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Daughter conplaining of tummy pains for 2 days but now crying in pain?
my husband has now took her to a&e.im sat here worrying.shes been complaining of tummy pains now for 2 days,but all family has had a tummy bug over last couple of weeks and although we all not had pains (as such) we put it down to her havin bug like us but differant symptoms (we all had sickness and runs) we have been giving her calpol and ibuprofen.only tonight her pains have got much worse made her hot water bottle for her tummy and give pain killers.she has a constant pain in tummy but iwas feeling her tummy to see were hurt most and woz on left hand side near her hip bone.she has not yet started her periods but the pains dont seem that far down.any1 know what this might be i am going out of my mind .husband gona ring when she been seen bt who knows how long u can be waiting at a&e ex on a friday night.

Linda C
Is she going to the bathroom regulary or not? If not, it could be that. I would monitor that. If you want professional advice online, I suggest www.medsocial.com, there are a lot of med students and medical professions on that site, as well as knowledge people.

Jeanette M
go to the emergency room asp....it could be something very serious.

Take her immediately. Why are you prolonging her agony?

Could it be appendix? But I think appendix is on the right hand side. I am not sure. It is good that she is at the A&E. Can u call your husband and ask him to tell the nurses that it could be accute appendix and its the thrid day and it can burst any time. I hope she is seen to very soon. I hope I am wrong about the appendix all together. Try to relax she is at the right place now.

Hope its nothing serious.

Prayers with you Hope all turned out ok.


charlie h
when i have had to take my kids to A & E on a Friday night ive been waiting sometimes for 4 hours plus.
If they see that shes in that much pain though she should get seen fairly quickly.
Hope she gets better soon and that you dont have to wait to long to find out whats wrong. Good Luck


Pain could still be because of the start of womenhood. could be caused from her appendix too. good luck and i hope she is better soon.

My brother had something similar, now this could be really serious or it could be the flu. Take her to the ER and have them check her out, they will know what to do.

What happened with my brother BTW is that they gave him some fluids in an IV and a stuffed animal.

check for pin worm, go to the doctor. i really don't want to get in to how you do that, I'm hoping as a mother you will know.

[email protected]
It sounds like your husband has taken her to the emergency clinic, which is good. Never know with these things, my husband had to have his appendix removed when he was 11 because it burst. Could be that worse, and then maybe not. Relieved to hear she is going to be seen. No worries, just prayers for an awesome recovery!

Could be appendicitis, but i'm no doctor. Don't worry she will be in safe hands now.

The appendix is on the right side and pain from appendicitis is usually only on the right side. So you don't really have to worry about that. I don't have any suggestions but I hope she gets better soon.

don't worry and get upset.

1. if it is nothing seious you still will need to take care of a sick child
2. if she is real sick then you will need to stay by her and stay calm
3. there are many things that this could be, including a bad case of the flu

worry when they say that something is wrong. Hopefully they will call from the med center and tell you what is happening

thankfully ur hubby has taken her to a&e but she will be fine shes in safe hands with the doctors tho its probibly something and nothing im sure they will give her something for the pain and she will be home in bed within an hour or so. good luck and please try not to worry too much xx

pasado manana tu madre
it could be the appendix or spleen

Sorry it is best to wait for your husband to let you know what is wrong it still may be a tummy bug.Hope she is okay.You make a cuppa & stay strong for your daughter.Hope you hear soon.

Donna M
Could be her appendix. But try not to worry - even if it is it's easily sorted out - she'll be fine.

woolly worm

you never said how old your daughter is but my daughter at nine was complaining of similar pain and location and we took her to her regular peditrician and he tried to tell me that kids that age often say things for attention,to stay out of school and alot more worthless and I know my daughter she just wasn't like that so I took her 3 days later to a urologist and come to find out she was badly contaminated with e-coli bacteria in her urine and it came from NOT wiping front to back and he told me it was very common in young girls.She had no pain down there at anytime and she was put on an atibiotic and was showing improvment in a couple of days.Hope this info is helpful.Good Luck on her feeling well [email protected]

I don't know what a&e is. I hope that's the name of your local hospital.

Call her pediatrician (even if they have to wake up the emergency doctor on call.) Describe everything to him. If he thinks you should take her to the emergency room, to so right away.

Also, you should not be giving her Ibuprofen (or ANY over-the-counter medication) for more than two weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if that pain was coming from her liver. Actually, from what you described, I think she pointed at her liver. The good news is, that the liver is the only organ in the body that can actually regenerate itself, and you've probably caught it in plenty of time.

Anyway, it looks like you're saying she's currently at the hospital and you're waiting worrying for the results. Don't worry! Kids that young heal much better than adults, plus they get higher priority if there's need for an organ transplant. But chances are, it's not that severe. She might have something lodged in her intestine, like a pebble. They would need to dig it out, but they can do that sort of thing without cutting.

I really wish I could say something more comforting, but the fact is, there's the chance it could be really bad, although there's a bigger chance that she'll be just fine!!

Julie S
The area of pain sounds like it could be appendicitus, try not to worry too much as she is in the right place and will get treatment for whatever it is. You dont mention her age so dont know if she could be starting her periods, my daughter didn't have any pain when she started hers and she was 12.

Hope you hear from your hubby soon so that it puts your mind at rest. Also hope all is well with your daughter soon.

dont worry my daughter got tummy pains alot when she was little now shes into boys and i have to worry about different things im sure shes gonna bounce back kids always do xxx

Kidney stone?

oh hon i do feel for you, my girl is 10 almost 11 she had pains in her tummy on Monday morning (i thought it was "that time as she is quite developed??), after giving her Paracetamol she was fine so i sent her to school, only to have a phone call to say she had been sick at school-how bad did i feel??!!!
it could be her appendix?? at least your hubby has taken her to a&e to rule anything out.
hope she is ok?
my thoughts are with you, tough being a mum sometimes :(
x x x x

Doesn't matter how long the wait is. Get her in there NOW. When you talk to the nurse (you know, when she asks what is wrong) tell her how much pain your child is in and they will get her seen fast. Don't say "Oh, she has a stomach ache" or you will sit there for HOURS. You have to tell them.

There are a lot of things that can cause this type of pain (and you didn't say how old your daughter was, but if she's 10 or older, it really could be the start of menstruation). MOST of the things that cause pain like that are not serious, and the fact you've all recently had a stomach bug really suggests to me that that is the most likely source. But it's GREAT that you guys have taken her to see a doctor, and you should have answers soon. Just keep in mind that she's at the a&e now and so she's safe -- you'll get a diagnosis soon and then can move forward with accurate inforomation. Keep us posted on what happens with the doctor! And hang in there!

Midwife Jane
What a worry! Such fun being a mum!

If there has been a bug going about your family it is probably that..if she has not been sleeping because of it it will probably feel more painful. Both Ibuprofen and calpol (which is Paracetamol) can cause tummy pain if taken on an empty stomach, and if she has taken both together on an empty tummy then that very well may have made her feel worse :(

It could very well be a long wait in A&E on a friday night...hang in there, go watch telly and have a cuppa and wait for hubby's call. I hope she's feeling better soon.

what you doing on here, if this was my daughter i would be at the a and e with her, hope she is ok,

lynda w
I am sure she will be ok if your husband has taken her to the hospital dont worry she is in the best possible place.

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