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Ducati monkey
How can I help with my girlfriends period pain?
Im a guy so don't really know how to help effectively.....I got her a hot water bottle and she said it helps, but other than that she's not sure what I can do. I've been out with a lot of women, but never seen the pain this bad before. Its kinda worrying!
Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can help?

erm kinda a tuff question lol. i find it helps if he strokes ma stomach or givs me a bak massage, sumfin to take the mind off the pain

ransom loveâ„¢
send her to a doctor... but there is not much you can do except for pain killer.. and conforting her... by telling her things will get better. you sound like a good bf helping her out like that so i hope she gets better.

You must be a very thoughtful and considerate chap.
Speaking from experience and a lot of research, I would say the hot water bottle is a good start.
A massage on the base of her back is very soothing & a really hot bath as hot as she can bear but still soothing of course.
Personally I have been gradually switching from the prescribed medicines to natural ones over the past year , because I found that they were not helping the cause and I was needing to take more of them.
I have been weening myself off of them and believe I will be free of them soon.
Natural medicnes to try would be Cramp Bark, you can get this in capsules take approx 2-3 about three times a day (from your local health food store) preferably before pain starts if she can predict that.
Base cause for the pain probably means her liver could do with a little cleansing, I always avoid fried food but she might avoid it just around the time of her period.
Ways to cleanse the liver would be take a tincture of Milk Thistle (health food store) if she hates the taste you can get Milk Thistle in capules too take everyday about 3x a day this for a couple of months, or ask at the health food store for a liver cleasing kit or advice.
I also read the other day that Oregano Leaf was good for cramping - so you could research that?
By the way, athough asprin and other drugs are very wonderful at times in the long run they are not helpful to the liver and the rest of your body.
And dont believe there is nothing that cant be done, I really dont believe that is something we have to put up with every month.
Hope this helps

Yikes! Perid pain heh?
That gotta hurt, let her lay down in her bed.
Give her a hot water bottle and tell her it's ok.
Try going to a doctor if it gets even worse.
Try doing it... It works.... I'm an expert at this.

go to the doctor and ask for Mefenamic Acid im on that because i usally get rushed to hospital in pain its not good i have to have that prescibed every month

An adult woman should be able to handle this on her own. If she can't she's way too high maintenance. If she can't handle it, tell her to see her doctor. It's not your responsibility to help her through her period for cripes sake.

Try applying a slight pressure to her abdomin where her pain is. My friend gets really bad cramps and she says that that helps her a lot. Otherwise, the only other thing you can do is just leave her alone in a nice hot bath to ease some of the pain. Good luck! Hope she feels better!

Russell C
tread lightly...and gently direct her towards a professional. That sort of thing doesn't belong in the hands of amateurs.

Old fashioned remedy.........

If your girl friend suffers Period Pain.


It works every time.

Give her some Pamprin and rub her tummy.

Go get her some Tylenol or pamprin :) Just let her rest and make sure shes comforatable.

If the pain is that severe she might want to see her doctor and see if anything more serious is going on.

let she drink a lot water and don't turn the air so cold, let she lay and put on a movie. Maybe next time let she drink some alevil.

tcmrose l
She can visit a Chinese herbalist, or some home remedies

well its normal... its good that she uses a hot water bottle... and there are also pain killers for period pains like buscofen, and a lot of hot strong herbal tea!! like Ginger tea and other hebal teas helps a lot.. its best to take the painkiller three days befroe her period and whilst having the period.. its also a sign of fertility...

midol, heating pad, pamprin

i think you are already doing a wonderful job for your girlfriend i wish there were more men like you about(although my hubby isnt too bad when it comes to things like that) keep up the good work and make sure she eats little and often as they say eating helpd an awful lot.

~*Sweet Pea*~
She probably should go to the doctor! They will probably want her to be on some kind of horomal treatments to help with the pain! It is nice you are trying to help her, but she needs to go see a doctor if the pain is very intense for her!

Between cycles this has huge benefits as it enables efficient blood circulation in a relaxed body.

During her cycle: Chocolate!

Midol or Ibuprofen.

I hate Comcast
To be sweet to my girl, I either get her a heating pad or just hold my warm hand on her tummy below her belly button. But, it sounds like your girlfriend may have more pain than most.

Has she discussed this with her doctor? The doctor could either figure out if something is wrong or give her a prescription that may help.

bath, tea and an early night.

Oh and lots of love from you

a warm bath is really good and relaxing is also good she can get some pills from the doctors for extreme period pains

Lisa T
just be nice and get anything she wants, just remember she could explode at anytime, so be AWARE!!

It sounds like she either needs to see a doctor to treat something more serious... or shes just a touch dramatic and wants attention from you. you sound like a great guy, dont let her walk all over you. Like someone else said already, she is a grown woman and should know how to deal with the pain of a monthly period. The hot water bottle should help and some extra strength midol should do the trick.

Go get her some Aleve. You'll find it in the pain relief section at your local pharmacy. If the pain does NOT abate, you need to consider the possiblity of other problems (e.g., ovarian cyst, endometriosis). If the level of pain seems this intense and it occurs regularly, please encourage her to schedule an appointment with a gynecologist for a thorough evaluation.

hot water bottle, chocolate, cups of tea, not arguing, relinquish TV remote, run her a hot bath, generally be nice...

~ ♥ ~

Make her a doctors appointment, there are lots of conditions that can be the cause and lots of treatments. The thought of exercise is awful but getting the circulation going does help. You sound lovely.

Your girlfriend may benefit from being on the birth control pill. This greatly reduces pms and pain associated with menstral periods. In the meantime she can take something like midol that she can find at your local drug store.This is effective for back pain, bloating and feeling tired. Hope this helps...

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