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can weed make you better healt ...

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Why is smoking weed better then cigarettes?

cause you smoke less than ppl who smoke cigarrettes...**** if i smoked as much weed as i do cigarettes id be a burnout for sure.

Rose D
it makes you forget your troubles, smoking is just like taking in your addiction. weed makes you totally careless & high. LOL.

obviously both are bad on long term but weed makes you stupid & destroys your brain cells but cigarettes give you cancer- death!!!

But of course, my dear!
The tars are bad either way, but less toxins in MJ. And the high is so much better, second only to a mind-blowing orgasm!
And THC has medicinal properties that Nicotine never will.

weed is to cause cancer 1000x worse than cigarettes, though there hasent been any cases linked to it, no one has ever died from weed, but millions from cigarettes. im not saying weed is all good because there is some bad things about it, but the good things out weigh the bad, and weed is better for you that cigarettes and drinking

Pacific Islander
To me Doing illegal drugs is ABSOLUTLEY WRONG!!! Plus cigarettes kills too, i wouldnt do any drugs, and smoking anything is harmful to the body, I keep my physical body clean from NOT doing any of these sorts, Plus I dont drink alcohol either!!! My suggestions? Keep your body in a healthy state, take Multi-Vitamins, eat right, and EXERCISE DAILY!!! This is what i do, Being Im in the military!!!

Dr Frank
Who on earth said it was? It has all the toxic problems of smoking cigarettes with the added bonus of increasing the risk of psychotic illness by 40% and guaranteeing brain atrophy in chronic users.

Both are bad and injurious to your health and mind, you become dependent and slave to your bad habits. Not only bad for your health but purse as well.

yes. it is better. that's all i can say, really. (as long as you've got some cookies in the house, anyway....)

katie s
weed is illegal

Because you get to go to Jail instead of dying from emphysema and lung cancer!

Really, what kind of question is that?

Not sure better is the right word, since both ciggies & weed contain cancer causing properties, but on the other hand you dont need to smoke it every 20 minutes or so like you do with cigarettes. Plus, you get a high, which, provided you don't abuse it, is a gift. (Personal opinion of course) I hav'nt smoked it in four years.

It's not.

Most cigarettes have filters, offer "light" or "low tar" versions and one has a choice of inhaling.

On the other hand, pot users want to draw the unfiltered smoke deep into their lungs. Plus there's no quality control and "some of the other chemicals released by smoking are poisonous. These include tar, carbon monoxide, and cyanide. One known carcinogen, benzopyrene, found in both types of smoke, seems to be greater in marijuana smoke. Another problem with marijuana is that it is almost always smoked without a filter. ...Currently, it does appear that pot smokers may run an increased risk of cancer, as well as other health problems ...Some research has found a connection between pregnant marijuana smokers and rare childhood leukemias in their young children."

It isn't. It's just less likely to give you heart disease or lung cancer.

cigarettes are nasty, toxic, pointless things.

if you smoke weed you should counteract it with good food and vitamins.

and if you take good food and vitamins you should counteract those with weed.

its all in the yin and yang.

It is not addictive maybe?????

Smoking weed" causes you to "NOT" be able to exhale in the long term. Cigarettes causes cancer in most people, if they smoke it long enough, but not all get cancer from smoking. They will get other lung decease.
God Bless You (and don't start either)

Thats just a rummour to get you on the stuff.

Weed only has that; weed. While cigarettes have a whole bunch of junk added to them to get people addicted; like tar.

Its not both are bad, cigarettes give lung cancer plus make ur breath smell bad so no one is gonna wanna be near u and weed, well weed just makes u stupider, and stupider and so on

Lee Lee
It's not it'll just make you walk around like a gormless idiot.

Hollister Hottie
It is not better because weed has a more powerful substance in it

The Flower pot men are not going to be very happy about this Question. Was it Bill or was it Ben ?.

Weed does not contain Nicotine nor the horribly destructive tars and other poisons found in cigarettes. Also, weed put you in a laid-back position - not entirely convinced that the rat-race is where you wanna be. Plus, it is non-addictive, despite what they say, and scores positive on several levels. The addiction to Nicotine, on the other hand, is almost totally negative.

Cigarettes provide minimal pleasure - again, despite what they say. Smoking merely satisfies an extremely strong physical need for a smoke.

So when you hear someone say, "I sure enjoy a good cigarette a few times (or 60 times) a day". What they often don't realize is that more Nicotine merely satisfies the NEED for Nicotine.

I know of a few people, not that old either, whose last request as they died of lung cancer was for me to light them another cigarette.

weed doesn't carry the same toxins as cigarettes

Ellz xXx
Coz weed is betta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

because smoking weed has no effect but cigirattes have an effect smoking weed just makes you high smoking cigs makes you have heart failuare and all types of other crap so smokinh weed is better i know it sounds weird but its true

The buzz is better, and not physically addictive.

Bud Smoka
smoke weed not speed

Island Hopper
The euphoria. Tobacco just doesn't compare.

theres a difference between thc/herb smoke then rat poison and the other crap put into a cig

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