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( Except hot milk )...

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I'm referring to flouride, chlorine, prescription medication, hydrogenated vegetable fat, aspartame etc....

Would you rather break an arm or a leg?

candi k
well if i really had to break one in the first place it would be my leg because i would spend more time in the hospital and somebody else would have to look after my kids, it would be a and i could then spend more time surfing and i would get more points here and could read great books and ooooh youve just given me an idea!!

Arm, cause crotches hurt the arm pits.

Sexy Red
Neither i deal with fractured and broken bones all day so i know what it involves and what discomfort and pain you can be in.

leg. then you a reason not to do anything

I broke my leg once and it was awful. I was in the middle of doing my best kareoke song to a packed pub one night years ago, dropped my drink, turned round and slipped on it resulting in a loud snapping noise which was my leg. I did win the competition however, but i think that was only 'cos they felt sorry for the effort i put into it! Was "Daydream Believer" if i recall correctly............

arm - the left one coz i seldom use it!!!

I think I'd break my left arm so i could still write and walk.

a arm I already broke a leg it's a pain to get around when you have medal rods hanging out your leg and they keep getting hung up on something.......unless you mean break a leg or arm on somebody else then a leg

If its yours I would rather break both..

lil j
arm coz leg damm you cant walk and roam about on wheel chair

ur head!!

terri e
an arm cause i need to get around

Neither, but if i had to break one and had the choice it would be arm. I could still get about that way, besides i've already broke a leg.

Hi , I would rather break a leg cos this is saying for good luck when you go on stage etc,!Igroke my arm when i was 18 and was in plaster for 9 months!it was my fault, iwas was working in Scotland,and went out for a drink,i had to sleep in my work van cos i was to tight to pay for b and b,i came out of the pub and saw my van and jumed over a three foot high wall!yes you guessedit ,i fell 20 foot over the other side !!!(broke 11 bones)moral of the story is don't drink and jump!!!
have a nice weekend

On you?

look at me
neither i need all of my arms and all of my legs hell you know how hard it would be typing with one hand. or walking with one good leg hell no! I dont need anything broken.

Having done both I can say this,

If its one arm or one leg then an arm everytime. You can still get around easily etc.

if its both arms or both legs then the legs have it ( you cant even wipe your ---- if your arms are in plaster)

Maintaining your independance and dignity have it )


taxed till i die,
if they belong to me then neither,i would rather stay in one piece thank you

None of the above, silly.

My left arm......

mine or yours

both then its over!!!!!

Oh definitely an arm, because I need my legs to kick people asking dumb questions.

Neither. I'd rather break my right arm than my left (I'm left handed), but I still wouldn't be able to get around breaking either as I wouldn't be able to drive.

i think i'd rather break your arm or leg!

[email protected]
arm. Gotta walk !!

depends whose arm or leg i am breaking

arm, so that you can still walk

an arm providing it was my left....lol

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