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In a lot of pain after being beat up?!?
My boyfriend shoved me around today around noon, and i had to work at 2 (so I worked all day after this... maybe im just extra sore from work?). My entire neck (front, back, both sides, up to my fricken skull) hurst so bad I can hardly turn my head... but whats really hurting is my lower back. Its covered in bruises and I am in so much pain that its actually making me physically ill. I have never been sick from pain before, and its driving me crazy. I think maybe I should go to the doc, because it just feels like something isnt right? Like, its more than just sore muscles? Also, are your kidneys located in your lower back? (I remember from high school, kids always said hitting of the lower back causes kidney problems...?) I just dont know what to do... is there anything I can do for pain releif right now? Im soo tired and stressed from the day and I really need to sleep but the pain in my body wont let me get comfortable or sleep.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
Additional Details
you are useless tit. you are the kind who is a disgrace to men everywhere and i feel sorry for your mother.

‚ô•-._Surfer Girl_.-‚ô•
1st of all, dump that pathetic, low-life boyfriend!!!
now ring a few friends and organise to go out and have fun with the girls and flirt with as many boys as possible, drink some alcohol because that can get rid of pain and stress (just dont make it a drinking habit) and right now take some Aspirin to relieve the pain for now and catch up on some sleep.
Dont put up with your boyfriends ****, he has no right to do that, and you should really think about finding a real man!

good luck hun xxx

If you have bruising there, or a lot of pain period, you NEED to seek medical attenion. Yes your kidneys are thereish and yes you need to get them looked at. It could be just muscle bruising but even when the muscles are bruised a lot it can sometimes create too many things for the body to deal with.

I was in an abusive relationship and I know how hard it is to leave. I know how you feel for them. You do need to go in and be honest though - if you aren't you are just empowering him to do this more. I know it's hard. Big hugs. Are there any shelters or emergency funding places?

As well with your neck there could be whiplash and things. So really really do get medical care asap - and probably in the ER where you can get bloodwork and x-rays or perhaps an ultrasound.

Bhavik B
take some Motrin or Advil it helps and tell him to f off

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. I won't even lecture you like the others have done because I know you KNOW you have to leave this guy. If not for yourself, certainly for your child. And if you don't report this abuse to the police, he will continue to abuse and possibly kill some woman in the future! I can understand your concerns, but there is really help for you out there. The best thing to do is just call 911 or go to the ER and they will handle the rest. They will get you and your child into a woman's shelter if you have no family to go to and they will help you. PLEASE DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT!

I'm sorry, I said I wouldn't lecture you. You asked about pain relief. Of course, a doctor would probably give you some meds for it, but you should take some Ibuprofen or Aleve. Put some ice packs or frozen veg. pkgs. on your sore spots after taking a nice warm bath. Treat yourself kindly because you do deserve it. I am really concerned for you and I wish you all the best.

the cats' mother
Don't just leave him. Charge him with assault and tell every woman you know what he is like so that he doesn't get a chance to do it to another woman!!

if its really sore just put somthimg hot on it like a hot rice pack but if its expanding from being like swelling put somthing cold on it.

go get BenGay or aspercreme and rub it against the parts that hurt.

then ask yourself do you really want to spend the rest of your life with your boyfriend? Is he worth all the pain? you deserve alot better, no one deserved to be pushed around. If you respect yourself and say hes not worth the pain, call him tonight or tommorow and dump him.

After call your doctor and get an appointment, if it hurst ALOTTT go to the hospital, maybe something very serios happened, and if you dont get help soon it may damage your body.

get some sleep, if you cant sleep read a book, have tea, watch t.v., take a hot bath, relax. just do something relaxing.

the naked bartender

ibuprofen will help with the aches and pains...if you start pissing blood get to your local ER right away!
If you don't want this pain, bruises and later on down the line broken bones to continue your going to have to dump the creep that beat you up! No one deserves to be treated like that.
I urge you to file a report with your police department for assault on your creepy BF! Do it now! Do it before the next time he hits on you!!! You deserve much better than that!! You can go to a woman's shelter and get help. still keep your job and get some counseling for the abuse! Be strong and brave! Stand up for yourself now!

