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oli skyes is my husband
Do guys htink visible hip bones are attractive?
cuz i love my hipbones so much
Additional Details
they aren't like anorexic visible, but ive just lost 10 lbs...and they look great on me...

ssssssiiiiiiiiiicccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk !!!! eat a pumpkin pie!!!!

No.....and they hurt!

No! I want some cushion for the pushin.Skinny is a magazine thing not a man thing.The love heart in a tattoo is based on a woman taken from behind,the same as all American muscle cars.

ewwww....that's scary. who wants to look at a skeleton

I'm a girl and I think the guy above is correct. FUNNY

NOOOO .guy want fleshy hips, not too much weight; but firm.
after looking to "visible hip bone" guys think that the female is under nurished.

its gross, it disgust me..it reminds me of ANOREXIA

Lil meezy

Ben Reilly
No. Only Anorexic freaks do.

I've heard many guys (I was in the Army) talking about women's bodies. Most do not think a woman skinny enough to see her hip bone is attractive, and many said they didn't enjoy having relations with one that so thin their hip bones were obivious because it was uncomfortable for them.
Most of the guys agreed a little meat on the bones was much more pleasant to look at and touch.
Thats the guys thoughts, now I'll add mine, when your that thin you don't look healthy.

As long as there is something behind them.

not unless I'm a skeleton. skinny girls/women are not attractive. I have no intentions of dating a swizzle stick.

no freggin way!

No, they're not, makes you look anorexic, or sick. It's kind've like me with my wrist, love the bone pointing out to the side. (haha)

put a pic but no not me

surely not! hideous in my view!

Baby Gyrl
Not really. They like curvy girls from my knowledge and experience

My girlfriend has them and she is at a healthy weight....i find them attractive....and just cause your hip bones show doesnt mean that your skinny or anorexic..it all has to do with your bone structure

idk but i love mine too!

yea i can see mine too! not like im anorexic or anything, im 5'10 and 120 lbs, my doctor actually told me im under weight for my height, but i like my weight at 120. haha but yea i like them :]

I've never heard of anyone loving hip bones. Strange!!!

no the most men i know want meat on a girls bones

i dunno about guys.. but i love mine too :)

I wish my hips where less.. meaty I think curvy but still showing a little bone is good, weird i was jus thinking about this yesterday,

Suzie H
It depends own how much hip bones is showing and the personality that goes with them. There is a lot more to consider than just hip bones. I am a little over weight, yet I have prominent hip bones and have never heard a positive or negative comment on them. I used to be much thinner and it was the same then.

Usually, highly visible hip bones are the result of very thin bodies. If you have a serious weight problem such as anorexia that causes your hip bones to be prominent, you should seek medical attention. If, however, your hip bones are not sticking out like a skeleton, you are probably justified in thinking that they are attractive. Besides, if you are healthy and happy and are satisfied with your appearance, tell those who find fault with your figure to take special notice of the Mistletoe attached to your coattail.

Yes, totally!!!! If anyone tries to tell you otherwise they ARE jealous because they're over weight

*Fluorescent Adolescent*
lol...hipbones are awesome...but i hate how they hurt when you sleep on them...they're just too bony at times...but its super cool to feel them move when you walk, i love it

= ]

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