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Candy Girl
Is she going to die?
hey guys.i was woken up by my dad this mornin,he was crying and he told me they called an ambulance for my sister.she had been in bed or the last 3 days throwing up and stuff and my parents had called a doctor this morning and he suggested to call an ambulance;so they called.They took her in the ambulance about 20minutes ago.they say she might have appendicitus..can you die from this?she seemed in a lot of pain,what could happen now?i need answers =( I'm home alone and scared

Don't be scared! She won't die! Of course she might need to get an inflammed abdominal appendix removed by doctors. Then she will be fine. While you are waiting, you can google the word "appendicitis" and look for scientific sites. Best wishes! ...and relax!

no, she won't die! through the help of surgeons, she still can survive

no she is not going to die. this is a very standard procedure, especially if the doctors in the US are doing it. The doctors will take care of her. Don't worry she SHOULD be fine. If she doesn't make it, please don't blame me. :) Thanks and good luck.

Being in pain with appendicitis is a good thing,it means the appendix hasnt burst.Its when the pain goes away and they havent operated yet that is the worry.If the appendix bursts,the impending infection to other organs can cause a lot of damage.Your sister will be fine,appendicitis is very common.I know lots of people who have had it and not one of them have had complications.The fact that your sister was taken right away in an ambulance is good. She'll have her appendix taken out and everything will be fine.

if you can its a very small chance. there are alot fo people who get appendicitus. im suprised no one stay with you or took you with, though. they should call you soon, just calm down and distract yourself.

people used to die from it yes. now with modern medicine and surgery the likelihood of that happening is rare, in the 14 years i have been a nurse i have prolly only seen 3 deaths from appendix problems

Every thing i going to be ok. She won't die but she is in pain.

most Liky she wont but she will have to be in the hospital for a while and they will have to remove her appendices

She can die if she didn't go to the hospital fast enough. She probably got there in time thought so it should be okay. I think you can die if it busts. My cousin waited so long to go when she had appendicitis that her appendix busted and she still survived. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I really think she'll be fine.

I know so many people who have had it, even some who have had it rupture. As long as she has been taken to the hospital she will be just fine. It can be fatal, but that is only if left untreated. It's an extremely painful ordeal and I am sorry that she has to go through it, but just keep her company so she knows she has you, she will get through it.

I like snow
poor thing! Don't worry too much. If she hasn't been sick for that long I'm sure it'll be pretty routine. Besides, my uncle had appendicitis and he didn't go to the hospital for so long that his appendix was quite enlarged, and he was just fine. Lot's of people get it, I'm sure your sister will be fine. She is throwing up because she has a high fever. I'm sorry your alone. It'll be okay. I'll pray for her:)

Don't worry, they're probably going to just remove her appendix. It's actually a very common surgery. I wish her the best of luck =) She'll be okay

Kay G
She could die, but if it hasn't ruptured - she will be out of the hospital fast. if it burst, she could have an infection in her abdomen - different organs could fail - depends on how much poison is in her system. they won't know until she has surgery. sorry. I will pray for her.

Yes one can die if not treated as soon as possible. That's what helps stop the poison in ones body. Or she good have just eaten something bad and that's just her system kicking it out. In any case, the hospital was a good idea. I don't know if I would have waited three days. Hope she is better and I'll keep you in my prayers.

[email protected]
Not likely - at all!!!! Even if the appendix bursts, they can usually prevent serious illness these days. Try to relax and stay by the phone. You should be getting good news in about about 2 hrs or so, IF this is appendicitis :)

Is there a family member who can come and sit with you? Rest assured your sister is in the best place and receiving the best treatment. If it is her appendix, they will remove it - the surgery is very common with good recovery. Don't be scared, she will be ok. I wish her the best.

Right now the thought is that appendicitis is to blame. You can take comfort in knowing that she's being attended to properly and that everything will be done to get her better. This is what you can focus on and trust in.

I know that something like this can be scary, I had many ER visits as a child and no matter how much my older sister and I fought, every time I was carted off to the hospital, she'd have the same worried look; I always felt I needed to be a little stronger so she'd feel better.

If you can, call your dad in a while (let things at the hospital calm down first - don't add to the stress) or, better yet, text him and ask him to call you as soon as he has any news or updates about your sister. This is what you *can* do and *not* focusing on what you can't do will make you feel more enabled and that will ease the fear and confusion you're handling right now.

If you need more talk time and support, or would just like to ask others to pray for your sister, see the website below.

Best wishes of hope and luck to you and yours.

Pain in the Neck
Very unlikely. It has been known to happen rarely , but it depends on if it ruptured, and for how long. If it did, that doesn't mean she will die, they will take it out and clean things up inside, and put her on heavy duty antibiotics and keep her in the hospital for a few days. It may not even be appendicitis, so try not to worry too much, she is in good hands

She will be fine (:

But if you want infomation on it go on this link

Have a nice christmas

she will be fine dont worry!!

dont warry candy have faith in god dont scare. its experience of life. i am also pray to god for your sister.be calm & take care of your mother & dad.now god will take care of it.
[email protected]

kanak g
faith in god and pray for her. dont take any kind of tension , nothing will happen. even i pray for her

I'm sure your sister will be fine. Highly unlikey she will die from this,probably have surgery to remove the appendix followed by a short hospital stay. Pray for her as I will too.

i don't think you can die from it, there is alot of really good medication and anti-biotic out there. I'm sure she will be OK. when throwing up you feel alot worse..i hope she gets better very soon! Good Luck and Merry Christmas

As long as the ambulance came, they might be able to save her appendix before it ruptures. The only time appendicitis will kill you is if the appendix ruptures. When the apendix ruptures, infection can spread throughout the body and the infection is usually fatal. A ruptured appendix can cause gangrene. There are a few complications to appendicitis such as a blockage in the intestine, rupture, gangrene, and septic. Septic is when the infection enters the blood and that is life-threatening. Be glad she's going to the hospital. I've had similar symptoms of appendicitis and I just ignored it and I'm fine right now. It probably wasn't appendicitis.

You shouldn't worry. Most likely she will be fine. As long as they catch this before her appendix bursts, it's a relatively simple operation to take it out (she doesn't need it at all and won't miss it). It is very painful but after the operation she'll feel better and get better quite quickly. Your parents will probably call soon to let you know it's okay, but your sister may be having surgery right now (and that's good).

You can die from this, but sincs she is on the way to the hospital and still alert and awake she should be OK. THey will probably have to do an operation and remove her appendix and she will be fine. Usually come home after 2 days if the operation is laproscopic ( three small holes) as opposed to one large incision.

Appendicitis can be fatal if it is not treated but your sister is now on her way to hospital and is in the hands of experts so I am sure she will be fine. Its a common condition and doctors are used to dealing with it so don't worry too much. She'll soon be back home with you.

Don't worry. People don't die from appendicitis. It's scary and hurts a lot, but once treated, recovery is pretty smooth. I recommend going to http://www.webmd.com/ for more.

No, I am in healthcare and I can tell you with autority that she is not going to die. Just pray and believe in God

I'm sure she'll be alright :)

There's a chance of dying from this if you let it go untreated, but since she's at the hospital right now she'll most likely be okay! They'll probably put her on an IV, give her some antibiotics, and keep her from eating for a couple hours, and then they'll probably have to get her appendix removed. This surgery usually won't take more than half an hour and chances are she'll recover quickly and be feeling back to normal within no time!


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