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Leorina the Sky Pirate
Answer quickly, school tomorrow. What should I do about my jaw?
I think I did something to my jaw because it hurts to talk, eat, yawn, etc. Anything I can do for school tomorrow?
Additional Details
I already went to the doctor, savvy?

sleep with an ice pack on it. or a hot pad. in the morning if it still hurts, make an appointment with a doctor or something. ask your mom or dad.

idk what you did too it
but dont talk eat yawn etc
if you have a note show ur teachers
sry if this didnt help :(

sleep on it or go to a doctor

Did you step on a rusty nail lately? Maybe it's tetanus, in which case you ought to go to a hospital. If you know why you hurt your jaw and there's no possibility of tetanus, rest should help it and some Ibuprofen if you're allowed (if you're in elementary/high school, ask your parents before taking ANYTHING).

Clays mom
he may have an ear infection sometimes it will hurt you jaw take some Motrin it is an antiinflamatory it will take some of the pain away

say home rest don't do anything sleep see what happens after that.

Try gargling with some hot water from the kettle and add some salt in there. Then, just rest. Try not to eat, drink, or talk too much. It's just a temporary fix. But definitely see a doctor asap.

Feel better

dont go to school!
stay with your granny and go color or something!

Tell your parents and they'll take you to ur doctor

Research TMJ and see if you have these symptoms. Do you also get headaches? Does your jaw click when you chew food? Unless you have prescribed pain killers, I suggest Tylenol or Aspirin to help the pain. Also, you might try a little moist heat, and, if that doesn't really help, maybe an ice pack. No more than 20 minutes.

If it hurts that bad, you may want to go to the doctor instead of school.

Take some Ibuprofen, to cut down on the inflammation, and ice it down for about 10 minutes before going to bed. Be sure to wrap the ice pack in a wet hand towel, so you don't frostbite your face. After sleeping, see how you feel in the morning. If there is no improvement, have your parent make a doctor's appointment for A.S.A.P. If it is improving, take more Ibuprofen with your breakfast. Try not to talk too much, if you go to school. Good luck!

Get a parent's note to show to teachers, just let them know that you'd really appreciate not needing to talk in class, but you can write any answers down for them.

That way, they know you're not trying to slack off, but you won't have to hurt your jaw by talking.

Also, sleep on your back tonight, try not to talk too much, and bring a bag lunch with soup , pudding, Jello, or other easy to eat things that you don't really need to chew.

Simly Lady
its sore cant talk just chew veysmall ice cubes

yes you probably have TMJ...which is wen your joint in your jaw is a little outta place and its really really hurts to move it, sometimes less sometimes more. The only thing you could do is push on the side where your joint would b....near ur ear....and open while you do tht. put ice on it and not move it for the rest of the night trying to relax the muscles.

Barbie Doll 11
tell your mom and she'll probably end up taking you to the doctor before school may even start.

try relaxing your jaw and not chewing so wide when you eat for know.

Can you think of anything that may have happened? Any impact or anything?

I would call up your doctor or get a close friends advice. For now, i would apply ice or something to make it more comfortable to tolerate.

Feel better

u can get orajel, a pain numbing gel. it tastes awful, but it works. or just take Aspirin.

Tell your mom and go to the doctor tomorrow morning if it still hurts.

Go to the doctor.

Take Ibuprofen and rest and consider Ibuprofen in the AM before going to school. A doctor's evaluation is always a good option if it persists.

I've had the same thing happen to me. I just forced my jaw to move. It hurt so bad but it eventually went away, i believe with in about 2 days. Just stay calm and if it doesn't eventually get better go see your family doctor. Oh and try 400 mg of Ibuprofen. that's two brown 200 mg pills. Advil, Motrin are the name brands so check your medicine cabinet for those. Ibuprofen is a anti-inflammatory and it should help ease your pain.

hope it gets better soon!
if my answer helps you the most please do me a favor and choose it as best answer, i would really appreciate it! thanks!

You need to do what the doctor told you to do. It's probably just stress. Try to relax.

see your gp. could have pulled a muscle.



To get through the day, I suggest taking Advil or Tylenol. Then, right after school go straight to a doctor or the emergency room. If you already went to the doctor and they didn't find anything. I suggest you see if you feel better in the morning if not then just stay home for the day.

Capt. Murphy
Um, don't talk, eat, or yawn?

go to the doctor.

Sounds like TMJ (tempromandibular joint) dysfunction. Does it feel stiff, click, or lock when you open your mouth or chew?

Try putting ice or heat on it, whichever seems to help more, and take some Ibuprofen. If that doesn't help in a few days, you'll probably need to go to the doctor or dentist.

☺ Sheepie
Ice, asprin, that's all I can think of. Maybe something hot like tea. Best to seek medical advice if it persists.

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