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kerry p
I am in pain!!!?
i have a very dull ache in my kidneys and its really hurting? any ideas what it could be?

The Educ8r Thanks and so-Long
& you found time to type that question; you must not be in TOO much pain.

phone A+E straight away sounds serious.!!

time to go to the hospital ASAP

adam s
it could be a number of thing you should see a Doctor i could be a inflamed appendix a cure that might help is take lots of vitamin C because if you have a infection and vitamin C will help

If you're SURE it's your kidneys I would say it's a kidney infection. I've had those myself. However, most people don't know where their kidneys are. If you know for certain it's your kidneys see a doc. urinary Tract infections don't get better on their own.

big dog
It could be a kidney stone. If it is, you WILL go to the Emergency Room. People usually say: "If you have a Heart Attack, broken bone, kidney stone, etc. etc. -- you will go straight to the hospital." Fortunately it's true, and I found out the hard was with a broken wrist that was infected. Some people can pass a kidney stone through the urine. If you want you can pee through a screen if you want the Dr. to examine it.

Oh man! My friend had the same. But she went to the doctors and they gave her antibiotics.

andy t
its probably a dull ache in your kidneys!
can't be that bad, you are on a computer iunstead of being on your way to the doctors!

Could be a kidney infection!
So see your GP!

go for a docter.

Grumpy Midget



Water infection, too much to drink over the weekend. Any one of a million things, you should speak to someone who actually knows what they're doing and can examine you rather than asking a bunch of stranger who, in the main, are unqualified.

mike h
Could be a UTI hun (water infection). If it is, it's quite common and easily cured, Antibiotics will clear it up.

See a GP who will need to run tests.

Go and see a doctor straight away as it could be a kidney or urinary infection, if so you would need antibiotics. Get it checked out straight away, I've had a kidney infection before and it can be very painful.

Hurry!! see a doctor.I think it's a infection. Drink plenty of water

check it out, kidney stones or urine infection or it could be anything...how u know its in the kidneys hmmm...it could be appendix, get it checked. im no doc.

think you should go to the doctors as soon as

Oreo Schmoreo
You should first get a urinalysis to make sure you don't have a UTI or possibly kidney stone. I would do that first, and then go from there if that's not the problem. A lot of physicians will run a urinalysis on an established patient without an office visit charge.

Good luck!

I had pain there and thought it was my kidneys... turned out to be muscle pain in the same area caused by bad pasture... however... drink lots of water to flush the kidneys out and visit your gp!

Urinary Tract Infection...

Go to your doctor, you may need antibiotics...

If im wrong, well, at least you'll be reassured!

Grant M
kidney stone.... get to the doctors ASAP Good lucki Grant M in Pennsylvania

Kelly J
See a doctor. are you drinking enough???
or try takimg some Cranberry tablets or drinking Green Tea. These will flush you out and get rid of any baddies in your kidney.
If you drink alot of alcohol that can cause pain

U need urgent medical attention. Consult a doctor immediately. Pain in kidneys may be due to stone or other infections.

Dr.Phil with Boobs
possible kidney infection, drink lots of water and 100% Cranberry Juice. Maybe you can flush out your system before it gets bad.

No, sorry. But what are you waiting for to go to a doctor?? Noone here will be able to help you as much as a doctor!!

Lack of toxins, drink white star cider.

yeah, see a doc

Could be a number of things... Kidney stones, urinary Tract Infection to name a few. If you have to pee a lot and it kind of hurts it sounds like it's probably a UTI... Might want to go to the doctor

See a GP, dont take chances

Urinary tract infection. Get to the doctor as soon as possible for antibiotics. In the mean time, drink plenty of water, ie; A LOT of water. If you don't get it treated ASAP, it will get worse.

Go now.

It could be a kindney infection or a urinary Tract infection. Are you peeing often and not much? Does it burn when you go to the bathroom? Headache? these are sighs of either one. If you are having there sypmtoms got to a pharmacy and get uristat. Its two pills you get over the counter. When you take them it will turn your urin ORANGE. That is normal. Drink plenty of water. If you arent feeling better in 48 hours call your doctor. He may want ot see you and prescribe and antibiotic. Also watch for a fever higher than 101. Call your doctor if you have one. A low-grade fever (100.5 or lower) is normal with a kidney infection and UTIs.

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