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I hate needles but have blood test tomorrow. will it hurt really bad?

stare at it when they stick it in!

I hate needles 2! i scream kick and cry!
it sux!

No, it will just feel as if a 1 year old kid bites you.

No, but if you think it will hurt it will hurt but if you make yourself believe it wont hurt then it wont its all in your mind.

Shekaib A
I'm a hemophiliac and I give myself a shot every other day (in veins).

As weird as it may sound, I'm so used to it now that I don't feel it at all haha.

But to reduce the pain of a blood test
A) Have the turnicate on for as long as you can without cutting the circulation lol.
B) Ask the nurse to wipe the spot many times with alcahol wipes (it numbs it)

I hope it helps :]

It may hurt a little, but it wont last long and it wont hurt nearly as much as the treatment would for something left undiagnosed until it has progressed.

Here's the way I try to think about needles: our skin appears to be a solid sheet of tissue. But in reality, it is very porous. (That's how we sweat and how certain illnesses can cause you to bleed through the skin). So, when the needle enters the skin, just imagine it going through one of the billions of tiny holes (or pores) in the skin. Sort of like a needle going the cloth.

not at all, if you have a really good, experienced nurse. Just look away or something if the sight of the needle poking you is what really scares you or makes you think it hurts.

needles only hurt when they enter into the fatty layer of skin, the muscle tissues or any other part of skin, not when they enter your veins because vains don't contain any pain receptors so you don't feel anything.


it will not hurt. The more you relax the less it will hurt and it goes fast
I have had this done many times and I hate needles also

yes it will a little bit.don't worry about it.i was scare of needles to .i use to cry before i they open it and get it ready.

I hate needles too but no, it will NOT hurt really bad. It's the idea more than any pain which is very minor. Don't watch and take deep breaths so you're relaxed. When your muscles are relaxed it actually helps it hurt less. Bring something to look at or focus on something on the wall to look at. It will never be as bad as you have built it up in your head to be. B R E A T H E ! Ahhhhh

Think of it like this; If the doctor discovers some horrible disease which can be cured, if diagnosed early, then you may save a lot more pain and suffering in the future.

Hold your breath and look away.

I't o.k. I don't think anyone likes needles. You just have to do your best to help yourself through the procedure.
1. Drink plenty of water before hand
2. If possible lie down
3. Don't Look
4. Tell the blood drawer that you arenervous and they will do there best to ceep you calm.
5. Stay relaxed and think about something else.
6. Reward yourself for getting trough the procedure.

It does don't hurt, it's just uncomfortable. Pinch yourself on your inner elbow too see what is feels like.

You will be fine

noo...just close your eyes and sing your favorite song inside your head

honestly, it hurts more ten minutes after than the poke itself...is really much less than you imagine, just look away and think about a purple hippo planting tulips.

It doesn't hurt too much. Just relax.

you should try and think of something else before they actually do it. It works for me!

Not to bad. You can handle it. GOOD Luck with your test I hope everything is fine.

* SeñørITA *
no, it doesn't hurt. the pain is mostly psychological, because ur expecting pain, u become paranoid over it. try pinching urself with ur other hand or sumthin 2 get ur mind off of the situation. besides, it goes by soooo fast.

nooooooooo!! Pinch yourself. That's about what it will feel like.

I always tell my patients who hate needles to wiggle the fingers on their other hand like they are playing the piano and watch them. Works for some people... hehe

Emily Dew
It will not hurt as much as you are thinking it will.

Just don't look.

p.s. : Grow some balls.

relax it only takes seconds.

Shouldn't hurt at all if your nurse knows what she's doing. The only time blood draw is painful is if the nurse misses the vein and has to fish for it...very rare, they do this all the time!

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