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Tom M
Anyone got any good hangova cures.?
im going out in a few weeks for my m8 bday and i no i will be sooo ill the day after help!! and please dont write anything if your only going to say dont drink.!

drink lots of water b4 you go to bed then you wont wake up with a hangover

The Dude
I'm serious here, the only thing that works is Vicodine or Valium

i swear by 5 hour energy drink. take one before or during drinking and you should be good. lots of water is a plus!

go crazy, enjoy yourself just try not to get to the point where you feel like you're going to be sick 'cos we all know that ruins the evening; there's no real cure for a hangover, only time can get alcohol out of your system but to avoid being sick the next morning eat dry foods, crisp bread and plain toast without butter are good. Also drink loads of water, anything else will feel to heavy.

Eat a good meal that includes bread and at least SOME healthy food. Drink water--Do all this BEFORE you go. While drinking, keep in mind to make sure if you have any mixed drinks...liquor should be mixed with something that has at least SOME nutrition to it, even if it COKE. Stay away from too many straight shots that aren't followed up with a "nutrition" swallow or two. Orange, Grapefruit and Cranberry Juice is best...but colas are good too. Water is not good enough to keep that hangover at bay. Furthermore, keep some juice/colas at home and ready for middle of the night thirsties or even later thirsties.

In Science we trust
The only true cure is time. But, a couple of Aspirin taken with a big glass of water and a good swim in cool water (ocean works great) will do wonders.

Have another drink but before you do drink as much water as you can, hangovers cause dehidration which makes you feel ill the day after.

Well probably drinking plenty of water would be a good idea to rehydrate yourself. That's what I always do, however I usually feel ill the whole day after a night of heavy drinking.
A hot curry is also a great way of treating a hangover.

Platinum Diamond
Drink Pepto-Bismol with Coca-cola and Hold your breath for 30 seconds.

Make some chicken soup and when it is boiling crack a couple of eggs and mix in the soup so that they cook in it, and add hot sauce to it, as much as you think you can handle. It's the best and it tastes very good!

blue dolphin
And if you do wake up with a hangover, try drinking Schweppes Ginger ale.

i've never gotten a hangover in my life & i think it's because i drink a lot of water throughout my nite. i drink water all the next day & i also usually have some sort of meat for breakfast the next day.

Kevin Says Slide-N-Ride!
Hair of the dog!
Or Gatorade. A hang over is caused mostly by dehydration, so rehydrate.

Drink a beer, water, coca cola, and gatorade.
Beer - helps you ease out of being drunk/hung over
Water - hydrates you since beer dehydrates you
Coca Cola - Just makes your stomach feel better
Gatorade - Like water, but goes through your system alot faster. Helps remove toxins much quicker.

drink water before you go to bed (if you remember) when you get up squeeze a whole lemon into a glass of water and drink with a neurofen.

I promise this is a foolproof method, and in most cases will prevent the hangover from ever coming. But if you still get one, it will cure it quickly.

Go to the store and buy Vitamin B1 -- at least 250mg tablets.

Before going out to drink, take one B1 tablet, and two Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

When you get home (or take them with you if you may not make it back home), take another B1 and 2-3 Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

When you wake up, if you have a hangover, take another B1 and 2-3 more Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

I have used this old remedy for 30 years, and it has never failed me. I rarely feel anything in the morning, and usually feel fantastic.

One caution -- Vitamin B1 will make your pee very bright yellow, and smell like vitamins. A small price to pay!

KFC or something like that

it WILL work

Inca Yebail - The 6th profit.
This really is an end to the drinker's curse.
First, you must drink plenty of alcohol the night before, otherwise this remedy is useless. It is actually quite important that you have a hangover.

Before going to bed, have a large drink of water; a pint is about the best size. Then go to bed.

When you stumble out of bed in the morning; numb, cold waves crashing over your brain, blinding headache, blurred vision, clumsy, cuts and bruises, empty wallet, front door left wide open, total stranger laying by your side (we’ve all been there) it’s time for stage two of ‘the cure.’ Open and quickly consume a ‘large’ bag of salt and vinegar crisps, any make! Immediately follow the crisps with an isotonic drink. Red bull or some forms of Lucozade. There are probably others out there but I don’t know any; chemists will be able to help. Just find one that you like and remember to recycle!

Ten minutes later and it will be as if you haven’t even heard the word alcohol in weeks, it really is that good.

Don’t get drunk just to try this out though, statistically that would be a bad idea.

All the best at the party.

(The LOON)
Good old british fry up,Tommy juice, Orang juice, and Bananas..
(24 mins your sorted mate okay...

the swanky bastard!
full english works best here!

Best thing to do to preven a hangover is to eat before you go to bed, oh and the greassier the better! I prefer eggs baccon and pankackes. Wash it down with water. If you wake up still in a bit of pain, cold pizza or fried chicken with either Gator Aid or something of that nature helps. Oh and a few asprins couldn't hurt.

One thing.....NEVER DRINK COFFEE BEFORE GOING TO BED! A hangover is due to the alcohol delpeating your body of much needed fluids. Coffee is a diuretic and will also drain your system of fluids.

Mexican food....with lots of hot sauce. Also, a virgin bloody mary...although you may need a bit of the hair of the dog in it. :)

Alternate your alcoholic drinks with soft drinks, you will still have a good night and will be able to remember it! Try to have something with tomato in it, it has Potassium which will make you feel better. A banana smoothie would also help in much the same way. Lots of water before you hit the hay, it is a cliche but it works. In the morning, co-codamol and Red Bull and you will be ok.

Buy yourself some 'Milk Thistle'. It is a supplement and you can find it in most supermarkets, health food shops and online. It isn't expensive either.
The best way of using them is to take them before going out and then again on the morning after. (I personally take them daily for a few days before)
They really do reduce your hangover. I was a sceptic at first but I give them to my friends and they were also amazed at the results!
If you don't believe me just do a web search and type something like Milk Thistle and hangover and see the amount of people who recommend them!
They work by making your liver work better which means it can metabolise the alcohol easier.

have a good fry up.....:-D
or just stay drunk??lol

Ben G
full english breakfast

mike D
A beer

don't drink so much that you'll have a hangover. That is part of being a responisble adult. Baring that...watch this video, good advice, and HILARIOUS!!!!


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