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I Cant Turn My Head To The Right, What Should I Do?
I just woke up and I cant turn my neck to the right. What happened? What do I do to reduce the pain?

Try cracking your neck, slowly move your head to the left.

You probably slept on it awkwardly, leave it for a couple of days, it should Loosen up. If not, see a doctor.

My friend taught me a technique where you close your eyes and imagine your head turning 360 degrees, then imagine it unwinding, and you should be able to turn your head a little bit further round... try that! It worked for me.

nick jonas luva
see a doctor


Dont turn your head to the right.


Alex S
turn it to the left :D

no, joking, rest it and if it still persists, then consult someone about the problem

turn 270 degrees left

I believe is dislocation as a resort of improper positioning of your neck while sleeping.

Go to the Doctors

Chris S
it's something with the neck, don't know what it's called but I had it once.

If you don't have anything to do, just lay down with a pillow, you'll be fine tommorow.

why so serious!
well take some pain killer to relieve the pain and go to the doctors. try put some ice on it. it's pobably the way you slept last night

Answer King

Israel M
seems like you didn't sleep well last night!
yeah try to make an appointment with a doctor, or just buy some cream for the pain. There is nothing to worry about, you'll be just fine in a couple of hours.

good luck buddy.

You should go to chiropractor. Get an Xtray.

go make a appointment with your GP.


Go to the doctors. It's important if it doesn't Loosen off to get it seen to. DON'T crack your neck as someone suggested!

Paracetamol or Ibuprofen could help until you get to the doctors. It is probably just that you have pulled a muscle, but you shouldn't self diagnose, just to be on the safe side

I hope you feel better soon!

Dont worry bro, it is ok. No need for a doctor just yet.

What happen is that you slept in such a position that one side of your neck was being stretched all night, so right now your neck is in a sort of "Muscle Memory Cramp".

What you should do, is not make sudden movements, they will only cause you pain, drink water, and try to apply warm gel to your neck, the side which feels pain.

Let that be for some time, and then slowly start trying to move your neck, if you cant still then you might want to seek medical help, especially if the pain is still unbearable.

Personally i've had neck cramps like that, and i've never had to go see a doctor, but who knows it might be more than just a neck cramp if there is a lot of pain.

She It I do
Sounds like you slept on a nerve in the neck last night

Kind of like the crazy bone in your arm when you bump the elbow it hurts all the way up to the neck.

Another bit of advice when it goes away and it will go out and get a new pillow a feather pillow
none of those sleep on foam rubber ones that form to your head they are a disaster with trying to sleep on a piece of rubber to put it all night,

And this is about all you have to do.

You probably just slept on it wrong. Take Motrin, its an anti-inflammatory and should reduce the pain and muscle tension as well. You can also do some light stretching. with your hands, turn your head until you feel a good stretch (not real painful though) and hold that stretch for 30 seconds. Repeat that 3 times...and you should feel better if a few hours.
Best of luck to ya

You probably slept on a nerve or something. Drink water, take a Tylenol. If you can't move for an hour, call the doctor.

You were sleeping on it wrong. After awhile, it'll snap back into place and will hurt like hell.

If it doesn't clear up within 3 hours, I'd go see a doctor.

just start stretching ur neck. Start moving it around or its gona become really stiff and u wont be able 2 do anything.

Deepali Naik
go to doctor...

♥mary d♥
yea go see your doctor. its not just a bad crook?

Move everything you want to look at to the left side of the room.

Heather R
You may be having muscle spasms, or have just slept on it wrong. If it doesn't get better soon, you should probably go to the doctor. Good Luck!

Jessie T
You probs slept awkward and maybe you just have a stiff neck or pulled a muscle, take pain killers, a nice hot bath (saves paying out for heat balms as it works just as well) and relax if it's still not feeling any better in a few hours call your doctor...

what ever you do don't full rotate your head it can cause serious problems and jar your head or worse!

*baby girl #2 due 3-3-09*
I would go to a chiropractor it is amazing what they can do for you. It will feel sore at first but after you go for a couple of times it gets better.

That sounds painful. Go see you doctor or possibly a chiropractor. I offer this advice to many ppl because i also use one. There really good! :)
Avoid sudden movements as it could make the problem worse.
Take care my friend.
Get well soon.

You are suffring the pain from sprain resulted from awkward posiition during sleep. We , doctores call it Torticolis. Nothing to worry. Take Brufen 400mg.and give local heat. also use some balm. Get well in a day or two.

scott P
first, have you done anything to injure your neck? may need to go to a doctor and get an x-ray and maybe some muscle relaxers, but if you just slept wrong try a heating pad and some BenGay.

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