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 I found some pills my husband was takeing help me to know what they are?
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think outside the box
I woke up at 6:66am this morning, it that bad?

Additional Details
Ok, I know its not possible for a clock to say 6:66 (as many people have pointed out) but i swear it did!

that happened to my mate, really sad what happened to him, we all cried at the funeral. What was he doing on the tracks anyway? we'll never know. sorry, what was the question?

there nothing wrong with waking up at 7:06 in the morning

What kind of clock do you have? A possessed one I guess....

okay there is no such thing as that time silly!! :P but seriously i have been seeing that everywhere, like i have to make some calls and all the numbers have 666 in them, or i was about to call a friend and i was holding my phone and my finger just pushed the 6 three times totally unintentionally... weird!! hope its not a bad omen or something!!

hEY i woke up at that time too. are stuck on the island next to mine, the one with the blue talking pigeon

I think we are involved in some kind of experiment where they give us a computer and test us. i'm scared, maybe we're dead

Daft One
lol *giggle fit* lol lol

Dirk Wellington-Catt
its surely a sign

Be careful! Its going to be one hell of a day!

Jhonny, L'optimiste
There is nothing wrong with that.

Militant Agnostic
Technically, that would be 7:06, and thats ok.

my budgie flew up my nose at the same time

what kinda clock hav u got ?

emo matt
not realy

Your clock is possessed and if you carry on looking at your clock the spirit of the devil could go into while you are sleeping. And when you wake up (if ever) and your clock says to you "You're going to die" I would run for the hills sonny

how did u get that as a time....
but if u did...then it wouldn't matter nefin...coz ur clock is either broken or u read it wrong ....coz it is impossible

impossible and satans number is six hundred and sixty six not six six six


Peter M
If you think that's bad, I was born at 6am on the 6th day of the 6th month, which was also a Saturday, the 6th day of the week. Spookier still, the year was 1953, and if you add 1+9+5+3, you get 18, the sum of three 6's.

Joanne W
Did you watch The Omen last night?!? Are you sure you wasn't still dreaming, Damian may have got to your head?!? xxx

I think you were dreaming

ughh no not really i have to get up that time everyday and other people get up earlier for work .. unless your like those people who sleep half the day awya tis not bad its weird butt its actualyl good so ughh i dunno it good boy !!

sonny l
now listen to me damien...

Justin S
Satan is looking for you. If you are into that sort of thing than cool, (well in your case Hot) but if you're not than I would seek out the services of either a Rabi, Priest, Minister and ask for them to pray for your mortal soul. Make sure you have a crucifix and some holy water too. In the last movie I saw it says you need them.

Yep! Your gonna grow horns and a huge tail

It's not because the time was actually six minutes past seven and the other sixes were null and void

Be afraid.....be very afraid!!!!!!

well, if your clock went as far as displaying 6:66 which is not an actual time..then yes..id say that is bad. either you have an effed up clock, or youre being told something.

no, you woke up at 7:06am and that is fine.

Siany C
No, but it is somewhat of a phenomenon. Is your clock broken?

Are you stupid? What clock do you have?

No, just impossible.

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