im not going to give you a speech but i will giv eyou info on all.
1 neck he could of sprained you neck done nerve damage pinched a nerve( you need to see a doctor for that)
2 head you could have a concusion so you cant go to sleep because of possible brain sweeling and yes it can actually take days or even hours for this to happen ( should go to the hospital)
3 lower back could just be your back is brused really bad or he could have chiped or broken your tail bone torn you muscles away from your spine not that hard to do buy the way broke or craked a rib punctured a lung damaged a kidney or liver there in the same area ooo or the stomach or intestines. mmm (should go to the hospital for that)
so lets see two out of three you should deffinetly go to the hopital. and you can go tell them exactly what happend your boyfriend beat the crap out of you that way you can be examend like you should . and if you want to press charges press charges and if you dont then dont. but you should have someone go to the hospital with you because if your luck and you dont have a cuncusion then they will give you something for the pain. you need medical attention. what your body is doing is telling you something is wrong its not the usually this time. but im sure youll take a hot shower a couple of Advil and go to bed and hope to wake up in the morning. cause thats what youve done everyother time and it always worked out. but know this. this probably wasnt the first time an dit wont be the last you werent the first girl and you wont be the last. when will he stop when you stop or your dead. and how do you stop him with out being six feet under get out and get away. how ever you can and dont wait until you can afford it because you may never be able to afford it.

For one, you really shouldn't be in a relation like that, two, does your job make you do things repetitive with some heavy lifting or are you just sitting at a desk. you should know what causes pain like that.

You need to go to the ER of a hospital. Get checked out. Stay away from this no good man! Report him for abuse, if you have to.

find yourself a man that appreciates you.
take pain medications i guess.

yes kidneys are in the lower back. i don't know what to say to your other questions.

First of all, quit seeing this guy. If he assaulted you, you need to take pictures of your injuries and press charges before he hurts someone else. Secondly, I would definitely get yourself some medical attention even if that means going to your local emergency room. You could have internal injuries which are serious. You deserve better please take care of yourself.

i hope u know it's not okay for anyone, man or woman, to physically hurt one another.
1. lose your bf.
2. go to the doctor. (you could say like u fell down the stairs if you don't want to ever bring up ur bf again)

Get to a hospital. At least call a doctor.
I'm deeply disturbed that you so casually mention that your boyfriend beat you up, and you're not planning on pressing charges or even dumping him.

"Additional Details
2 minutes ago

you are useless tit. you are the kind who is a disgrace to men everywhere and i feel sorry for your mother."

Hell yeah!

yes the kidneys are in the lower back. You need to have him arrested for domestic abuse and leave him. Why in the hell would you choose to be with someone that would hurt you in such a way? Let me guess, he's sorry and it will never happen again. If you believe that then I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale if you want it.

Dang girl. Making me feel bad for ya. Just take an Aspirin and rest up. You have to rest it out. Put some Ben Gay on it or something. Yes that's your kidneys, they also hurt if you're dehydrated.

But definitely get rest and start exercising, you can do exercises while on the computer..Before going to bed, etc. It'll do your body better in the future in that you won't feel sick and so on.

Also, get rid of that guy because things like that will happen again.

1. You should see a doctor, getting yourself treated is the most important, like they always say, health first, safety first. first aid.
2. Whatever the reason is. I just told my friend last night that any guy who hits a girl is always in the wrong, a guy shldn't hit a girl no matter what she did. He's not a gentleman who solves problems calmly.

The doctor will provide you with the most accurate information of your injuries. He might even give you painkillers to relief your pain. Theres no point pondering on what is happenning. Go see a doctor!

Injuries are best analysed and treated before they get too complicated. Hope this helps.
P.S. the second point is my own opinion, i have no further rights to judge your situation. but please see a doctor ok?

Call the cops and press charges, and get a restraining order plus medical attention. Take lots of photos of the damage and document everything. Put his *** behind bars. Don't let him get away with it. Please don't be dumb enough to go back to that. Next time you might get killed. God be with you.

Ed P
get to the E R niow or call 911 then press charges against this creep

laura d
Go to the hospital! And, get rid of the boyfriend, press charges. He will stop hitting you when you are dead.

Mr. Goodkat
The worse thing about this question is you said your "boyfriend", not your "ex-boyfriend".

why on earth are you with him??

1. take a hot bath.
2. lie down in a comfortable position on ur bed and don't move, until u feel better.
3. dump boyfriend or report him to the police

EDIT: good luck! you're doing the right thing but are you sure you don't want to report him? the man has no respect.

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