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I keep waking up in the night with cramp in my calf muscle.?
I get enough salt in my diet. Any ideas what may cause it & how to fix it?
Additional Details
Skater 5 - I hope it's not growing pains - I'm 37!

I get that every so often too but I have no clue what it's from, I put a heating pad on it and it usually helps.Make sure you stand up, right when you feel it start to hurt though because it helps the pain

FC, the link below might interest you...

These are known as growing pains iget them all the time just take a tylenol

Dont know how to what causes it but try wearing a pair of socks in bed it should help.my boyfriend suffered the same n we found if he wore socks it didnt happen

It may be growing pains. I don't know how old you are but that could be what you're experiencing at night. They really do hurt.

Also this can be related to physical activity during the day. Have you started a new fitness routine or have you been pushing yourself harder when you exercise? Your body could be reacting to the stress late at night.

Drink more water during the day not sweet drinks like soda. Also make sure you stretch before getting into bed.

[email protected]
I know how you feel cobber,I have the same problem, I have found that when i get cramp i put the affected leg on a hot water bottle ind stretch it back and forward it helps a little

Take 100 mg of Potassium pills every night before bedtime, without fail.

Of course eating bananas can definitely be a plus, but in everyday life, bananas may not always be available, so the Potassium pills (which you can get at any vitamin store or vitamin aisle at any grocery or drug store) are the most reliable.

I haven't had any leg cramps since I started this regimen.

I suffer with that a lot myself as soon as i feel it coming on i stretch my leg out in bed forcing my heel out and it normally goes away. Before that i used to suffer in agony i definitely couldnt get out of bed to stand on it. I think it has a lot to do with not drinking enough water though but i also stretch and move a lot whilst i sleep which doesnt help.

Sounds as if you are experiencing charlie horses. You need to increase your Potassium intake (bananas are amazing for that). Also during the night when you get one, try stretching your leg mid-cramp. Point your toes towards your knees as best you can. This will stretch out the calf muscle and alleviate the cramp. When I was pregnant, I used to get several of these a night (sometimes as many as 10) and this technique worked well. I would have eaten more bananas, but the whole pregnancy thing turned me against them.

Bobby J
Ideas: 1) Water... 2) Diet. Cramping can be caused by a lack of water or Calcium amongst other things. If your diet lacks Calcium there are a plethora of foods to eat or drinks to have (or supplements). 3) Stretch when you get up, stretch before you go to bed. 4) Exercise... mix it, do something fun. 5) Have that special someone massage your legs.
Best of luck.

lorraine x
this happened to me every night when i was pregnant and then someone told me raise the bottom of my bed so i put a brick under the two bottom legs of my bed so it was raised and i never got cramp again and the bricks are still there if you haven't got any bricks try two phone books try doing this because it does work

marie m
I think it's related to Calcium deficiency; you need to up your intake of Calcium, but be careful how you do it. milk, if you can stomach it; or cheese or yoghurt. is good too. If you are not into dairy foods, you may need to buy a supplement.
I would also recommend massaging the calf before getting into bed with a good quality massage oil with a few drops of pure lavander oil in it, to help the muscle relax.

I always heard that you get those cramps because you aren't hydrated enough, so I would just drink more water.

Beverley T
It is possibly bad circulation

Boudica Warrior Queen
It maybe something or nothing, but you would be wise to get it investigated as it could be a symptom of either circulation or heart problems. Really it could, so to put your mind at rest go and get it checked out by your doctor.

I'm sure you'll be fine but best to safe than sorry.

I used to get leg cramps a lot. Eat bananas and stretch out your leg muscles before you lie down at night. I found the only thing that got rid of the pain for me was to lie flat on my back and press my foot flat on the wall until the pain subsides.

there's a good chance that you might be getting dehydrated. the FDA says that we should be drinking about eight servings of water each day. but don't forget that there is a lot of water in fruit and veggies if you don't want to be walking around with a 32 oz cup of water all day... :)

Eat a banana! Potassium....and NEVER over do Potassium, it can cause a heart attack. Start stretching your calf's, and while in the shower (with a wand shower head) run hot water over the calf, then cold,back to hot,then cold ...7 times. This naturally pumps blood through your muscle and removes toxins and improves circulation.

I had the same thing, for me it was just a phase and there wasn't much more to it although i did go to the doctor cos it got worse and they said it was something to do with potasium but i dont see how this is possible but what i did was not to stretch legs out and point your toes too much because thats why your getting it in the night its like your straining your muscles.

sorry its not much of a solution but it does go away.

Ah Kiat
Your cramp may be caused by stress, tiredness or poor posture. Dehydration, especially in hot weather or after exercise, can also cause cramp. It is thought that the dehydration causes a chemical imbalance in the muscle, making it suddenly contract.

At night, you may wan to use an electric blanket on cold winter nights. This can keep the calf muscles warm and pain free. Remember to sleep on your side with knees bent and a pillow between them. Sleeping on your stomach with your legs straight out makes the calves more prone to cramping. Loosen your night covers and wear roomy pyjamas. The pressure of heavy blankets and tight pyjamas could be partly to blame for cramps.

Take regular exercise. Walking, swimming and cycling are excellent. Yoga is a good way of learning to relax and stretch your muscles. · Remember to drink plenty of fluids, especially before, during and after exercise. Have a good warm-up before you start any type of exercise.

I hope it is helpful.

Massage it out regularly. Probably shoes, or do you jam your leg in a funny spot under a desk or something, unconsciously?

I think that the cramping could be due to lack of Potassium or some vitaman deficiency. My cousin had a similar problem it turned out that her diet was not very healthy. Try changing your diet and eating a few more bananas and if you still have this problem see your doctor.

Carrie N
Drink more water and try eating bananas to get your Potassium level up. you really need to get more Potassium in your system, your leg cramps is your body's way of telling you that you need more Potassium.

Captain Jack
Drink more water...

You probably should keep yourself very hydrated and more than likely your body is lacking Potassium, a banana a day can help that. Also if you are wearing shoes with a different heal than you are used to can cause leg cramps.

Sounds like a Charley Horse. I get them from time to time too. Try eating more Potassium (bananas) and stretching before bed.

I get the same.

Two options I find work;

- Need to drink more water, or
- The muscle is not being exercised and stretched enough. Do lots of walking (especially up hills) and stretch the muscle before and after.

low Potassium..eating bananas with help put a stop to the leg cramps.

You need Potassium Eat a Banana everyday and it will go away.

Not sure exactly the cause but drinking tonic water that contains quinnine is supposed to help. Eating bananas too.

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