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Will I get sick?
2 days ago, I dropped my cellphone in the toilet and I quickly grabbed it with my hand. Right after that I washed my hand with plenty of soap and hot water. Also I used hand sanitizer every time I touched the cell phone again ... what are my chances of getting sick?
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There was my pee in the toilet as well.

none :)

Mike E
Well if the toilet didnt have anything in it then your fine,you can actually drink toilet water of its been flushed, but if there was anything int eh toilet when you took it out and use it now then the chances of getting sick are little to none,just wipe down the phone with maybe same baby wipes or hand sanitizer wipes,you should be fine though


You are fine. It was 2 days ago and you washed really well.

Danielle S
i think that if u were gonna end up getting sick it would have happened by now so i think you'll be fine :)

Robin C
No you won't get sick but you need to throw that phone away!!

I did the same thing. I didnt die. Unless it was a PUBLIC RESTROOM


Sarah W
pretty much zero.

First, your pee is sterile for a few minutes but the water probably had some germs. Wipe the phone with those Clorox Wipes. You will be fine. I'd be more worried about the phone. Hope it works okay.

PS - Don't feel bad. I heard a plumber on TV say that each year something like 7000 cell phones go down toilets.

Also a typical cell phone is about 5 times filthier than a toilet.

Was it a public toilet lol? I heard urine is a natural sanitizer so don't worry. Why didn't you just clean your cell phone with your hand sanitizer too? Don't worry only way you had a chance of getting even a lil bit sick was if you put your hands in your mouth without washing them.

i dont think u will get sick, u were lucky to get ur cell phone back! i did that the other day, but i was 2 late, mine was flushed. :(

animal lover
you will be fine only if you wash your cell

You know what is bizarre but true, Urine is actually sterile, it should not contain any bacteria at all.

however, if you hadn't cleaned your toilet in a while, that may contain some bacteria. I think you are going to be just fine, i have included some sources if you want to look at them.

Not Likely but wherever the phone was, the germs were. So did you wash your hands after touching your cabinet?..how about ontop of the book?.....EVERYWHERE!! AHHHHHH!!!

well your cell needs to be washed definatley but probley not!

Malori H
There will be a few more germs on your phone then normal but they will die and you won't get sick! Your just like my sister... you just need to chill if you want put a tiny bit of germ-x on it and rub it around then there you go!

your fine ... that has happend to me before

I 100% guarantee you wont get sick. Sanitize the phone tho lol.

it depends you should have used lysal waipes (and still can!!) to wash your phone for any bacteria. (does your phone still work?)anyway my sister did the same thing.. she dropped her phone in the toilet and grabbed it quickley.. her phone stopped working but she didn't get sick.. **my sister dropped her phone in the toilet about 2 monthes ago.. but got a new one because of the water damage!!!!!!! but you shouldn't be sick unless there was urine or other things such as bathroom problems that your hand might have come into contact with but you should be OK! I PROMISE SAME THING HAPPENED TO MY SISTER THIS YEAR!!!!! HOPE I HELPED!!!

Babi Mya
you will be fine... u would probably be sick by now

Shannon Leta™
You're fine. Urine is sterile. As long as you washed your hands afterward and took necessary precautions on cleaning the phone, you're okay.

sanitize your phone too if youre that paranoid. no

no no u wont...
did u no people actually drink pee.... ewwwwwwwwww
dey r fine...
but no nothin will happen.. :)

Your good to go, your fine! :D

you r fine cuz the hand sanitizer would fite off those viruses :)

Julie =]
not likely that happends to me all the time. and i just pick it right out and blow on it.....with my mouth....and im perfectly healthy


I think you will be just fine.

Pee is sterile, this is why you can drink it if there is no other water around in a dire emergency. Believe it or not, Mythbusters proved that the toilet is actually cleaner than most other places in the house. You will be just fine.

very little. as long as there wasn't urine or poo in the toilet at the time you dropped it, toilet water itself can be actually rather sanitary. even if there was, most soaps this day in age are powerful and advanced enough to kill anything you may have acquired. no worries!

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