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Does Getting A Blood Test At A Physical Hurt?

I ♥ Purple!
It's like getting a shot because they use needles.

Yes, it can if one is very dehydrated or the person trying to take the test doesn't get the vein the first time (and when this happens bruising can occur) or they are too rough. Also, some people are very sensitive when it comes to pain. If you are one of these people please let the staff know so that they can try to make you more comfortable.

An easy way to ease the possibility of pain from not occurring is to ask them to use a butterfly needle (it's smaller and much easier to use on some people than regular size needles).

Well I had my blood drawn once and it did hurt for me. And I almost passed out. I think it depends on how good the person is when there taking your blood. Mine wasn't good appanently.

depends on who puts the needle in and how they put it in....the first time i got one i was not even one so i don't remember it.....but the 2nd time it didn't hurt at all, then the 3rd time it hurt ALLOT

salee anabee

Deb S
No. It's a quick pinch but no other pain.

Nick W

It depends on a lot of factors. It especially depends on how quickly and easily they find the vein. For instance, my veins are notoriously deep, so I generally feel some discomfort with the process. There have been times when I went to a skilled phlebotomist and didn't feel a thing.

A lot of it is skill, a lot of it is luck.

Most people say they feel less discomfort with getting bloods drawn than getting a shot.

It's important to just relax. I can think of many things more painful than getting a shot. More than likely, it will just be a mild discomfort... like an itch that you can't scratch.

Keep cheery and don't worry!

A little. I get a big needle shoved in my arm a couple times a week to give plasma. Sometimes I don't even feel it, but when I do, it's not too bad. Don't watch.

georgia gurl
It feels like a bee sting with alcohol on it

Rhonda & Cats
nahh no worse than a mosquito bite.

I actually do this for a living, and it depends on 2 things. The collector, and the vein. Drink water regularly the night and morning prior to your test (don't drown in it though). As for which type of needle to use, butterfly needles come in exactly the same size as syringe needles and vacutainer needles. Butterfly needles are only required if the vein is very fine, there are many tubes, or if the blood needs to be take from the back of your hand or forearm, or some other such unusual area, and they generally hurt no more or no less than the other methods.. Most people are able to have it collected from the crook of their elbow without any trouble. Good luck with it.. if you lived near me, I would do it for you.

Sue Naumy
Just make sure to study hard for the test.

How old are you,5? No it doesn't hurt much.

no. it doesn't hurt.

Not really. They simply draw blood through a needle. There's a slight sharp pinch, the blood flows through and afterwards they take the needle out then it's done. You can handle it if I can. Be brave.

A standard blood test for a physical is a CBC With Differential, which is a Complete Blood Count, red cells, white cells, pletelets, etc., and also checks your cholesterol, triglycerides and other components of your blood. Normall it is taken from the inside of your elbow, and the only pain is a little pinch when the needle first goes in. If the nurse is excellent you wont even feel that. it is not big deal at all.

dont worry its doesnt hurt that bad as you think..
if you have experienced the syringe-attack you'll definitely know how it feels..

It is not comfortable, but it is not that bad.

Depends, for me it doesn't hurt because I've had many blood tests.

Once I had a test and you know that elastic they put on just higher up than where the blood is going to be taken, well then had a plastic version and they tied it so tight that it hurt, I didn't feel the needle at all :D, so I think if you concentrate on the pain that the arm band is giving you, you wont feel the needle.

Nope. Usually they only take 3 very small vials of blood. Each one is 1/2 the size of a normal testube. Not even enough to make you feel weird.

As far as the needle goes.. I dont like to watch but normally it doesnt hurt.

If you don't look at it, think or talk about something else, and have someone who does it all the time do it.

amazingly intelligent
Depends on your tolerance for pain and the skill of the phlebotomist (blood taker.) I have small, tough veins and am what they call a "hard stick" because my veins also roll away. Yet, depending on who draws the blood, I have sometimes not even felt it!
Just relax. It feels like a hard pinch at most. If the person taking your blood has trouble, request that they have someone else try. It will be over in a moment anyway.

No, the pain typically comes from the fear and the anxiety of the needle. Most often the patient is able to talk and calm down after the needle is inserted.

The best thing to do is occupy yourself and ask the tech questions...how is your day going etc..

Good Luck!

If the tech taking the sample is good there will be just a little stinging sensation. A bad tech will make it hurt like hell...
Ed, RN


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