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I have rly bad cramps?
i get horrible cramps during my period. they are sometimes so bad that it makes me cry, and i can't even get off the couch without it hurting horribly. is there any remedy that helps to relieve menstral cramps??
Additional Details
btw....some people mentioned that if you are over weight it can make cramps worse. i wanted to clarify that i am in excelent physical condition.

You are carrying the spawn of satan.

Ibuprofen, trust me, it works. If 200 mg's isn't working, then take 300. You can even take up to 400 mgs safely.

The reason I know this is that my father use to work for Upjohn, the drug company who developed Montrin - and it was at a prescription dose of 400 mgs until it went over the counter. I use to take doses of 400 mgs for period cramps and it worked great in 20 minutes.

take pamprim max

Ibuprofen and physical activity.

You may be able to reduce your discomfort from dysmenorrhea by using an over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others) or Naproxen (Aleve).

You can try a number of self-care strategies to reduce the discomfort of primary dysmenorrhea. Once the pain begins, soaking in a hot bath or using a heating pad on your abdomen may ease your cramps. You can also make some lifestyle changes to improve your overall health and possibly decrease the severity of your cramps. Try these tips:

* Exercise regularly. Exercise results in an increased release of endorphins, your body's natural painkillers.
* Get adequate rest. Your body may be less vulnerable to pain when you're well rested.

First you should see your gyno. You may have endometriosis. Next, Motrin works really well. Take it even if you do not have cramps. It takes a while to take affect. A warm bath or hot water bottle on your abdomen will work too.

Justin R
My wife takes salt baths.

i would go talk to your doctor. i had similar cramps and she told me to take 3 motrine

midol and Advil
and heating pads always help

Why So Serious?[amber lyn]
I also suffer from bad cramps during my period.

For some girls, when they are put on birth control...it can help them with cramps. However, that wasn't the case for me at all. If you're not on birth control, consider it. Maybe it will help you.

If your cramps are as bad as you say they are, you should get checked out by the doctor to be safe.

But, what I've found that works for me is extra strength Tylenol and a heating pad.

at first little sign of pain when cramps are on the way, i take an Advil and it takes a few minutes but they go away and i don't feel them til next time. :)

when you have severe cramps the only thing that really works is pain medication. (and walking hours helps a LITTLE) not all types of pain meds work for everyone, so try different kinds (but don't overdose!) pain medications work very well with cramps if u can find one that's right for you because they also relieve the nausea, cold sweats, and dizziness that accompany cramps, and then you feel soo much better. i would suggest eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, and exercising, because it helps balance out hormones. Sometimes there can be an underlying medical condition to painful cramps. But i think that's not common amoung young women.

ibuprofen is the best and also eat a banana, it relaxes your muscles.

you should talk to a doctor because there might be something wrong with your body. Taking a midol or Motrin before the start of your period relieves the pain before it comes. And also my doctors and plenty of other people told me that birth control helps a lot [doesn't have to be used for .. those reasons] because it shortens your cycle a bit. Good luck and hope all gets better.

First of all, talk to your doctor about this. There some very serious conditions that can cause extremely painful cramps. If you get a doctor that says its normal, see another doctor. You should not be debilitated during your period. (I have endometriosis.)

Sitting in a hot bath often helps. Also, an electric heating pad placed on your lower abdomen. Midol does wonders.

My bad cramps are often aggravated by running, jumping, riding in a bumpy car, anything that shakes me.

Please see your doctor. I hate to see women suffer with this. You can get help.

try Advil or adult Motrin...trust me it helps!

I agree w/ activity. It always works for me to do light exercise. Also take some Midol and hold a heating pad on your lower abdomen. And drink water.

.: V :.
I totally understand. Few days before your period, start taking take ibuprophen. Drink lots of water.
Put a towel damp in hot-warm water, that really relives, thermacare pain reliver really works.

Aleve is the only thing that helps me. I use it for everything. Take 2 the first time and 1 after 4 hours if the pain continues, but don't take more that 3 in one day.

