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Why is my Boyfriends puke black??
My boyfriend drank alot this afternoon at college in about 4.5 hours, when I picked him up he was tottaly wasted. he has been puking in the washroom the hour or two. When I went to check on him last his puke was really nasty looking...like dark brown/black. And NO it wasnt pooh. Is this ok? Im worried
Additional Details
He is white... skin color doesnt have anything to do with this

ur bf needs to drink more water... but dont too much.. too much water might destroy the body
drink a bottle everydat would be great

that's nasty

hoping for change
if he drank a lot in a short time it could be alcohol poisoning get him to a Dr or at least call someone to help you

GOD is good
its fine im sure.
ive puked all kinds of colors.
must have been a mix of sumthin he has drunk!dont worie to much!=]

So get off the computer now... and check on him... if you can't get him up- call 911.

Juan M
****, get him to the doctor RIGHT NOW.It is a big problem if he drinks a lot....he might have a bad kidney!!!

Was he drinking Black Sambucca?

something he ate probably but make sure it's not dark blood. That would indicate stomach ulcer especially if he take allot of Tylenol or Advil, been there.

Jennifer L
Might be blood... might be something he ate... If he's been puking for that long I would worry about blood.

Get him to a hospital... They see this stuff all the time and its nothing to be embarrassed about. He won't get in trouble and no one needs to know he was there.

Just take care of him now...

maybe iot just the drink he drank

when did u first see it? Didn't you do anything as soon as you saw that it was black?? Why're you on Y!A when you should be at the hospital?

You should've asked him what he ate, and if nothing compares to what he threw up, there's a problem--a BIG problem. Get him to a doctor ASAP anyhow to make sure he's alright, because even the smallest things can kill a person.

I am Me <3 and i ♥ u
you need to take him to the ER right away this is very serious.
Whatever you do try not to make too much contact with him, he may have a serious disease.


i hope he is okay ♥

it goes something like this
call 911 doofus you call yourself a girlfriend?

get him 2 da doctor asap
it sounds kinda serious

take him to the doc! IMMEADIATILY!

diamond in the rough
Sounds serious take him to the ER NOW!

your best friend
ask him what he ate, maybe that has something to do with it. if not, black vomit can be blood at times. i doubt that's the case, though.

mark m
did he drink something black maybe yeagermeister

Vampire Kitty
well it could have been something he ate prior.....
that happened to be black ?

Maybe something he ate. Take him to the doctor.

Treon M
that sounds gross but he needs to see a doctor quick

He needs to be seen
Sounds like he has alcohol poisoning
Do not just let him lay on the floor, get him to a doctor (ER)
Black vomit, could be blood

Please keep me updated


Broken Shadow
that's serious! unless he ate anything blackish take him to the hospital now! good luck to you and him...And remember...Drink responsibly. haha sorry I couldn't resist.

Colt & Tegan
Either he consumed something dark colored, or he has blood in his vomit. When blood is digested by stomach acid, it turns black and, in large amounts, develops a coffee-ground consistency. It also smells very bad.

Since he has been vomiting profusely, it's likely that he has a burst blood vessel in his lower esophagus from the strain. The blood is probably leaking into his stomach and coming back up in the vomit. However, it's also possible the bleed is somewhere else in his upper digestive tract. Either way, it could be serious.

Keep an eye on him. If his vomit continues to be very dark, or if he develops a fever, take him to the emergency room.

kenneth s
Try to find out what he ate last and see if it matches that color. Ask him what color the drinks were he drank. It might be that, too.

Black puke is serious business.

are u sure its not blood??????????????????????? if he is throwing up blood then u should get him help ^_^ like now... ^_^

It may be blood. If it is, he probably needs medical help.

It sounds like he's vomiting blood. Take him to the doctor NOW.

Does it appear to have a coffee ground appearance as well? If so that means he is defintitley bleeding. IT can be serious or it can be form an ulcer but whatever the case he needs to be seen in the e.r.

itchy poodle
if he's been drinking then maybe he was drinking guinness? or coke or anything thing dark? i dont think you should worry to much, i vomit ALOT (due to alcohol) and its been all the colours of the rainbow...and more ^_^

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