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 What is wrong with pierced ears??
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 I smoked last night my throat hurts when i breath and eat and the sides of my neck?
yeaaa so if u get what i mean i smoked w**d i usally do often but today it hurts on the sides of my neck and it hurt when i move around my neck or somtimes breath does anyone one no what this is. ...

 Should I go to the hospital?
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 How to get my ear to "pop" pressure help!!?
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 Do women feel physical pain less than men?
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Someone once told me that and said a woman's pain threshold is much higher cause of ...

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 Lm 49 years old, and my bones ache alot, why?

 Can you damage your ear with a quetip?
The other day I accidentally..shoved a quetip in my ear, and it caused alot of pain. It went away, but now, two days later, I seem to have more pain in that ear and it seems to be spreading. Should ...

Can young people get heartburn?

Ms. Angel..
It not the age of a person, it the weight and what is eaten.
Everyone can get heartburn.

Dr. Nick
Sure, personally I haven't seen many cases in young children but they can definately get it.

yes :-(

Morg - Herald of Death
Yes, so watch what you eat. My brother would get them all the time when he was in Elementary school, so it depends on the person and the food.



yes they can

you bet

Yes. Heartburn actually has nothing to do with your heart, but with your stomach. It's the acids in your stomach, and it feels awful I know.

yeah, anybody can get it


corrie l
yes heartburn has no age limit even small children can have it i have a 3 year old who suffers with it

absolutly. Also, If you're on any medications, heartburn can be a side effect

they sure can


yes my sister got it a lot when she was 11 years old

Heartburn is caused by the acids in your stomach splashing up into your esophagus and burning it. This happens in people who have a weak valve, or who are highly anxious etc. If it occurs more than once you want to have it checked out by the MD because it can cause scarring in the esophagus which can cause big problems later on.

Joel C
its possible. I know thatmy 10yo cousin sometimes gets it

yea!! everyone can.


♥take me away♥
i think

Edward W
yes they can.

well of course

XxMiKeY sToP StEaLiNg CoOkIEsxX
yeah! i get some,times and am 13!

when i was in fifth grade there was girl and she had taht alot.


yes they can.


I ♥ Dreads!
They sure can
and I feel sorry for young people who do



yes but it depends. SOme young people have acid reflux and that is the real problem. (if thats ur case or u think it is talk to ur docter or ur parents). Most of the time it;s somthing u ate.

Yes anybody can, any age

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