Midol and lots of water.

I know it hurts, but if you do some kind of activity, it helps a lot. Try something simple at first like walking.

I get horrible cramps all the time, so I know what it's like to not want to get up... but everything mentioned above worked with me.

i have that same problem too
i just take Tylenol
that'll usually help
i like to avoid caffinated foods when i have my period
chocolate, coffee, or tea
sometimes they can cause some headaches and bad cramping
well at least for me

Please do this..
Start taking the Activia yougurt (i like the prune flavor) every day.. is not very expensive, i buy them at Wal-Mart, they are like $2:50 for four.. have one everyday. i would really improve your digestion and clean up your whole system.. do is as a routine, you'll like them.. trust me.. It will also improve those days of the month..
Also anything warm that you can put on your stomach will help you tons.. i use the Thermacare patches for menstrual cramps (that's what they're called) and really follow their directions..
Don't walk barefoot, if you can and know you are not going out.. try not to shower during your first day of the period..
And my Absolutely #1 helper is Chamomile tea (buy it anywhere), put 2 or 3 little packages in a hot water cup and maybe a little honey/sugar to make it taste better and you can drink it as many times as you want..
I have no doubt these help.. try to do them all !!

get a hot towel and put them over your stomach.

you should see your GYN...There could be something wrong, or you could just need to have prescription meds to control your cramps. I am the same way.

I had to go on Birth Control to calm mine down. I went through several different kinds, too. I finally found a Birth control that works for me and my cramps are tolerable, with prescription pain meds.

good Luck.

Ninja Chika
certain medicines can help you if you see your doc, but the best natural way to relieve cramps is to eat bananas at least once a day about a week before your period

i know this isn't going to help you much now, but if you do crunches for a few days before you start to expect the cramping to start it can really reduce the cramping and help prevent it.

Some women get cramps so severe that they end up in the hospital.

If Midol doesn't help lessen your cramps after an hour or so then...

The next time you see your doctor, tell him about your pain. Sometimes doctors will put young women on birth control pills to help menstrual pain. It works because the pills regulate the system and lighten the period, causing less cramps. If you feel uncomfortable with this solution, I am sure you can work something else out with him.

Also, extremely painful periods can be a sign of something wrong within your uterus. This is another reason why it is imperative that you talk to your doctor about this issue. You don't have to live in pain.

take 3 Advil, and sit on your knees on the bed. then put a heating pad or blanket over your tummy and lean forward, like with your head on the bed. that's what i do every time. when i wake up, i feel much better. it's hard to keep the position though, i know how awful it can feel. just miserable. but try that, it helps.

The remedy i allways use is a battery powered hand massager lay for about half an hour then put crushed ice in a zip lock bag directly on your stomach or abodomen or where ever it hurts.it works trust me

I used to have that problem, and I still get it from time to time. If you are really lucky, you may be able to get some prescription pain killers for it, but most docs won't go for that anymore because everyone is so paranoid someone's going to get hooked on something.

My doctor recommends 800 mg Ibuprofen and a heating pad, and that's usually what I fall back on. The 800 mg Ibuprofen is prescription only, but you can also just buy regular Ibuprofen and take a larger dose. It is easier on your stomach to take the 800s though, in my opinion. Ibuprofen is recommended because it has anti-inflammatory properties, and it also slightly thins the blood, which helps your flow get established really well, which usually makes you cramp less.

Just be aware that you should never take more than 2400 mg of Ibuprofen in a 24 hour period. Also, you shouldn't take it at that dosage on a regular basis. It's really hard on your kidneys to have to clear it. If you are only taking that much for a few days each month, you're probably okay, but I would check with my doc, just to be sure.

You do need to talk to your doc about your cramping for sure, too. Sometimes really bad cramping can be a sign of something else, like endometriosis, so you need to make sure your doc knows what's going on. He or she can check it out and make sure it's just bad cramping and not something else.

Be well ;)

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