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 PLEAse ReAd? VeRy UrGeNt??!?
I'm getting my ears pierced tomorrow and I was wondering how bad it hurt? does it feel like a pinch or worse?...

Does having your ears pierced hurt?
On a scale from to 1-10 and ten being the worst pain you've ever felt, what was ear piercing for you?
Please only serious answers. Thank you! Oh, and what does it feel like?

PS. I'm getting my lobes pierced. =)
Is 13 to old to have you're ears pierced?

hmmmmm...2 it wasnt painful at all believe me ...

1.5--It was a quick sting, nothing more. I got mine pierced right before I went to 5th grade. Don't stress over it.

It only hurts for a second when it's being done, and then it's fine, unless they get infected, that REALLY hurts!! So keep it clean :-)
13 is not too old, my mother didn't get her ears pierced until she was 45!

Julie J
i dont know if it hurts,

but 13 isnt 2 old 2 get ur ears peirced

im 13 and mine arent peirced yet

my sister JUST got hers peirced when she was 18

Rachael <3
lobes i'd say about 3/10. it just goes kinda numb, then a little later it may sting, especially if you catch it and it can be sore when cleaning them but nothing major. and there's no age limit. i got the first holes in the lobes when i was 6, the second when i was 14. Don't be nervous about it, it really isn't too bad.

[email protected]
Both my daughters had their ears pierced at 3 years old with no pain and no tears

it only hurts for a second
just take care of them after so they dont get infected and youll be fine
no age is too old sweety
just keep the studs in till your healed all the way
the worset part of getting it done is the anxiety before you go
once you get the first one done you'll be like that was it??

Dr Frank
It is virtually painless, though the Claire's I went to will not pierce someone as younger than 13 years, you should therefore be fine, but may need mum to sign the consent.

manjit grover
The pain is not even.5.I have pierced small girls from 4yrs old and it never hurt them.There is a way of piercing,should use balm to rub before piercing.

4. I just held my sisters hand and rinkled my face up, i went white but i didnt think it hurt

I got my ears pierced 5 times (in different places). I got my lobes pierced when I was 12 and 13 is not too old to get them pierced. It only hurts for a second and I would say that pain is about a 4. My pain scale probably isn't the best to go on though because I had a back surgery in January so the pain of getting my ears pierced is nothing compared to back surgery. I was so happy once I got my ears pierced because I got to go shopping for earrings and I still do today. You will be glad you got them pierced, just make sure to keep them clean if you do get them pierced.

sara c
its inbetween stubbing your little toe and having an injection

It does hurt really, it just stings a little. It feels like an injection, and then the lobe goes kind of warm from all the man handling. I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, it is about 3. It might be a little uncomfortable while it heals though. You have to apply an antispetic to the ear and twist the stud. Usually in the mornings there is a build up of crust which you have to clean away. It can be a bit difficult to twist and that can be a little uncomfortable too.

Overall though, not a painful experience at all!

I don't think 13 is too old to get your ears pierced...but some places won't pierce under 16's without parents permission.

it does hurt but not bad. it is very temporary and the procedure is done so quickly that it is over rather quickly.

It feels like a pinch. It does hurt a little but only for a second. In that second it might be a 2 or 3 on a scale from 1-10.
No 13 is not too old. I got mine pierced at the age of 5 then again at 16 (cause I wanted a second one).
It is definately NOT the worse pain I have felt.
It hurt worse when I was 5 than it did when I was 16. I think it was because I was scared.

Crazy Diamond
1 if it was more than that I would not have had them done another two times.

no but it is uncomfortable later as healing takes place & you must take care to avoid infection

maria l
i got my ears pierce as a baby so i would not know for sure, but when i got a second hole it sting a little and then stopped, and 13 is not to old, go for it. Ps if u r a girl sure, if u r a boy, not right now wait till you r 18.

kathy f
does not hurt very much; only for a second or two. No age is too young; maybe infants should not have it done. 13 years
of age is a good starting age.

I would say about a five. The biggest problem is if you get an infection in it. Now that really hurts!!!
No 13 is not too old. You can have it done when you are 70 if you feel like it.

1 if that, nip your self on the arm now, that hurts more.

coy carp
no its not too old

about 4, its the throbbing after that is annoying

no, getting your earlobes peirced does NOT hurt. it feels like a quick pinch, then it is over.the worst pain that i had I was like 7 when i had them first done, but i had to get them done like 3 times b/c the first time there was an infection and then the holes closed. the second time, i went a while w/o wearing earrings so the backs of the holes closed. then i got my second holes done but I barely felt anything at all.
and no sweetie, 13 is not too old to get them done. It is based on whenever you feel comfortable with getting them done. I got my 2nd holes done on my sweet 16. dont worry about it. It doesnt hurt at all. just a quick pinch, then it is all over. but if I were you, get studs, not hoops, there is less chance that they can get tangled on something. with studs, you have an easier time handleing them as far as cleaning goes. with hoops, it's just a pain in the rear. :)

No not at all.Make sure that they put the holes in the same place in both lobes. No pain but keep clean with Witch Hazel.

Steve F
doesn't hurt.

just aftercare for a week.

tcp and turn them often

It doesn't hurt at all. If you compare it to the pain of a haemoroid operation it rates at minus 50

I was 16 the first time I had mine done. It's not that painful. I've given birth, broken my wrist, been stung by a jellyfish and had a steroid injection for golfer's elbow and all of those hurt much more.

naughtybecksy K
the pain is roughly a 2 id say. No more painful than a quick pinch. It really is very quick and will possibly sting for about 2 secs. Then its over. Good luck. If its any help my eight year old son had his done on Saturday and didnt cry or anything.

They'll use what is called a 'gun' which are often small blocks these days, they work by pressure. The piercer will draw small dots where the piercing will be and let you see in the mirror. When your happy, they hold the 'gun' to the position and clip it firmly together. The desired earing is installed in the 'gun' which is then thrown away. The pain is minor, its more the clicking noise the 'gun' makes.

Pain scale: 2

Your not too old, my gran, who is in her 70's always wore clip on's, till she got the nerve to have them pierced last year! Thats an honest story!

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