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Why should u live when there is no reason to, and no one cares?

You are loved
You should live, because God put you on this earth for a purpose and reason, find the real meaning of your life, you can do a lot, why are you so depressed, there are many sources to help you, do you have friends? Family? church? Don't be so discouraged, we must take action to make our lives better, not everything is lost, all things have a solution, believe me, and you are going through a tough time right now, things are repairable always. What do you like doing and what makes you say this? Change your life, work out a plan and plan the work, everything requires some effort always, just don't be alone any more and get close to God, he is your creator, go to church, it helps a lot. God bless and good luck, people do care!!

dina d
u should live because it is God will and He knowes better than u and of course u have part to do even if u do not recognize it and concerning about caring if no body cares for ur life u can begin with ur self care about athores to be cared of later.

Tazzy G
Because you affect lots of people in your life, and there are people that care, even if they are in the shadows. You were born, and your life has a positive purpose!

I care whether you live or not...you might not know me, but people are out here to help and talk to, even if it's just about nothing really at all. Hit me up, I am here.

Find a reason to live, Change something that is wrong, and replace it with something right, a new hobby, a new friend, a new job. You need to find and make that difference, because no one can do that for you, but you and you alone.

Hope this helps take care and good luck

You should live for God. He planned for You before you were even conceived.He loves You . You have a purpose in life. You have to find out what it is. Read the book,, the purpose Driven Life,, by Rick Warren It will help you out alot. I got alot of information that I never thought about.. It changes your outlook in life Take care of the life that God has given You

thekla o
there is always SOMEONE who cares if you think honestly about it. and as for there being no reason, if there is even one person you could help in ANY way, that is a reason to go on. God bless you, and He DOES love you !

Because life is a trip, enjoy the ride. It will end at some point in time. So, you may as well enjoy it while you can.

Look. I have been where you are with your thoughts. When I attempted suicide I thought the same things. But, I soon realized I was very mistaken. It isn't all for nothing. You do matter. You only feel this way right now because you seem to be attracted to bad luck. The people immediately around you who seem like they don't care are just maybe tired of the drama you create for yourself. Just like I did. When I survived from my attempt, I realized that I wasn't going to let anyone influence how I felt. It was my time, to stand up and be what I had to be.What that was, I didn't know at the time, but I knew it had to be better than what it presently was. But, as time passed I realized all the lives I had touched. It meant a great deal to me. I mean, what if I hadn't been there at the exact moment when someone else needed me, me! No one else at that time. The words I said, the hug I gave them. ME. And you know what? YOU, can make a difference too, in someone else's life. Don't throw that opportunity away. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. As they say: If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. You have so much to offer to someone in your life. You just don't know it yet. I now have a husband that I have been married to for the last 10 years and a beautiful 9 year old daughter who rely on me everyday to be there for them. I feel more blessed today than I ever have. And, you will feel that too one day. Give yourself some credit. You deserve more out of life than ending it. Good luck. I believe in you.

because God put you here for a reason. read the purpose Driven life. i am sure there are people who care, it not, u need new friends. u owe it yourself to go see a psych, dr. it is no big deal these day. it seems like everyone goes, with all of the stresses in life. to kill yourself is not the answer, put some faith in God.

Because there is a PURPOSE for you to be here.........If you think that no one cares, please remember that I do, and hope that you can get help if you are overcome with difficulties.......Please try, your family will be very grateful.......As will I.........Your friend ALWAYS, Mizzzthang

sweet pea
You should live because you do not know for sure that no one cares and you may be able to help someone that wants to live a better life by doing something now or in the future.

Is it a serious question that need to address and if it happened to you. In my opinion it is alarming me and I urge you to seek help seeing doctor or psychologist. A therapy session will help you,and you will feel better after doctor prescripts the drug for you. You may feel alone at this point but I urge you seek help and do not afraid to tell someone. Everyone cares but if you do not tell anyone, no one knows because,everyone is busy, so do not think small and learn how to fight and stand tall.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. There are several agencies you can get hooked up with that can teach you coping skills to get you through your daily struggles. People DO care, and would probably be devastated if something was to happen to you. There must be something you can draw strength from...whether it be God, a friend, a family member. Don't try to tackle this alone. Seek help from whatever source you can, and surrender to the process of getting better. Good luck to you.

Pauline M
There is always a reason for your life. You are an example to someone. Maybe you don't even know who. Put honey your present has a purpose, It may be for you to care for someone are for someone to take care of you . Some time it's hard for us to let someone care for us, but God works both ways. Give and take.

chris b
You have many reasons to live. People do care. I hope you cheer up and find something fun to do today.

because life is a wonderful thing...and it changes for the better...my life was ruff and still kind of is...most people wish that say a family member still lived...i know i do...so cheer up...things will get better...there is always a reason to live...u just gotta find it...and to hell wit everyone else...as long as u care...u dont need to worry bout dat

Jesus cares, and he loves you and he died on the cross for you. He is like no other friend - try him!

It's okay. Calm down. People do care, but they don't show it. Even sick person in a bad condition strives to live so you shouldn't let a little problem get in the way. There is a solution to every problem if you try. Good luck.

Because you can.

holly k
well someone always cares you may not think so but there is always some one that does and well there doesnt have to be a reason to live just be thinkful for what you have today

I'll bet there really are a lot of people who care very much about you, but you may not be able to recognize that if you're depressed. I've been where you are and also thought no one cared. But I held off doing anything stupid and as a Little time passed, I learned that people did care about me.
There's a reason you were put on this earth so do whatever it takes to get over these feelings. Who knows what valuable contribution you'll make in your lifetime and how many people you will bring happiness to. Those of us answering are showing we care about you , otherwise we wouldn't bother,
At the end of each day try to think of at least one good thing that happened and write it down, Even if it was the warmth of the sun on your face or a cool breeze or your ice cream tasted especially good. Maybe you smiled at someone and made them happy. Do you have a good friend you can talk to when you're feeling down? Let us know how you do, promise??? Are you old enough to volunteer at a hospital or a school to help children learn to read better? If you help others, you will be much rewarded with good feelings about yourself. WE REALLY DO CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!

there must be a reason why we live. reason for everything.
if you feel no one cares .... look up to JESUS. He's always there and He will never leave you. He will never forsake you.

He's so real. i proved it to be true. and He is my reason to live.

do you have parents? they are the reason to live cause they will die with you even though you may not see that now. I have been suicidal now for three months after my husband got custody of our girls. All I have to think about is the death my father would die if i left like that. Now you've made me cry. But I can laugh too. go to the comedy joke section and see if you can answer some of the jokes and riddles. some of those answers help me laugh some bad moments away. grin.

deby k

because one day there will be a reason you lived..and one day someone will care more than you ever thought possible..I promise you that.

I can really tell, your mad at someone, But I do care
I don't know if you beleave in god, but he really love you,
and cares what is happening to you.....even in the darkest of
nites, he's there for you...do you ever ask for help???
Ya know he's always listening
Good Luck to you &GOD BLESS YOU. ...

There is always a reason to live, the fun is finding it out and when you do it'll be worth it no matter what you went through trying to find it.

There is a reason that you have not yet discovered and someone cares. If you would like to email me you may if you wish. I don't even know you and I cared enough to answer the question.

Because you are special and people do care about you. You sound like you are feeling depressed. If you feel suicidal, call 911 right away and get help! These are temporary problems. Life is definitely worth living. I care about you and your well being. Email me if you want to. God bless you.

Perhaps the reason to live is not to help yourself, but rather to help someone else, even if they don't know enough to care. You can be the one who cares first.

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