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Is there anything i should do BEFORE i get my tongue peirced?
I know what do do for the aftercare, but is there anything I need to do before I go? I know a really good place to go. I just don't want to drive all the way there to be told I need to do something before I can get it done. So is there any like before care that i need to do before i get the peircing? please and thanks for your help.

Shana B
Yeah - rethink it! Don't get your tongue pierced, it's so predictable and "teen rebellion"-esque.

My brother had his tongue pierced and it swelled up to the point where it almost occluded his airway, and he nearly chipped a tooth on the metal ball a dozen times, and it was gross and skanky. And this was 15 years ago.

After all that pain and money and effort, he had to take it out.

bring your ID. Bring a parent if you are under a certain age, depending on where you live. If you are a straw user, make sure you get much use out of em before you go, because for awhile after you won't be able to =)
Oh, and I am sure the person who is doing the piercing would appreciate it if you brush your teeth and use Mouthwash before you go!
good Luck... Enjoy... and make sure to keep an eye on it so not to get infected. Buy lots of Mouthwash to use afterwards too!

a girl on my cheerleading team has that, it is really gross!

sarah jane
Stay home, don't do it.

Adam the return

ya, don't get it done!

but do get your nose pierced, so the farmer can chain you to the fence.

Obviously not in need of a lobotomy...nothing to take out.
- The Gremlin Guy -

Just make sure that is what you really want to do, because from what my friends say it can be a bit uncomfortable afterwards. Also, my one friend said that she couldn't eat spicy food for awhile so if you are craving something spicy eat it before you pierce your tongue

What to do?
Get your head examined first! I have known 3 people, including my son, that got it done, and NONE of them kept it for long. Too hard to eat (food), talk funny, and serious nerve damage possible. Bad joss!!

Dont get pierced its ruins you teeth & tongue plus its stupid take my advice

Think again?

makeout with someone so you can compare

dont get it u could get a really bad disease

slap youself for being so dumb. Sorry but the tongue piercing is very unattractive and everytime I see someone with that I think they are trashy and disgusting. It's very low class. Don't give that perception of yourself to others. People will judge you despite what you think. Everyone knows what they say about people with tongue piercings, you know what they like to do. Do you really want others to think of you like that?

Sorry if you don't like what I said but It's just my opinion. I don't know your age but if you are a teen I'd strongly advise you against it. It will just make you seem trashy

Yeah, think of my relative that got her tongue cut out completely when it became diseased! Infections are much more common than you ever hear about. Just don't do it.

Use your brains and find out the downside, talk to lots of people who have had it done and ask what problems it has caused them.

Apparently LJ just doesn't know what they were talking about...There is NO surgery involved in removal of tongue rings...you just unscrew them and remove, then let your tongue heal back if your not going to keep the ring. I Have 1 myself and have had it for 4 yrs now, BUT I took 2 yrs to consider it before I actually had it done & I made sure the place was reputable..Silver Safari, is where I had mine done. Pain, (not as bad as most people tell you...AND they have numbing spray for your tongue B 4 they pierce it.) Unattractive?...(What ever). Ruins your teetth ( it can if you play with it too much i.e....clicking it on your teeth, too long lengthwise that you accidentally bite on it while talking or eating or you normally grind your teath while you sleep.)
Nerve Damage?.....(Possible. If you have an experienced piercer you shouldn't have to worry too much.) Talking funny?....(Usually ONLY while your tongue is still swollen, although you may have to learn to speak w/ a new object in your mouth, that you weren't born with.) Difficulty eating?....Yes,...(noodles, spagetti o's, etc...some things just seem to hang onto a toungue ring, and getting used to the fact that everytime you swallow (food, drink or just swallowing...not everything in your mouth will be swallowed, hopefully not the ring, but sometimes the ring may come loose and be swallowed, (possibility of your digestive tract being torn from the metal bar (usually titanium)-(especially the original piercing bar bell as one end is very pointed).
Make sure that you have had decent (not large) meal and have brushed your teeth AND tongue WELL.
And if you are under 18...don't do it yet...it may seem cool among your friends, but then...what do they REALLY know since they aren't even mature adults yet themselves......its NOT about COOL...it's about a PERSONAL CHOICE, that is well within your right to do AS AN ADULT. This is NOT your everyday ear, nose, naval, or lip piercing...This is a MAJOR part of your body that you use to talk, and eat with..and will be seen EVERYTIME you speak, yawn, laugh, cry, brush your teeth, etc.....Do you REALLY want people to be looking in @ the ring everytime you open your mouth (just cause it's decorated), or do you want them to pay attention to what you are ACTUALLY saying when you speak? Good luck.

susie h
Everyone I know who has pierced their tongues have been really sorry. They have ended up spending hundreds of pounds with their dentist because they have chipped their teeth. I wouldn't do it


brush your teeth,use a good mouth wash to kill any germs and pray it doesn't hurt like hell.

no. they have Mouthwash to rinse with before you do it. Usually Listerine. May take a small travel sized bottle with you. Just keep your mouth very sanitary after, you know that of course. Good luck.

Information Police
Get your head examined.

Yes!! Not do it. Tongue piercings are the cause of infection and BROKEN teeth..but after hearing all this..if you still want to go through that, go for it. Just an FYI..I have seen many many patients with infected tongues and more so LOTS of broken teeth. Especially ones that get the "barbell" piercing.
Good luck to you.

Michael P
no, make sure you are of age and if not have a guardian if they are a legit place.... it doesnt hurt that bad though... good luck

There isn't anything to do before..

small fish
find something more sensible to do with your time and money .

Call the place and ask them. They'll tell you for sure.
Also, stock up on pop cycles and ice cubes....... you'll need them.

dont get your tounge pierced.
its unattractive and you have to have surgry to remove

Nikki S
dont get it pierced it ruins your teeth.


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