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Corry P
I cant get rid of the hick ups and its starting to hurt my stomache please help me?
i have been having the hick ups for about 5 hours what are some solutions to getting rid of them.

xo xo Monie Girl
Hold your breath if that doesn't work drink three cups of water upside down that doesn't work i would say get a doctor..

the reason why you have hick ups is because your dehydrated you need to drink more liquids.trust me it really works

Chris T

Hannah S
drink water upside down

I've read that hiccups are spasms of the sphincter just below the Diaphragm and may be caused by swallowing too much air when eating or drinking. That's why people tell you to breathe into a paper bag, as you would for panic attacks. That way you are breathing back in some of the carbon dioxide that you exhale. The idea of holding your breath is a good one, but every time I try that I hiccup. Here's an odd remedy: eat a teaspoonful of sugar, putting it into your mouth and swallowing as it is melting. I've tried it, and sometimes it works. If your hiccups don't stop soon, I would suggest you go to an Urgent Care doctor (one you can see right away).

Mad Season
Seriously, this always works for me. Try drinking water from a glass unside down and backwards. and by that i mean when you bend over put your mouth on the farthest side away from you and drink while holding your beath or breathing try both!! stay bent over the whole time.

Good luck!


this is an old trick my grandmother taught me:

have someone stand behind you and place their hands over your ears, securing it and allowing no air to escape. drink a glass of water in tiny sips and then have them let go of your ears. it is the only known cure for hiccups and if it didn't work for you, then you didn't drink enough oryour ears weren't cupped tight enough. (don't plug your ears with your fingers. place the palm over it.)

this will ALWAYS WORK!!!!!

get a big gulp of water in your mouth, but do not swallow!

hang your headu upside down so that you are looking between your legs, and swallow while upside down! stay upside down until the water has gone up your throat completely.... works like a charm :)

You have to eat a spoon of peanut butter, hold your breath, and stand on your head all at one time. I know it may sound extreme but you gotta do what you gotta do....

claire k
drink upsidedown

They should (eventually) stop on their own.

take a drinking glass and fill it to within 2" of the top. stand at a sink, or somewhere that won't matter if you dribble, then drink out of the wrong side of the glass. this does NOT mean turn the glass around towards you.

While standing at the sink, bend forward and try to drink out of the side furthest from you... this means tipping the wrong side toward your lips,forcing a few sips down your throat. if you do it right, your chin will be almost in the water, and it WILL dribble down your chin.

Because of the awkward way you are bent, and trying to drink at the same time, it stops the hiccups every time. In fact, if it doesn't work, you did it wrong.

go to the emergency room. it showed a woman that died of hicups on t.v.

When I was a kid I used to find that drinking milk would help get rid of the hiccups. Another thing that can sometimes help is to drink some soda like Sprite to try and force a burp. Another thing that can be helpful I found is to hold your breath for a few seconds, then breathe out and then hold again for a few seconds and then repeat.

However, because of how long you have had the hiccups I would recommend consulting a doctor at a walk-in clinic such as like the one in some of the drugstores to have them evaluate the situation further to see what they think could be going on.

you should go to an a and e department as it could be to do with a rupture in your esophagus or a serious medical condition. i would go nd get it checked out if i were you

hold your breath and swallow a tall glass of H2O at the same time. works every time for me.

Emily H
Try to hold your breath and swallow it works everytime.

Hold your breath and take 10 small sips of water... swallowing after each sip.

as weird as it sounds...i eat a spoonful of sugar...suprisingly it helps

Booger Butt
just look at me avatar for 30 seconds...that usualy cures a lot of things

Have someone ask you "When was the last time that you saw a white horse?"

[email protected]!
have someone scare you. eat peanut butter, drink water upside down, or drink water (lots and lots of water!)

this usally works most of the time: drink water from a cup upside down and backwards. i know it sounds a little insane but just lean over and tip the cup up almost, i dont know if you get what i mean but if you do try it

i have tried everything i found, and this might seem marry poppinish, but i have used a spoon full of sugar and that as stopped my hick ups, i have also tried 10 sips of water and that helped. try concentrating on trying to get your two index fingers as close as you can, something with taking your mind off of the hick ups help

good luck

just me
burp it works all the time for my kids
hope it helped

Eat a heaping teaspoonful of sugar. Let it dissolve in your mouth before swallowing. I've used this triack since I was a kid & it always works, although I don't know why.

Kim k
I have always had trouble with hiccups and tried all the usual remedies, breathing in a paper bag, holding breath, drinking warm sugar water.... nothing helped. Last year I read about controlled breathing and it's amazing. I haven't had a case that I couldn't stop immediately.
Just sit back and close your eyes. Concentrate on controlling your breathing, taking slow breaths, inhaling for about 7 seconds and exhaling for the same. when you exhale keep breathing out until your lungs feel empty but when you fill your lungs think of filling them halfway, you don't want to take deep breaths but very slow, shallow ones. If you hiccup don't stop and start over, concentrate on not letting the hiccup break the pattern and continue.
Good luck

I always lay down a 100 $ bill and tell my patients if they can hiccup for me four more times they can have the 100$ bill. Havent lost a 100$ yet.

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