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Princess Richanna
Hey guys, I was thinking about getting my tongue pierced this sunday, and I was wondering if it hurts?

Getting it done doesnt hurt, but when it swells up afterwards it can hurt to eat. It doesnt last too long tho, the tongue heals pretty quickly. Ive had mine done for 6 years now and my teeth are fine btw.
You should go to a professional piercer tho as some people cant get their tongues pierced because of the placement of their veins in the tongue.

honestly, in my own experience, it hurts more when you bite your tongue...

Chocolate Cookie
well not sure dont have it done adnd i am not a guy but i dated a guy who had it done and it makes u a better kisser!!

grr baby

If it doesn't it should, that's disgusting.

DUH! of course it hurts. they are jamming huge needle through your tounge and it swells up and you talk like you have a lisp for like a week and you have to eat baby food or stuff like mashed up bananas until you can chew again

i have had my tongue pierced 3 different times and currently I have two piercings in my tongue. Not one of my piercings hurt...or I would not have gotten it done 3 different times.

YES! DON'T GET IT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have one but my brother's gf does she say's it hurt's like he*l and she wishes she never had it done!

Angel G

never mind the hurting, But you get infections in your mouth with terrible results.


ummmm...... yea it hurts a lot... my cousin got it done and they don't numb it or anything, and they use a huge needle then they have to put the earring thing through it... its a very painful process but if you really want it done go for it!!!!

YOU WHERE WONDERING EH? gee ya think? i thought everyone knew commen sense. huh i learn something new everyday

Putting a needle thru your tongue??? Common sense says that hurts. Oh...and make sure you save some money for the dentist cuz you'll wind up trashing your teeth.

I've never done that , but sure it hurts the only thing that matters is how you handle the pain. Breath and relax, it's just a piercing, think about how it would be like loosing your leg... just kidding :P take it as a challenge good luck !

idiot--of course it does. you are sticking a piece of metal through your tounge that isnt supposed to go there. DUH it hurts. use your head!

Rachel M
yes it does and rethink it. It will screw up your teeth. get your eyebrow or something else done.

I had it done.

Yes, it hurts.

It also makes you unable to talk or eat much for at least 2 weeks after.

You can also get very bad gum disease, plaque, and chipped teeth, even badly broken teeth.

I wouldent reccomend it.

BESIDES, that is soooo 1990s

The only people I see with thier tongues still pierced are trailer trash.

nah it doesnt hurt it feels like sticking a thick needle in your spine and your abdominal muscle simulatunaly so sticking a peice of germy metal in a sensetive tongue thats used for lots of things with a think blood vessel and millinons of nerves

sandra b
I had a friend who got a blood infection from this!

well hell yeah it hurts! its a spike through your tounge! lmao

clever girl
What do you think?? of course. and why do you want to?

it like swells up and bleads for a longggggggggg time. it hurts like crap

Yes, it hurts. Don't believe anyone who tells you it doesn't. They are just lying because they feel dumb for doing it and now want others to follow.

ouch and ew.

Yes, it hurts. Its really sore and you will end up taking it out. I did.

Joe R
yes it hurts like hell

Mom of 2 great boys
From what I have heard, YES!
I wouldn't do it and it doesn't look very professional if you want to work with the public.
Seeing that thing always draws attention and most employers in high end management, don't like it.
Good luck if you do it!

nope. getting a hole stabbed through your tongue actually feels good. believe me, it does! i love it. i get it done every weekend because it feels soooo good.

You are going to drive a spike through a major muscle, what do you think? Drive one through your leg muscle.

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