fun able ,movable,creatable,but never terrible

I don't. Bless God for every moment of your life. Don't forget you're prayers.

Pyrat Rum
Life is wonderful. Wait till you come out of the pits of hell.
Just do yourself a favor and stop digging if you hit rock bottom.
You're not Britany Spears are you?

a little

I'm living in hell! i have a drunk husband that is verbal abusive. and i don't know how to get him to leave. i ask him just to leave me alone and leave. he wont do it. what do i do.

Life may seem terrible because of depression from one, or some, of life's experience. Hey, cheer up, better times are ahead!

Look at it this way: life is the only guarantee you have for happiness, so get on with your life and the probability of you finding happiness is very good.

I have felt like that in the past, but now at 45 I can see my life getting better and better. We all at one point feel like we have hit the bottom of hell, but if we don't despair life will turn around and bring us back to earth.
That's my experience.

Are you like me? Hate this time of year?

Just weather out the low spots, things always get better. Life never stays at rock bottom or at the top either.

Some winter depression can be helped a little with full-Spectrum lighting. Get some grow-lights at the store and put them where you spend the most time when awake. It has to do with the quality of light that hits the eye. Strange but a real thing.

That is terrible!! Im sorry your life is so turned upside down....tomorrow is another day...things do get better. Sorry for your pain...blessings!

That's me.

Elle J Morgan
I know how you feel, ignore idiots who say cheer up,
They probably don't know the meaning of hell
Lucky them I say
Do you want to talk honey ??

NETTY.<3 [:
life is not what is terrible.
its the problems and people around you.
if life was terrible you probably wouldn't even be alive.

you have Jesus Christ and you should be happy at a moment like this.

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