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Im in agony with toothache. taken max dosage Of paracetamol, not toUChed it what can i do now....HELP!!!?

clove oil and lots of cotton buds

come to my house ive got some pliers ile pull it for you or go to a dentist go to your chemist and ask for some tooth ache im not joking rub some on your tooth it will ease it then go to the dentist

See a dentist as soon as you possibly can - you need to find out the cause of the problem (as well as finding out how to prevent a similar thing happening again). Clove oil may help the pain before you get your appointment.

go to hospital or come round mine, i have a drill and some solder!

Are we dentists?

try hot water bottle next to your face make an appointment dentist asap

Toothache is often caused by infection, such as a tooth abscess, or an exposed nerve in the tooth . The maximum dose of Paracetamol is not usually enough to treat it.

When I get screaming toothache I take two co-codamol (Paracetamol and Codeine tablets) which you can buy at the pharmacy plus 600mg Aspirin at the same time. This is safe as long as you are not asthmatic or allergic to Aspirin or the ingredients in the co-codamol, although Aspirin does upset some people's stomachs. You can repeat this dose every 4 to 6 hours, but must not take it more than four times in 24 hours.

Clove oil is good to apply into the cavity or onto the gum where the pain is. You put a drop onto a tiny wick of cotton wool or a cotton bud. The Clove oil deadens the nerves that cause the pain but be warned, if you use it for long you can damage your gums and nerves. You must not swallow it in quantity (other than the odd drop that you put on the gum).

Next you must make an appointment to see the dentist because even if you kill the pain with the above remedies the problem that caused it is still there and if you have an infection or abscess you can end up with serious loss of bone in the jaw or worse, blood poisoning.

Hope that helps and I hope the pain goes to let you get some sleep.
By the way - do not take alcohol as well as the painkillers!

len m
get a Clove and hold that on it

take Ibuprofen to reduce the swelling then see the emergency dentist or the normal one depending on your time

I would call this an emergency & call the dentist to meet you at his office to do something for you. Hope you get relief

Sassy OLD Broad
Couple of shots of vodka outta do it, honey!

Baby D
i had the same problem defiantly see a dentist but until then try takin regular asprin powder tab type and put it on the tooth that hurts and bite down on it affects the pain directly instead of takin forever.. or also im a massage therapist and i know accupressure.. try applying light pressure to the notch on your lower jaw (mandible) its about pinkys length long wise from your ear .. hold it for about five minuts it should help.. hope you feel better and best of luck to you

I know what you are going through, here is a couple of home remedies that worked for me, thake some whiskey and swish it around in your mouth for about 30 seconds, this doesnt kill the pain for very long, but what did work very well was Clove oil, its the worst tasting thing you will ever put in your mouth but wait about 3-5 minutes and you will have relief, good luck!

Hold a small nip of whisky against it for 5 mins.

It could be a cavity, a cracked tooth, or other problem. You need to see a dentist ASAP.

Call your dentist's emergency number.

Do not take anymore Paracetamol today.

Take ibobrufen....as strong as you can get.

Get to the dentist....if you are going to experience a delay say not until tomorrow....use Paracetamol and ibobrufen...not a combined drug.... seperate tablets and take together...

If you are in the UK you should phone NHS Direct and state that you need a dentist..they should be able to get you an emergency appointment to get you out of pain...although you may have to travel.

Hi Fowlersofyork

My sympathy, toothache is awful. Obviously you need to see your dentist but in the meantime for the pain. You need a strong soluble painkiller that contains Codeine, you can also get a small bottle from your chemist of OIL OF CLOVES. Apply this directly to the area that is so painful. Warning though, it will not taste pleasant and will feel very warm when you first apply it but it will help with the relief. Take your pain killers every six hours. The problem with toothache is that we all wait until we are in agony before we take them so the pain relief is being asked to act when we are feeling our worst take them regularly whilst you are waiting for you tooth to be fixed, it will keep the worst of the pain at bay. However, taking continual pain relief for prolonged periods of time is not good for you, especially when that pain relief does contain Codeine. So get in to your dentist as soon as you can.
Hope this helps. :-)

Le Baron
Go to the Dentist, if you delay it for too long you could end up with a serious infection. Make an appointment NOW and your pain will cease after all the fuss....GOOD LUCK!

Seema R
You could try Clove oil for your toothache. More info on home remedies for tooth ache at http://aches.in/toothacheremedies.html

warm oil of cloves otherwise get to your dentist asap

laura b
If your tooth has a cavity then pull a bit of cotton wool ball and roll it up dip into some Clove oil and push into the hole try not to touch your tongue with it cause it doesn't taste nice.

Martin G
Chew a Clove.


Then visit a dentist.

Ask a pharmacist in the US, or a chemist in the UK. There are over-the-counter Anesthetics like Anbesol made for this sort of thing. But it is ONLY for a short-term use - you need to find a dentist as soon as they open their doors.

tip some salt on it

buy Ibuprofen and cocodamol from chemist and take alternate doses - the medication compliment each other providing you don't suffer asthma, heartburn or kidney problems...... the Codeine in the cocodamol can sometimes make you feel a bit light headed and if this happens you should lie down until it passes.

Co-codamol (30mg Codeine, 500mg Paracetamol) - up to 8 a day
Ibuprofen (200-400mg) max 1800mg/day

Don't take Paracetamol with co-codamol.

This is the strongest "over the counter" combination possible in the uk.

Doses above are adult doses.

You need to see a dentist pronto but until then I suggest taking Ibuprofen instead of Paracetamol. I don't know whether you have this brand wherever you come from but here in Australia we have something called Nurofen Plus - which is Ibuprofen with some Codeine in it. That is really effective and makes you go to sleep for a while. I suggest Ibuprofen because it is an anti-inflammatory - make sure you take it with food though because it can damage your stomach lining and sometimes makes people feel sick on an empty tummy. I'm guessing you're from the US? I think you guys have Advil there, which is made of Ibuprofen. I hope you manage to feel better, toothaches are such awful pain.

First disinfect the area by washing your mouth and gargling with warm salt water. It might sting, but you will feel better later.

Then, smash some cloves, and put on the tooth and gum area near the tooth. If you can, wear a scarf or tie some warm clothing such that the painful area is kept warm.

That will help alleviate the pain.

Go see the dentist tomorrow.

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