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i have a sore throat, i think it might be my sinuses or allergies.
should i try gargling with warm salt water?
hellppp pleaseee!
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carlos w
Is suicide painful and if so how long does it last?

honestly thats a stupid question because you have to ask a person who commited suicide and that means that they would be dead so no one will respon their feelings to that. common sense dude!

Colleen Kelleher
Until you die. Nobody know's if they have already commited suicide but if you shoot yourself in the head you die right away! DONT COMMIT SUICIDE!!!

strawberries n
um duh it it hurts like a lot!!! hope ur not thinkin bout commiting suicide is not worth it!!! if your joking to gut a reaction from people then stop its not funny one of my close friends attempted it and failed thank GOD!!! so dont b jokin

Well it depends on the kind of suicide. Wrists cutting, bridge jumping... but if you are thinking about it, don't! Please, this feeling of suicide isn't real, you can find help. And if you can afford a computer, your life can't be all that bad. There is so much out there for you, and do you really want to be remembered as "the guy who killed himself.' You'll be hurting a lot of people. Please, don't do it.

If you were just just curious and are not suicidal, disregard all of that.

Suicide is painful and it can last for years. People who commit suicide often suffer for years and years with some type of mental disorder before they commit the act. The act itself is nothing compared to the years of suffering that came before hand. The act of suicide is more of an escape from the pain they are suffering, so I would say it is not very painful at all. : )

Well, that really depends on how you do it. Generally, it envolves using evasive and destructive means, and this process includes your body signaling you're in danger ("pain"). So yes, it's painful, but since there are different ways, the pain changes accordingly.

I wouldn't recommend it... :)

Its a stupid thing to do I can tell you that much, its selfish and cowardly. My husband has had two brothers kill themselves with out thinking of how it tears the family apart and that their children have to grow up with out fathers now, If you are contemplating it please get some professional help there are always other options.

You are looking for a perminant solution to a TEMPORY SITUATION

Jammin EMmm
well i dont think anyone will know the answer to that one
wait maybe ask someone who commited suicide
oh wait, they cant answer either.

theres lots of ways to suiside and are all different form slow deaths to quick.

not sure why you are asking this but every way of dying will either be quick or slow and painful if taking about suiside.

not saying you should do it if you are asking this because you are wanting to try it for attenion but all depends on what is done

Dirk von Pelvis
about 4 minutes. If one were to use pins or nails, it could be painful

Well it was a little painful but then I took a couple asprins and called my doctor in the morning!

Amanda S
You know what? You have a problem seriously. Suicide is no joke. My brother took his life three years ago. What the hell do you think?

If this is a serious question, which I doubt then I highly recommend you call a crisis counselor and get some help immediately. Suicide not only takes you out, but it hurts your family members forever.

lauren b
i dont know cause ive never tried it but i know some people that have and they said it hurt and it lasts a couple of days thats why ive never tryed it

John G
im sure this would be a joke or cry for help considering anyone who has truely done such a thing is dead!! but i would say if you wanna go man, you better think that someday you will grow and want to be alive to see something or experience something.. think of all the pain it will cause people around you and i must say it is a long term solution for a short term problem.. but if you gotta go dont use a train.. use a shotgun..it will be quick

Of course it will be pain full and why do you want to commit suicide.

Jordan M aka Green Day Gurl
hey i tried that dont go there it only leads to more pain heartace and depression and it lasts 4 ever

Knock yourself out on the edge of a bridge, you will drown and never even notice.

it depends on which kind of suicide it is.

I think that you had better ask a suicide victim.

mrs. nighs
Dont do it . It is the most selfish thing you can do to your family and friends unless you honestly just want to hurt them

I can't really say, because I've, of course, never committed suicide. But I would guess that poisoning could be very painful. How long would it last??? Don't know. I do know that suicide is for eternity.
I hope your not thinking of killing yourself. If you are, please talk to someone first and try to get some help.

yes, why? are you planning to do it? it's painful, not to you, but maybe to alot of other people. you will feel pain till your dead(which will be like seconds dependind how you do it) and others will feel it till their death which will be till they die. others commit suicide because of the people that do it. so whoever is doing it think more than twice

Sabrina L
Sounds like it would be a good idea for you to call a hotline just to make sure you are doing ok.

It's very painful and lasts a long time to those who are still around after the fact. Suicide is never the answer. Please get help by calling someone. 1-800-SUICIDE is one hotline you can try. Keep asking for help until you get it.

Moxie Crimefighter
The pain that suicide causes the survivors never ends!

Depends on how it's done. It does bring on many changes, and I can take or leave it if I choose.

Lol, nebody that has successfully committed suicide probably isnt going to be able to tell you.

Justin S
yes it is very painful. I have performed it on myself and others many many times.

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