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Will I be okay?
This morning I took a Lipton tea bag and rolled it in tissue and smoked it a little I put it out fast before anyone woke up. Now after school I took another Lipton tea bag and rolled it in a napkin and smoked it and it feels like something is stuck in my throat, like a sore throat. Will I be okay? Do you think I smoked it wrong?

Mandy M
Wow. You're an idiot. Stop smoking that stuff.

Stop doing that!

I think you burned your throat.

i don't know if i should be with u

Jay C
government warning:

cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.

Miss Uncertaintly
You might want to get checked out. Not for your throat, but for the fact that you actually smoked a tea bag. What were you thinking?????

OK that just proves how smart you are, why the hell would you want to smoke tea bags? That is really stupid.

Um, basically it's like you smoke a cigarette w/out a filter.
I am sure your virgin lungs/throat are irritated from the harsh smoke.

So yes, basically you smoked it wrong for the 1st and most important lesson of the day YOU DON'T SMOKE TEA BAGS!

Stop trying to find household items to get high with. It's really pathetic.

youll be fine, i smoked some pretty weird **** when i was younger, just trust me, for each day that passes your gonna either laugh or think your more of an idiot. stop doing it man. dont smoke nothing, its not cool anymore.

the bag probably broke and some teabag stuff is coating your throat. it should get washed down within a few days. If it happens again i would suggust u dont smoke it anymore

You smoked the tea still in the bag, wrapped in tissue? Like kleenex? You probably got some burnt paper in your throat. Cigarette papers are special for smoking. If you must smoke (and I see no reason why you must) use appropriate paper.

Well...just one question....WHY are you smoking a tea bag? You probably got herbs stuck in the back of your throat or something...

I drink lipton decaf. maybe your allergic to the caffiene like me. Try decaf.

nah, give it a few days, don't worry. Drink lots of liquids for quick healing.

I Pity You Fool!™
Damn, boy. You a teahead (Tea version of a crackhead). You smoked a friggin' tea bag? What the hell is the matter with you? You SMOKED a tea bag. Think about it.... a tea bag.

Josh Y
I don't think that tea is meant to be smoked, that's why they call it tea (sorry). I wouldn't recommend doing it again. Ive never smoked tea so I don't know. Oh...um....sorry.

Billy E
TEA BAGS!!!!!!!!

Ian L
I'm confused. About the the tea bag smoking, but I digress. If you're trying to smoke something, I think you'll need some better rolling paper than napkins and tissues.

I'm sorry, but you're smoking what?

Is this some kind of fad?

I would remove the tea from the bag, and use rolling papers (available at most convenience stores) to roll it.

Good luck I guess.

How silly.
You shouldn't be doing that.

You should be fine drink plenty of liquids and have some lozingers if need be. dont do it again.

There are better things to smoke than tea bags................

WHY ARE U SMOKING A TEA BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That feeling in your throat is a warning that you should stop smoking tea bags, ok.

Beth G
The smoke probably burned your throat, as all smoke will. You may have an extra sensitve throat. Try drinking the tea, cooled, and it will probably soothe your throat. Not to sound like I'm finding fault, I'm just curious why you were smoking tea? I have not heard of anyone doing that before, and I'm curious as to the effect you were seeking Thanks!


ya can smoke tea bags!!! wtf have i bin missin out on!

ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸ Jess °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°
don't tell me that u r sneaking it

Hey U, Yeah U..Get over here
ROFL...u cannot get high from smoking tea. it's nice to know no matter how old you get and the new generation of teenagers seem so far away that somethings just don't change.

Yes you will be fine...but don't smoke tea anymore. and for god's sake don't roll it in a paper towel. What happened is your burned your throat a little bit. You'll be fine...just drink some ice water periodically...the sore throat will go away.

Dis i miss this fad back at school!!

Stop being an idiot and smoking tea bags,

boil the kettle and make a reall cuppa tea for that sore throat you fool!

I dont think you should be smoking tea bags!

Mat G.
you just smoked a lipton tea bag...think abou that for a second.

Wel there is a reason its TEA,
and used for drinking,

and NOT smoking,

More than likly you have smoke inhalation burns in the back of your throat similar to that of a HOUSE fire

If you smoke, use cigarettes or bede's found in many indian stores,

Although I must recommend that you DON"T SMOKE AT ALL


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