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 What's the worst pain you've ever had?

 I am in pain!!!?
i have a very dull ache in my kidneys and its really hurting? any ideas what it could be?...

 My boyfriend has a bad back ache, what are the best ways to releive the pain?

 What do you think causes my stomach to hurt every morning?
i am 16 and when i get up about 5:15 everything is fine. i get ready and get ready to leave for school about 6:55 my stomach seems to always hurt about 6:30 or so. what do you think causes this pain ...

 I hate needles but have blood test tomorrow. will it hurt really bad?

 OMG, how can I get rid of this headache?
I have had a mild migraine since Monday morning. It doesn't throb, it is in my forehead, around my eyes and between them. It won't go away. I've taken Tylenol, had enough to eat, ...

 Why does it hurt to drink pop?
It feels like drinking fire! I can actually feel it going down my esophagus. Then it kind of festers through out my abdomen: stomach, esophagus,etc. I have had it happen since I was little, but in ...

 I have rly bad cramps?
i get horrible cramps during my period. they are sometimes so bad that it makes me cry, and i can't even get off the couch without it hurting horribly. is there any remedy that helps to ...

 What's the worst pain you've ever experienced?
..it can be physical or mental....

 Im in agony with toothache. taken max dosage Of paracetamol, not toUChed it what can i do now....HELP!!!?

 Life Is Terrible?
Who feels like they have just hit the bottom of hell?...

 Will you go for a walk today?

 Do guys htink visible hip bones are attractive?
cuz i love my hipbones so much
Additional Details
they aren't like anorexic visible, but ive just lost 10 lbs...and they look great on me......

 What kind of painkiller for headaches?
I don't get headaches often, but when i do get them ,they last for the whole day. But most of those days i really have to work on hw, and can't afford to lose time because of headaches

 Please tell me swimming is better than walking, as exercises?

 Does anyone know a cure for night time leg cramps?
i drink plenty of water, have plenty of potassium and iron in my diet but nothing seems to ...

 Charlie horse.... help!?
I heard that drinking gatorate or eating a banana helps when you get a charlie horse... is that true? are they're any other 'tricks' that can help....
Additional Details

 Best type of pain killers?
Looking in the supermarket I see there are several types/makes of pain killer i.e. Paractemol, Neurofen, Aspirin etc. What in your opinion is the best....

 What is wrong with pierced ears??
I went over to my moms to visit and my mom got her belly button pierced so she said i could pierce my ears and when i went back home to my dads he told me to take it out so i sneak and take it off ...

 I smoked last night my throat hurts when i breath and eat and the sides of my neck?
yeaaa so if u get what i mean i smoked w**d i usally do often but today it hurts on the sides of my neck and it hurt when i move around my neck or somtimes breath does anyone one no what this is. ...

Can I have a tissue?
To wipe away my tears? I need a hug right now... =(
Additional Details
Thanks you guys... ♥
But I think I'm going to need a whole freaking box... =(

i wish my lawn was as emo as you....so it would cut itself

King John
sure thing, and when you're ready, i wouldn't mind being "the rebound guy"

rae c
Its gonna be alright, you are not going to remember this pain a month from now

can i have one too? i'm still so freakin sick!

Sure what kind?

Or some other stupid brand?

Grant M
You poor baby here >>>>>>>>>>>>>((((((((((((HUG/YOU))))))))...
What you probably need i9s a real one.. Why dont you seek out a good friend boy or girl and get one... I hope you get better soon... Here is one more (((((((((((((((HUG?YOU))))))))))) Good luck Grant M in Pennsylvanis

sure i can supply you with 2 boxes or more if you need them. and as well here is a big *HUG* for you and hope you feel better soon sweetheart.

*Jelly Baby*
have a box and a hug, hope you feel better soon.

doug g
Take as many as you need,Hug.

Awwww...dont be sad :-) smile. It will get better.

Don't Forget me ♥
well it just so happends i buy in bulk...so i have about 5 boxes if you need them...feel better!!!

>:)< thats a big big hug for u ma dear, and if u get more and more sad, leave ur whole place, and come and live with my family :) , i am sure u will not be sad again ever ;). so think about it!!! and i am here always for u!! take care and never cry, coz there is nothing deserve to have just one tear on it!!

sure y wats wrong


*hug* and if that doesn't satisfy you hereya go*REAL HUG* I do that all the time to give people a smile! Did it work ??

sure! whats wrong?

Bagbalm Catdew
I don't know why the tears, but you have my


Feel a little better now??

(Yahoo blocked the tissues that I sent. Said it had too many KB's)

Buddy W.

awww it's okay. cry all you want because i'm here for you! here's 100 tissues and a shoulder to lean on :]

Sure. Whats up ?

why do hv tears its real when u become emotional or its natural that ur tears blows always. In both situation u hv to need tissue paper of good quality and i offer this so u hv not more tears my dear KISS

feel better =]

Have an issue?
Here's a tissue!
Oh, wait... That one's been used...
Here's a fresh one!

I hope things get better.

((((((((((( HUGS ))))))))))))) feel better now ?? why so sad ?



are you ok, buddy? = (

dances with unicorns
Of course; tissues, a hug, and a nice bowl of chicken soup.

jules vane

Ocho Cinco
A full box of Kleenex for you...and as many (HUGS) as you need....=)

Awww.... (((((KISS)))))))))
Sending many tissues your way...
IS there anything any of us can do for you? Just name it.... Feel better.

yeah of course

swords, dragons, and diet coke
I'll buy the kleenex factory if needed...

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