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Chest ache?
ok so today i went skateboarding and i fell on my back and got the wind knocked out of me, now my chest feels like something is pushing up against it is this normal

you should be fine with a night's sleep

see a doctor severe chest pain is serious

prolly just pain from your back wait and see how you feel tomorrow

Could be nothing at all but because it's an ache in your chest I would go get it checked out just in case. Feel better soon!

*ouch.. really, you should see a doctor..^^

see your doctor, because you dont know what is going on in your body. at least you wont be curious.

Get it checked out at a med center if you can't get in to see your dr. right away.

is there a bruise on your back, neck, or chest? If so, you may just be in pain from that. Or you may have fallen hard enough 2 hurt your lungs...I would DEFINETLY go c a doctor. If your back and chest r swollen....you may have broken a rib. So, really, my advice is go see a doctor....good luck and i hope you get better!

Chest trauma contusion of sharp object or injury to intradermal tissue causing rib damage, possible organ damage of lungs and decreased respiratory drive.

Damage to spleen -repair having medical device implantation.


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off you go you need an xray taken you may have fractured your sternum or rib or may have even broken something.... it could also have caused severe bruising or bleeding internally so go and get it looked at by a professional.

Matt S
maybe you are going through puberty getting these (.)(.)

i crashed mountain biking, same type thing, was out for 3 weeks. couldn't even raise my arms, hurt to laugh, so much pain.

might just be bruised rib, maybe bruised lung. (that's what I did) but you most certainly should have yourself checked out.


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yeah, even if it dosen't hurt that much, you always need to ask a Doctor about it... it could be something really serious that can't wait...

Tim H
yep,it is just like if you banged your knee really hard and hurts like hell and it is sore for the next few days,your chest pain should ease within the next few days if not go see your doctor

Go to the Emergency Room asap. There could be more damage than you think.

Greg F
Probably, but your doctor might want to take x-rays.

dude u need to rest

thats not good. you should go see a doctor immediatly. you may of had your ribs pushed to your organs

Yes it is , but I would be going to hospital for an x-ray just to make sure that nothing is wrong . You may have something wrong and you may not as well .

Five Hours Ago!!!!
I Hope that You are still OK as You have a trauma to Your Back , and You NEED to get it looked at Pronto !
You don't normally walk about with chest pain, so something has changed to make Your chest ache.
Go to Your Local ER. !!
If it turns out that Your injury has caused some other problem somewhere else, and You will recover well, the worst thing that will have happened, is You will have to wait in the Dreaded Waiting room till You could be seen.
You will have peace of mind, Knowing that there is no other serious problems, and You will soon be well.

It's normal at first. If it continues for a long time i would get checked by a doctor. Better safe than sorry

Chest Ache. . . . . .. - any sort of pain get it checked.

Once my brother complained of pain in his chest that help like presure. He discribed it as if someone was giving him a bear hug. Anyway, he was ok for about 7 or 8 hours from the begining of his complaining, the it got so bad he couldn't breath and he thought he was going to die, literally. My mom rushed him to the er and come to find out it was a colapsed lung! I'm not saying this is what you have, but you need to go the the ER asap, before whatever it is gets worse and you can't breath or whatever. Please take precausions and go. It may be nothing, but better safe than sorry.

Well there is no telling when you have those kinds of injuries if you've gone and done something serious. I'd be worried about fractures or broken blood vessels, that type of thing.

It would not hurt you to get an x-ray and rule out any serious injury.

Remember an impact travels...you slammed onto your back but the impact kept travelling right through to your chest which took the worst of it, so likely it's just your chest muscles that absorbed most of the shock of the injury. But rule out any injuries to the ribs or lungs with an xray.

I would suggest you try this. Get some medium sized towels and moisten them with water and wring them good. Throw them in the microwave for a minute or two until they are warm and put them on your bare chest. Put a thinner dry towel on your chest if it's too hot and put another towel on top of the wet ones to keep the heat from escaping. The MOIST heat will relax your chest muscles which are tightening and causing the pain making it difficult to breathe too I would imagine. If you can lie on some on your back too I'm sure it would help even more. This is what they do at physio but they have specially made towels and equipment for that.

Have someone give you a Gentle chest massage (and back) with a warming lubricant too or A535 which may help Loosen the muscles too.

You should feel better in a few days. The fact you are in this much pain already tells me the worst is yet to come because your muscles will tighten making it feel like you're having a heart attack or something...so keep them warm and loose but do go for an xray first.


rose j
you need to go to the ER and have that checked out you could have broken something

khayum p
Any problem in the chest warrants immediate doctors attention. Please get yourself checked by a qualified doctor.

[ }{Ωll∂ ]
i had that ealier 2day
i just ignored it and now im better lol

John A
The nerves that supply the ribs and the sternum originate mostly from the spinal cord and some from the cranium. The blow to the back could easily cause a temporary nerve injury that will effect the supply of energy to the anterior chest (front). So whilst the injury is in the back the referred senation can be in the front (the axons along the intercostal nerves will supply the sensation).

Rest and relaxation will help and analgesics such as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory will reduce the pain and discomfort.
" NSAIDs are sometimes also referred to as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents/analgesics (NSAIAs) or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIMs). The most prominent members of this group of drugs are Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Naproxen partly because they are available over-the-counter in many areas. Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) has negligible anti-inflammatory activity, and is not an NSAID."

Jon T
It is probably just a bit of a bruise or a sprain from the fall. But if it was hanging around in a couple of days without getting better, then I'd probably head to the docs.

As a complete guess the only thing I could imagine "pushing in" would be a broken rib, but I reckon you'd be in complete agony if it was that, so I'm probably talking BS.

Hope it sorts itself out soon.

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