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 What food or drink is good for constipation?

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I am on antibiotics and it is causing it to happen....

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Never fainted, just ...

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she is 24 and dianosed with bi polar and dsevere ...

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When I got to work this morning I realised that i was wearing two different shoes. they were both black though....

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What would be the easiest way to kill myself with minimal pain? I don't wish to live anymore, i have no friends, no money and just got dumped, so i don't see the point anymore.

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(I need to lose weight and nothing else works...)
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Yeah, ye are probably all right.... Thanks, ...

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 Is there a way i can become white i hate being black ?

Would you rather?
Live knowing you killed someone, or die knowing a murderer on the loose?
Additional Details
Well a lot of people are askling why. Acutally there is no reason at all just a question that has either answer, having a killer on the loose. No i am not a sick person.

Why are you asking this questions? your mail is being traced and the FBI is on the way...

Nick K
Life Chooes Life...

I could give a **** less about either of 'em

In either case there would be a murderer on the loose

Happy now
wow thats a tough one neither i wanna die in peace

live knowing you killed someone. Atleast that way, you could serve your punishment.

In the other case, the murderer might not go punished.

I would rather die. I would never have the heart to kill anyone even if I don't particularly like them. My conscience would go beserk and I would never be able to forgive myself.

murderer on the loose. that way when they get caught its not on my conscience anymore. but if you killed someone then it would be there haunting you for the rest of your life.

I'd rather die than kill someone

I don't really want to be murdered but I think I'd rather kill someone b/c I don't think I'd kill anyone else. Idk though... tough ?

knowing a murderer

That actually doesn't make much sense...why would you just die, like drop dead, because a murderer was on the loose?

I pick option C :)

Live normally..

second one.
i hate guilt.

let the speakers blow your mind
Today I'm feeling greedy so maybe the first one.


Silly question, but perhaps a good premise for a book or movie.

Miss. Misunderstood
I would rather live knowing I killed someone, but I would repent so much for doing so, and pray so many times for God's forgiveness.

definately die. everyone has to die some point in their life, right? so say you kill someone-you may get away with it on earth, but in heaven there is a consiquence, and it won't be beautiful. how could you live with yourself, knowing that you're a murderer?

live knowing I killed someone.

probably die knowing there's a murderer on the loose

ComedySweet is the Name
die knowing a murderer is on the loose cause I really wouldn't care now that I'll be dead

Jay Vee
Killed someone. I ain't ready to die yet. And if I ever do die, I don't want to go down knowing there was something I could have done for the greater good and let it slip past.

who I not...

People die every day, and there are plenty of murderers on the loose.

first one becuase you can control yourself not to kill someone else. the murderer that was loose could kill multiple people and keep killing.

Die knowing a murderer on the loose. There's always a murderer on the loose, so what difference does it make. Plus, I won't be alive to fear the murderer anymore and I won't have to have the guilt of killing someone.

From a utilitarian viewpoint of maximising happiness I would give myself up.

I'm guessing that the way your question is worded that it's either him or me? I would have no problem killing someone in self defense. I wouldn't lose a minute's sleep.


Amy A
I would rather live and die knowing that I killed someone for a justifiable reason. I could live with myself knowing that no body else would be a victim of this cold blooded killer. For instance a cold blooded killer murders my child or other loved one. I would hunt that person down and kill them without a doubt and not even think twice about it. I have now just saved someone Else's loved one that would have been next. Does it seem crude? Maybe but that is just the way I feel about it.

I remember a Bible verse, something about it being better to be a living dog than a dead lion.

I remember doing some work, really proud that I applied a new technique that I learned earlier at another job. I got back from lunch and my boss said to quickly and quietly change. It seems that a customer got mad because I did it wrong (the rules changed and I didn't know it). He chewed out my boss over my work, then the customer went back to his office, had a heart attack and died. I know that the guy took his rage to an extreme, but to the customer's employees, as far as they were concerned, I killed him.

Like some lines in an old Simon and Garfunkel tune, "I'd rather be a hammer than a nail, yes I would, if I only could, I truly would."

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