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Yes or no. Should marijuana be legal?
No explanation needed, and writing yes yes yes or no no no does not get extra credit.


The reason marijuana should be decriminalized is because it is on par with alcohol! It has medicinal values as well as recreational values to some people! Light potheads SHOULD NOT GO TO prison!

henry b
It should be legal to bring the price down, just think fields and fields of pot instead of corn,wheat, or beans. Ya. that's the ticket,
everybody stoned cheap, lets see now your kids bus driver stoned, his teacher stoned, your 5 year old stoned, your mom stoned, your doctor stoned, your stoned, army stoned, truck drivers stoned, your boss stoned (sorry he had to lay you off, because he couldn't get any work because he was stoned and didn't care, he was happy), Don't let the smoke blind you, maybe someone will steal all you got just to buy pot because they didn't want to work and just get stoned. Just let your whole life go up in smoke, If you smoke good for you.

of coarse it should u should know!

Violet W

Lydia R


Hell yeah! Who's to tell me what I can or can't do with stuff I find growing in my garden?? Next, "they'll" be telling me I can't enjoy a tasty cowpie from the field!

I have no problem with pot, used to smoke it. I personally dont think anything good could come from legalizing.

I don't smoke. However, I think marajauna is as safe or safer than alchohol. Enforcement of dwi/dui laws would be similar.
the real issue would be taxation. If you package it like cigs, you know the government will want to tax it. So the criminals are no longer the importers (drug runners will just sell to the government), or the street dealers (now out of business, why buy questionable goods when you can get certified, inspected, grade "A" sh!t at EZ mart on the corner, legally), or even the guy on the street smokin' a fatty. The crime becomes politicians taking contributions from the big business to legislate in thier favor. The majority of the tax money generated will disappear into the pockets of corrupt officials. Big tobacco has bought themselves many politicians in the past. I have no doubt that legalizing pot will result in the same.
Do I sound too cynical? Gotta go now, AC is out and my heroin's melting.

yes as long as it is sold in limited quantities. the only problem would be the economic impact that could be caused if it were legalized. such as the declining neeed for law enforcement officials .and businesses that sell drug peraphernalia.

posession yes, trafficing on the streets no

of course u dont hear abouut people getting stoned and running over a kid or beating their wife maybe an alsault and battery on a twinkee but thats about it


It probally would be if they could figure out a way to tax it!!!!

when alcohol is legal and you can get drunk..i cannot see the difference between drunk and high..so yes



NOPE, because then we are giving creedance to every low life pothead ruining their lives and may so in the future try to drag my kid into their pathetic little world. Most potheads feel it is their "escape" but we must always ask ourselves..."how long will this high last"? and no for a fact that it will be a high a pothead would be chasing for the rest of his/her life.


Of course no, no, no.

Surf n' Snow

marijuana should be banned
ven in medical use
as anethetics

sarah m


Can I be on the fence about it? I am a recovering addict who has been sober for 20 years this July 4Th. I like both of my brothers am addicted to the drug , so it is not good for us, however my sister has eye problems and the doctor has told her for years that if she would smoke a joint every now and then it would reduce the pain she is in. I also had friends with the AIDS virus and I know that it helped them as well. So.. that is just my opinion on the whole deal.


Captain Salamander

Alex P
marijuana should be illegal.

No, Think about it...
It is Illegal. The people who Do use it
are criminals, repeat criminals..........

Seriously, They know it is against the
law when they buy it, drive with it, and smoke it
yet they do it anyways.

Doesnt say much for a person like that.
Why should we allow people with mind sets like that, be under the influence of a mind altering substance? We'd only be asking for trouble.

It is legal by the way, in a specific amount,
and through a Dr, but only for people who need it, I think its prescribed to some cancer patients, but dont quote me.

I would never tell my kids do drugs, or wish on
them a future full of potheads.


well, I haven't done so in years and years, but I think what the heck, make it legal, I mean I have never seen a stoner speeding!! If anything they would be safer on the roads >LOL

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