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How can I stop my legs going numb after Ive been on the throne (toilet) !?
Does anyone out there, know of a comfortable position or toilet seat cover etc?

houghton weaver
dont rest your elbows on your knees they are restricting the circulation away from your lower leg,hence when you get up legs are feeling numb

Cherokee Billie
many people have this problem and what stops it is using a padded Toilet seat , this takes the pressure off of the hips and nerves and will help you stop going numb. You can purchase this at most hardware stores.

don't sit down until you really need to go so your only there for 5mins, i rest my feet on a thick book, its more comfy

are you sitting too long are you constipated if so you need bran in your diet also is your circulation ok you may need to see the quack

m d
Don't sit so long, also a padded seat may be better for you little more cussion so your legs don't pinch the vessels within.

Don't sit there so long.

Try a cushion or a low stool to put your feet on,

yup yup ur proabably sittin there too long!

Bubastes, Cat Goddess*
Have you tried putting your feet on a small stack of magazines?
This usually happens when you've sat there for so long that you've cut off the circulation in your legs.
Don't go in there to read your newspaper, that's not what that room was designed for. And if your having problems with it being slow, you might want to add either more fiber to your diet or add some Canola oil to your veggies or salads.

Keep moving them around.
Make the bowel movement an full body experience - not just pushing!
Make it snappy. If your eating right it should only take a couple minutes. For me it takes longer to wipe then to actually poo!

country bumpkin [sheep nurse]
stop reading the Sunday sport and the supplements.lol.

bleach god!!
well sounds kind of funny but ones you get up just shake your legs around so the circulation goes back down to the legs, that's what i do and it works fine. Or stomp on the ground a few times. hope i helped.

Don't sit there so long.

You can gett padded seats, which might be a good idea, but I think in addition, don't spend too long sat there.

dont sit there so long?

how long are you sitting on there? maybe u should go for a walk afterwards........

I have no idea but if you figure something out let me know!

Stop falling asleep for hours on end

Try a bit of tap dancing.

Jose M
i think ur fat right

Squat sumo style you'll never touch the seat.

Lady Leigh
Uncross your legs! Plus you will be quicker doing whatever you are doing in there.

You are stying there too long. Git er done and go nap in a bed. Yippy Ky Yay

Wait until the groundhog starts to poke his head out of the hole and then rush to drop him off?!?!

Ronnie Mac Loves You
buy a mini pedalling machine for while your on the toilet...




Get a little stool and put your feety on it. It will raise your feet and ease pressure on the arteries running through your hamstrings.

Try to spend less than half an hour laying your cable.

Maybe you're spending too long on it!

Try using a low foot stool to rest your feet on.

You are probably resting most of your weight on the front of your thighs rather than your behind. This WILL make your legs fall asleep. I am guessing either you have short legs or a high toilet.

Hope that helps!

old know all
Try an easier crossword.

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